How to Install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Root on T-Mobile/Canadian Note 5 and SM-N910F!


For those of you who want the latest Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with root (based on official Samsung firmware not AOSP) on your T-Mobile SM-N910T, Canadian SM-N910W8, or international SM-N910F, you can do it by installing Dr. Ketan’s ROM.

Based on SM-N910G (which is the only model available with official Marshmallow on Note 4 models), Dr. Ketan’s ROM brings you the latest official Android 6.0.1 stock firmware to your Note 4 plus root and much more.


Inside you will find full Android 6.0.1 along with all the new Marshmallow features including DOZE, which should save you battery life while idling.


You will also find full Edge panel screen like on the Galaxy S7 Edge.  Now, this isn’t a fully ported ROM, so that’s the only S7 Edge feature you will really find.  But this ROM comes with SuperSU (if you flash SuperSU zip during install) and also Viper4Android for tweaking your sound.


Galaxy Note 4 w/ Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow on Antutu Benchmark: 55,769

Performance is pretty good, I got about 55,769 on Antutu benchmark.  Apart from benchmarks, performance is fast and zippy and battery life is average although you will get more battery life when idling due to DOZE Marshmallow feature.


For customization, you can find Dr. Ketan ROM tool, which offers several tweaks including clock, system UI, theme store, and scaling.

Overall, this is a great way to get Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with root and S7 Edge panels working on your Galaxy Note 4.  I should have an update for a full S7 Edge port ROM eventually but for right now, this is the best it gets so give it a try this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download for SM-N910G or SM-N910F:

Download Dr. Ketan ROM M3 for Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G/F – mirror

Download Data/Call Fix for SM-N910F

Download for T-Mobile SM-N910T or Canadian SM-N910W8:

Download Dr. Ketan ROM M2 for Galaxy Note 4

Download Data/Call Fix for SM-N910T/N910W8

Download H Vitamin kernel for SM-N910F, SM-N910T, and SM-N910W8:

Dowload H Vitamin Kernel

Download SuperSU to get root:

Download SuperSU Zip

To install, make sure to make a backup ROM first, then follow my guide on How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM with TWRP!

For SM-N910F/SM-N910T/SM-N910W8, install ROM, install Data/Call Fix, install H Vitamin Kernel, install SuperSU, then reboot!

For SM-N910G, install ROM, install SuperSU, and reboot.

Credits – XDA <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!! (or SMS not working!!!)
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: I have no root!
A: Did you even read the instructions above?  Install SuperSU zip in TWRP recovery!

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