S7 Edge Port ROM w/ Note 5 UX for Galaxy Note 4! [Always On Screen]


I know many of you are probably running the Dr. Ketan ROM for your Galaxy Note 4 and while that ROM is an excellent ROM, it wasn’t a full S7 Edge Port and didn’t have Always On Screen working.

Well check out the S7 Edge Port ROM with Note 7 UX called Noble ROM.  Based on Android 6.0.1 SM-G935F real S7 Edge firmware, the Noble ROM brings you full S7 Edge features (including Edge panels, Game Launcher, etc…etc…) along with a working Always On Screen.

This ROM is very solid, gives you very good performance along with great battery life.  I have been daily driving this for the last week and have had zero problems.  In fact, this ROM is actually faster than one of my Galaxy S7 Edge (the Verizon model has a bunch of bloatware and is soooo slow).


(Antutu scores on Android 6.0.1 w/ Noble ROM = 77340)

The good news is that although this ROM is intended for the SM-N910F/SM-N910G international models, I was able to get it working fine on my T-Mobile SM-N910T by installing BeastMode kernel and Marshmallow voice/data fix.

I know many of you are waiting for a full Note 7 port but it isn’t available right now.  However, if you have the Exynos model SM-N910H or SM-N910C, you can try the HydROM.  I should have an update on that as soon as it is available for Qualcomm-based Note 4 but in the meanwhile, try out this excellent ROM and do let me know what you think!


Download S7 Edge Port ROM w/ Note 7 UX for Galaxy Note 4 [Noble ROM]

Download BeastMode Kernel for T-Mobile SM-N910T or Canadian SM-N910W8

Download Data/Voice Fix  for T-Mobile SM-N910T or Canadian SM-N910W8

Download Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Bootloader/Modem for SM-N910G

Download Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Bootloader/Modem for SM-N910F

Download Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Bootloader/Modem for SM-N910T

Download Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow Bootloader/Modem for SM-N910W8

Download ODIN

To install, make sure to make a backup ROM first, then follow my guide on How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM with TWRP!

You MUST HAVE Android 6.0.1 Marshmalllow Bootloader/Modem installed!!! Use ODIN and the bootloader/modem to flash if you don’t have it yet.

For SM-N910F, install ROM,  then reboot!

For SM-N910T/SM-N910W8 install ROM, install kernel, install Data/Voice Fix, then reboot!

Credits – ROM, Kernel <— Please donate to the developers or hit the Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!


Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!! (or SMS not working!!!)
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!


Extra Mods

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120 Responses

  1. UNNIUTHAMAN says:

    have you N910c ROM.can you give me sm-n910c S7 Edge Port ROM w/ Note 5 UX please

  2. Pavel Goldman says:

    is the fingerprint scanner working on this rom?

  3. Ng says:

    It didnt work on N910G, it went into bootloop every single time. I flashed the stock rom and tried flashing the custom rom again. However, bootloops occur again. Please help!

  4. Nicholas says:

    Hey, tried to install on my T-Mobile N4, I followed your steps, I made a backup. But when i install the ROM, TWPR just boots my phone automatically, so i went back into TWRP installed the Kernal, but TWRP doesnt recognize the data fix, so I flashed that with Odin, when I boot up, my phone is in a different language, and the wifi/cellular doesn’t work. And whenever I open settings it says (In the other language) unfortunately settings has stopped. What can I do to get it working again?

  5. Nicholas says:

    Wait, my mistake, I didn’t download the .zip data fix file, I thought the boot loader was that for a moment. I am going to try again and see what happens.

  6. Nicholas says:

    Yeah… weird, miss one step and the UI turns Polish on you seems to be working now. Thanks a bunch for posting this ROM really nice.

  7. Nicholas says:

    Okay everything works, Except for setting, without that App this Rom is kinda useless. What should I do?????

  8. Nicholas says:

    OK all it took was a simple factory reset so, if anyone else had that problem there you go.

  9. Kiyanoosh says:

    Can’t find room :/?!!

  10. Michael Matson says:

    Downloaded all files. Installed bootloader. installed zip and after zip device reboots on its own. went back to install dat fix and kernel and it wont boot. Help?

  11. Asif haji says:

    This rom is awsome but only problem i have is fingerprint sensor not work at all .any way to fix max ?

  12. Asif haji says:

    I installed on t mobile note 4 n910t and everything works perfect except fingerprint sensor and bug in aod but i turn aod off the only issue i have is fingerprint sensor it will be perfect rom and my daily driver if i fix this issue.please any way to fix fingerprint sensor.

  13. Randy says:

    Any word on if it works for N910W8 Canada?

    • Zane says:

      Randy it works I just did it….but had to reboot after each zip file…remember to load the ast mode kernel and mm_datafix But like Asif said the fingerprint doesn’t works 🙁

  14. Rome says:

    I installed on my 910T and it works great except for screen brightness. I tried covering up the light sensors, but that didn’t do anything. Is there another fix?

    • Samuel says:

      What steps did you take for your 910t b.c mines is not working

      • Nicholas says:

        You have to flash the boot loader before hand! I missed that step and screwed up the whole process, Go to recovery, Wipe system, flash ROM, then kernel, then data fix, then factory reset. That’s what I had to do to get it to work. And of course make a backup.

  15. Fernando Vidal says:

    Doesnt grab data or wifi on Sprint Variant! Help !!

  16. Rome says:

    Brightness issue – I discovered if I short press the power button to turn off the screen and then press it again to turn the screen back on, doing this one or two cycles, usually fixes the brightness.

  17. Marty says:

    Any fix for WiFi won’t turn on ?

  18. Shawn says:

    I’m having an issue with the odin it keeps failing

  19. saifurmj says:

    Can it works on indian note 4 model? ? Reply me plz

  20. Sammy says:

    Is very good rom…? An how a change the 4g for 4g lte icon i like more…any help thanks…for all videos

  21. Samuel says:

    It says rom file is corrupt i can not flash it in twrp on my n910t need help plz

  22. Marty says:

    2nd asking, bump…
    Everything works well, but Wifi will NOT turn on…
    anyone know of a fix?

  23. Shawn says:

    I can’t get this rom to work on my 910t i’m currently using resurrection remix m tritexx but every time i follow ur video i get bootlooped

  24. oathkeepr says:

    guys need help… i try to use the noble rom for N910f but the camera is not full screen .first i was thinking it might the one handed option i must turn on but it is not are you having this kind of problem too pls. help

  25. Shawn says:

    Anyone got any answers as to why the 2 bootloaders keep failing when i use odin?

    • Marty says:

      Mine is 910t also., and bootloader worked for me. Try dl’ing again…Maybe got corrupted. Following all directions, the room loaded and started for me, but I could not get Wifi to turn on. Another good 7 Edge Rom is NOTE4UXEDGE… Enjoying it now

      • Shawn says:

        I’m not a custom rom noob I followed everything to the letter I’ve dl’d everything 3x already There’s something wrong with the 2 bootloaders the 910f fails like 3sec after starting & the 910t fails at the half way mark using odin everything else rom, kernel & fix flash ok in twrp I’ve tried every way to try to get bootloader to pass on odin all fails

        • Marty says:

          Ok, sounds like you’ve done what you could. Maybe dl and install N910TUVU2EPE3 from some other source, then try again?

  26. Rome says:

    Max ROCKS!!! This is an awesome ROM. Thanks!

    I installed the Noble ROM on my T-Mobile 910T, following Max’s checklist and it works like a charm. It’s the first custom ROM I have ever successfully installed. First thing to do is use ODIN to update to the Marshmallow bootloader/Modem. Use the BL field in ODIN to locate the bootloader file. I got PASS! first time. After that, follow Max’s steps to install using TWRP with Marshmallow. Before the install, I wiped the system, cache and dalvik cache. I installed the ROM, GAPPS, kernel, Data/Voice Fix, then Wipe-Factory Reset, then Reboot. It takes a while – be patient.

    I’ve found only a few glitches. I can’t use the Samsung Smart Switch App but T-Mobile has a phone transfer App that works fine.

    • Sam says:

      Ok so I went back to factor 910t rom 6.0 what steps do I take from there?

      B.c everytime I installed this rom it rebooted in twrp so now I’m on stock rom what do I need to do from there

      • Marty says:

        Sam, I have a N910T and I finally got this rom to load and function properly, and may have stumbled onto some steps that may work for you. Assuming the correct bootloader is in place via Odin, In TWRP I did an advance wipe (not internal) 3 times, then installed the Noble rom, AND immediately booted, waiting just under 15 minutes. After the start-up screen appeared I returned to TWRP and installed the data-fix, then rebooted. Once again returned to TWRP . Did a “factory reset” followed by install of BeastModeKernal. After a long wait, when it finally loaded, everything seems to work (so far) as others have reported. Also I was finally able to install xposed following Max’s instructions, something I haven’t been able to do since upgrading to MarshMallow.

        • Ted says:

          How long did you wait? did Kernel SEAndroid not enforcing appear ? my phone stuck at samsung loading screen after installing the kernel.

          • Samuel arbibe says:

            how do i flash the modem? i downlaoded the correct file, but when i extract it to flash it with odin, it gives me a bunch of files, some are .mbn and some are .bin . isnt the bootloader 1 file? what do i do from here?

          • Matt says:

            I got it to load, after multiple tempts at different methods. I think i finally got it to work for the N910t. Just do an advanced wipe and click system and install the rom. It should reboot a couple of times and hit the Samsung logo. When it hits the logo it should show that your device is upgrading the apps in another language (italian). When it finally boots up to start up screen you can change your language. After the set up, you can just go to recovery and install the data fix and beastmodekernal. Should work

    • Jack Ford says:

      Where is the GAPPS file; Max doesn’t even refer to it?

  27. salah says:

    is this rom works on sm n910p( sprint note 4) ?

  28. Shane Leathem says:

    Max, is there any going back after flashing MM bootloader & modem?, I have lollipop backups I like to go back too the odd time.

  29. salah says:

    please if this rom works on sprint note 4 (n910p), let me know

  30. Ricardo says:

    I just finished installing Noble ROM…it is nice!. I had previously Dr Ketan, but had some issues connecting WIFI to a GOPRO camera and also some apps didn’t work. I’m hoping this one will fix that. Also, it seems based on Max comments, this one is much faster…will see. Question: Do you know if this is Rooted? Do I need to do something else to install SuperSU? Thanx,

  31. Jack Ford says:

    I’ve given up on these Edge like Roms. But they did incentivize me to upgrade my N910T to Samsung’s 6.0.1. Surprisingly, there’s not much bloatware and it’s rock solid. Maybe I’ll try CM 13 when it becomes available. Thanks anyway Max; you’re the man.

  32. Willls says:

    Excellent rom, but it happens a problem with what the load when I turn off my note 4 N910T all night, then dawn light it appears I charge 10% less. Thanks in advance for your answers

  33. Sam Fisher says:

    Rom is awesome facing 2 issues please solve them for me..
    1. Camera app is in small screen maybe because of s7 smaller screen size…touch is working where it should be but icons are out of proportion..
    2. Fingerprint sensor is not working maybe because s7 is touch and go but note 4 is swipe sensor….

    Please solve these…love this rom.

  34. Abir says:


  35. pallav bansa says:

    hello I tried it with my note N910g but it the phone keeps on restarting again and again, it comes to the screen showing android is upgrading but then restarts after doing it many times it booted to the welcome screen and then also it keeps on restarting I did everything. please help me out thankyou.

  36. James says:

    If my knox is 0x1, does t work?

  37. Marty says:

    Bluetooth didn’t “see” any other devices, even though it should have seen them. Everything else (that is supposed to be) has been working great with this rom.
    Today I flashed a different kernal… Emotion-TW-stable-MM-beta-r25-RC7-SM-N910F.zip
    and the Bluetooth now “sees” other Bluetooth receptors.

  38. Jordan says:

    Anyone else’s Power Off menu messed up after installing the Kernel? I push + hold power button and the menu pops up on screen but its missing the titles for each menu item (power off, restart, airplane mode). Instead, it just has the icons and blank white space beside each icon where the words should be.

  39. Pavel Goldman says:

    Hi guys
    I have a problem with s planner. It crush every time when I’m trying to add an appointment (when i push on the clock to set the time of the event………). I can open the app but cant add nothing. I like s planner and don’t want to use other apps. Please help. the same problem i had with dr. ketans rom before……

  40. Neel says:

    I install this rom on my note 4 n910w8 but its boot every time please help me with full details what i need to do please reply i am waiting

  41. screechie says:

    Hey Guys,
    I’m not even sure if I’m on the right thread does anyone have this sworking for the Verizon 910V. running 5.1.1
    I saw Max’s Youtube for Sprint /Verizon and this sure isn’t working what’s so ever.
    I used from M4,M5, M6 Dr Kentans nothing works. I’m assumming at this point I need another version other than 910v?

    • screechie says:

      SM 910V Verizon after installing this Rom
      turns in SM-G935F 6.0.1
      Acess point names -Greyed out it states LTE VERIZON VZINTERNET.
      Add is Greyed out
      More is -Set to default.

  42. Jncarlos says:

    No longer video call , how to fix it?

  43. Picaso Ent says:

    I’m using the smn910w8 and my camera isnt full size and getting force close when switch to recording. Any fix for this?

  44. Pavel Goldman says:

    Hi guys
    I have a problem with s planner. It crush every time when I’m trying to add an appointment (when i push on the clock to set the time of the event………). I can open the app but cant add nothing. I like s planner and don’t want to use other apps. Please help. the same problem i had with dr. ketans rom before……

  45. Rome says:

    Install grace ux 2.5 and it will fix s planner.

  46. Tobi says:

    This rom is far better than Dr ketan’s rom.The only negatives are lack of finger print scanner and malfunctioning NFC

  47. Tobi says:

    Pls is anybody having a working NFC in this noble rom?

  48. Matt says:

    Rom seems to be total glitch. Half the time it works then gets stuck at samsung logo when i flash xposed via twrp. I’m at a total loss right now.

    I really don’t recommend the hassle that comes with installing this particular rom..

    • standm says:

      I think you are full of sh%t as this Rom works so well and much better than any others available. Flash properly, follow the steps and you won’t have a problem.

  49. Zaaack says:

    Do Netflix work on this ROM?

  50. Gary Yun says:

    Mine is SM-N910G being converted to SM-G935F by flashing DrKetan ROM M6. So far so good! Everything OK except fingerprint & Xposed Frame can’t support GravityBox(MM). I tried several time to flash Noble ROM but most of time being stuck at apps optimization page. No choice, restore back to DrKetan M6.

  51. Abdul says:

    Thanks max great rom all works fine except for downloading languages. The only language available is English UK I need to install other languages. The download process stars then fails

  52. nathanjamal says:

    hi max naathan from wales …..good job with the site much appreciated
    if i have a note 4 on marshmalow unrooted do i need to install the e baeband and modem for marshmallow on the noble rom or leave it after rooting and installing thanks

  53. Adilson santana says:

    I just install this rom in my tmobile note 4 and it works great and also WiFi works. If you are trying to install it first you need to download the latest odin and put your phone in download mode and flash the bootloader that correspond to your phone, also make sure you have the latest Samsung drivers install or odin wont be able to read your phone. Then go to twrk recovery and flash the rom, let it finish and it will restart on it’s own. Then go back to recovery and then flash datafix and kernel. Once you finish flashing the kernel do a factory reset and restart your phone and you are done. It’s going to take a while like 10 to 15 minutes just let it finish.

  54. Adilson santana says:

    Does anybody has this issue? I cannot play my games it shuts it down. Can anybody help me on that.

  55. Oli says:

    Hi @highonandroid, would this rom include features that part of the note 5, like the air command or the write on locked screen? thanks and sorry for the noob question, first time I’m rooting a phone

  56. Jonathan says:

    Can anyone tell me if this is working with the Gear VR please???

  57. Johnny NoFriends says:

    HEY MAX!
    Still love your site, channels & mostly your help. Question though: I’m on DOK2 BL on my SM-N910T3 and I want to flash this S7 port but I heard once I Odin EPE3 BL I can’t revert back to an older firmware. Any truth to that? Can I install this ported ROM with DOK2?
    Big Thanks, Boss.

  58. Oliver says:

    Hey Max, can u help me, I’m getting a ‘secure check failed aboot’ error when trying to install the bootloader for marshmellow using odin

  59. Harman Ahluwalia says:

    Advice for those with the Canadian Model. What worked for is installing each zip one by one rather than using the TWRP zip que.

  60. joseph krasnodemski says:

    will this work on sprint n910p model

  61. Dezign-it says:

    I Lost root after this rom , how can I get root back ?

  62. Hassan says:

    after i flashed the bootloader, my phone is in a bootloop, any help guys? (Note 4 T mobile )

  63. Joseph Krasnodemski says:

    will this work on sprint n910p model

  64. Sanjay says:

    Just sharing this to help others who may go into the dark world of custom roms. I spent the entire thanks giving weekend trying one rom after the other on my SM-N9108W. Yes I tried this one (with all the other hacks ..datafix etc) and then the Dr Ketan one, and also CMRemix and “No Name” from another site. They all hit some issue or the other. In many cases Wifi will not work. In some cases SIM card not recognized. The CMRemix one had brightness issues and ofcourse won’t recognize some hard buttons.

    Overall it was a very frustrating experience and I am back to stock rom. Even the stock ROM I tried 3 different sites (sammobile, samsung upgrades etc) to get the “Rogers/RWC” stock rom and after installing it turns out to be the Bell Stock Rom (which I have settled upon) as I can’t find the Roger’s Stock Rom online.

    Even Rooting the phone using ODIN gave me freezing problems. So I had to install Super SU using TWRP and that is the only way it worked.

    Anyway in a nutshell, before you ever use a custom ROM again, make sure the person claiming it works has *used this custom rom for atleast one week for their own personal device*.

    Just trying to save time for the others.

    • Crosshairs80 says:

      True, max has a tendency of claiming everything is running fine but he actually dont even use this roms as daily drivers, atleast that has been my experience with him.

  65. Crosshairs80 says:

    Anyone get the video calling feature working? mine hangs up after a second.

  66. sil2 says:

    works well thank you, but can you tell me how you got unread count badges?

  67. sil2 says:

    One bug found – can not download an extra language to Samsung keyboard ;( Always shows “downloading 0%”. Have to use swift keyboard instead.

    And seems like the ROM dry the batter too fast.

  68. Gabriel says:

    My allways on dont work corret properly

  69. Dan Allen says:

    Hello, hopefully someone is still here, but the rom is PEREFECT, except for the fact that to me personally it seems, i keep getting random boots, and when i starts it either loops forever or does it one time, either way this is a problem. was hoping someone has had a solution to this? i’m running it on N910T and yes i’ve followed the steps over and over.

  70. Russ says:

    Hi Max. This is off topic, but I’m desperate for help!! I’m attempting to root my Note 4 using using method utilizing the Chain Fire link. I run Odin, I get a green box and confirmation of success in the text box on the lower left side. My Note 4 reboots, but it NEVER opens the #SU app to finish things…it says “recovery booting” in blue, “recovery is not SEANDROID enforcing” in red, and “set warranty bit : recovery” in yellow. It hangs right there every time I try to reboot or go through the root steps again. Got any ideas?? And thanks a ton for your time if you have any advice!!

  71. Juan says:

    Hey I have a question, I install the ROM an everything’s working fine so far, but when I got the pop up window for the RomToolN4 I skip/cancel it and now I can’t open it or launch it to make changes 🙁 Do I have to redo everything?

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