Infamous ROM for Galaxy Note 4!


For those of with a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T or Canadian SM-N910W8 who want to get a great, stable daily driver that’s faster/better than stock, definitely check out the Infamous ROM by XDA user Jamison904.

As many people know, stock TouchWiz firmware has been plagued by laggy performance but with custom ROM like Infamous ROM, it can really supercharge your Note 4 to the fullest while adding new cool features like unlocked wifi hotspot, native call recording, custom Power menu, quad multi-window, and much much more.

Infamous ROM also ships with its own custom kernel that allows for some nice overclocking up to 2.9Ghz, which may get you the speed of the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor. I have been using this ROM as daily driver for the last two weeks and it is a very solid ROM with great battery life + overclocking.

If you want the best custom ROM on your Note 4, definitely check out Infamous ROM and do let me know what you think!


Download Infamous ROM v2.6 for Galaxy Note 4 (for T-Mobile SM-N910T or Canadian SM-N910W8) – Check for latest version here

*Note – It might work fine on SM-N910F, please try it if you have that model and let me know. At worst you will just bootloop so just make a backup ROM beforehand.

Credits – XDA user Jamison904 <— Please donate to the developer of this ROM or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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38 Responses

  1. Jonathan says:

    Works great except for unknown baseband so no network. Tried few different tricks Inc. Efs backup etc, but had no luck. Anyone got any further?

    • Matt says:

      This is how you get phone service.please read up on page links

      Sounds like your internal SD is read only. You can flash Bioshock on the stock version, dark version has it in the Rom.
      Have you odin the stock full version

      Odin Stock
      Reboot in to Samsung recovery
      Wipe data
      Boot in to download mode
      Odin TWRP https://www.androidf…991606952600231
      Boot in to TWRP
      Flash rom

      Check your MD5’S

      This will give you the cleanest install. From here unless noted you can dirty flash.

      Odin and stock
      Dark infamous rom with bioshock

  2. Thato says:

    I tried it on my international version and ran into the same problem Jonathan described above. It does not detect my SIM card. Hoping a solution can be found soon. I love this rom.

  3. Chris says:

    Does this Rom support the fingerprint sensor?

  4. dean says:

    Install went fine and I thought all was well until I tried to make a call.
    Imagine my surprise to find there was no phone or contact icons
    What’s up with that? This IS installing on a cell PHONE, right?

    Immediate uninstall!

  5. Atish says:

    Hi i Installed Infamous version 2.7, i keep getting 208 update but when i try to install it fail, i tried update manually but when i download the 2.8 image from
    this web site it downloads 2.7 instead of 2.8.

    I even noticed the developer has added record button in phone call but know we are missing add call functionality and we cant do conference calling.

  6. utsav jhaveri says:

    Will this work on SM-N910G it’s a snapdragon variant

  7. Christian says:

    Do we have to update to MK4?

  8. Raul says:

    Anyone try this on a Verizon developers edition?

  9. Mevyn says:

    I tried installing this on my Note 4 N910C and it said failed to mount /cache. Does anyone have any idea with it?

  10. Ron says:

    ya… great rom if there contacts and phone was on it… even tried the update.. NOTHING… so uninstalled. bummer. was a cool looking rom and fast.

  11. Daniel says:

    Have anyone tried it with SM-N910F?

  12. stu says:

    How can you even entertain posting this rom with all these bloody problems?

  13. Riper3-3 says:

    GREAT ROM! !
    I installed it on my note 4 am n910f (the international version)
    It works great, except for the SIM card, which it does not recognize.
    Please please please add support for the international note 4!!!
    (The first time I install a custom ROM….so exited!!!!)

  14. Stu says:

    I have it finally working for the Canadian varient but it freezes up and ready boots at will and the private function doesn’t work and….. the battery SUX ASS ON THIS. … PLEASE HELP

  15. bassaholic says:

    NOTE 4 SM910T…Downloaded latest version of Infamous ROM…Phone keeps rebooting on its own…Other than that, awesome ROM…Thanks in advance.

  16. Rocky says:

    I installed this on my Rogers (Canadian) Note 4. Its a great rom, but im running into the problem where its giving me horrible battery life! I have it set as per the devloper to the BeastX & Zen Governors … and at first it started giving good battery life but the phone keeps heating up and when i check the CPU temperature its always between 45 – 65 degrees .. i was playing a simple non-graphics heavy gave (Where’s my Perry) and the phone screen from the upper right side was scorching hot!

    When i checked the temperature it was 66 degrees C. There is some app that is killing my battery. Anyone have any suggestions on how i can track this app down and get rid of it? I just got the ZeroLemon 10,000 mAh battery for my Note 4 and with not-so-heavy usage from this morning at 7 am until now 12:30 pm … I have 71% left on my phone …. This battery is 3 times the size of the stock battery … so when 33.3% of this battery is deplited its like one of the stock Note 4 batteries dieing.. So i would say right now im on 10% battery left!

  17. Kareem says:

    Do you know of any news about M.O.A.R. on the Note 4?

  18. Mike says:

    I have tried Infamous with my Canadian Note 4. Wow blazing fast rom but 1 problem, no mobile data? Any idea why?


    • concretebandit1 says:

      I had the same problem, call your data provider and have them email you proper VPN settings. Saved the day for me.

  19. windhoarse00 says:

    Infamous Rom 3.3 tmobile is indeed the most stable and mod options best right now! I’ve tried all the available roms. This is the best and getting better with every update!

  20. Boxed says:

    I have not had any issues out of this rom on my T-Mobile note except one minor one. I’m able to change my cpu clocks but unable to get the OC to stick. Anyone know of a solution for this?

  21. waleed says:

    Can you make bobcat rom for note 4 tmobile

  22. Zak says:

    Hey where did my phone app go. I am not sure how I will make calls since I cant find the one that came on the phone. I have a note for Canadian version

  23. terrence says:

    Wow no phone or contact app. Sad

  24. talha masood says:

    hi hope u doing fine
    i installed this rom on my internation version all was ok aprat from that sim was not working and
    secondly it says i can clock upto 2.9 so when i tried to clock it to 2.9 it always fall back to 2.6 so do it mean
    there is somethhing i am, suppose to do to get, it to 2.9 as i loved the speed of rom and dont really, have a problem of not having my sim work on this phone but my main problem is how can i clock it to 2.9 plz advice thx take care

  25. Albert says:

    I tried to install this on my t mobile n910t and I an currently using RAPTURE 3.1 but nothing will install into my note 4.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

  26. jeet says:

    for some reason i cannot get it to connect to my network. when i go under select networks it says searching and it gets stuck there. PLEASE HELP! anyone else experience this before?

  27. Al says:

    Installed in my Rogers note 4, i think this is a rom specifically for t Mobile? Is there a Canadian version? It talks about wifi calling in the intro, and when installed theres no network. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

  28. Tobi says:

    What kind of rom is this that cannot recognise sim card and people refer to it as good?To me it is a huge mess and I cannot recommend it to any body.Read the numerous post above and no answer given.Pure rubbish. The developer should do an excellent job before releasing this rom

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