How to Convert Galaxy Note 4 into Galaxy S7 Edge!


For those of you who have been waiting for S7 Edge port on Note 4, definitely check out the latest version of Dr. Ketan ROM.

Originally developed for SM-N910G, Dr. Ketan’s ROM can easily be installed onto SM-N910F Note 4.   You should also be able to install on T-Mobile or Canadian Note 4 with custom kernel and data fix (see the download link).

UPDATE: I was able to get it also working on Sprint Note 4, please see How to Convert Sprint Galaxy Note 4 into Galaxy S7 Edge!

Biggest change from previous version M3 and M2 is that now the ROM supports full S7 Edge features like Edge Screen panels along with full Note 5 features including off-screen memos and Air command.  You will also find the latest S7 Edge launcher with ability to change grid size and full support for new TouchWiz themes.

Couple that with some customization features provided by ROM Tool N4 app, Viper4Android, full root with SuperSU, and Peel Smart Remote app, this ROM essentially makes your aging Note 4 better than a Note 5 or S7 Edge software wise.

Performance is also beastly as I scored 81,531 on Antutu, which is the highest score I’ve seen on the Note 4 so far.  Battery life is also excellent so you should have no problem daily driving.  The only thing not working right now is Always-On Screen but I believe that should be fixed shortly and I should have an update.

Overall, this is an excellent ROM and great way to convert your Note 4 into S7 Edge so give it a go and do let me know what you think!


Download Dr. Ketan ROM for Note 4 M4mirror

Download Data/Call Fix + Kernel for SM-N910F

Download for T-Mobile SM-N910T or Canadian SM-N910W8:

Download Data/Call Fix for SM-N910T/N910W8/N910P

Download H Vitamin kernel for SM-N910T, SM-N910W8, and SM-N910P:

Dowload H Vitamin Kernel


To install, make sure to make a backup ROM first, then follow my guide on How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM with TWRP!

For SM-N910F, install ROM, install Data/Call Fix+Kernel, then reboot!

For SM-N910T/SM-N910W8 install ROM, install Data/Call Fix, install H Vitamin Kernel, then reboot!

For Sprint SM-N910P, see tutorial here.

For SM-N910G, install ROM, and reboot.

Credits – XDA, data fix <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Q: My 3G/4G LTE data is not working!!! (or SMS not working!!!)
A: See How to Fix 3G/4G LTE data by Manually Setting APN on Android!

Q: After installing on my SM-N910F, I ended up in a bootloop!
A: Try flashing 5.1.1 bootloader with ODIN.  This is ONLY for SM-N910F!

Q: After installing on my SM-N910T, I ended up in a bootloop!
A: Try flashing 5.1.1 bootloader with ODIN.  This is ONLY for SM-N910T!

Q: Can I install on SM-N910P Sprint model?
A: Yes, you can, please go here instead.

Extra Mods

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667 Responses

  1. Ali says:

    Can i install this rom on note 2 n7100

  2. Gevo247 says:

    Will it work for sprint?

  3. Yo Hudgens says:

    do you have too instal the kernel after the rom ? Or before. Does the order of flashing matters ?

  4. manue says:

    can i install on sm-N9106W? china model….PLEASE TELL ITS POSSIBLE!

    • admin says:

      It could be possible, you can try it if it’s based on Qualcomm but please backup everything including EFS beforehand.

  5. Pedro Fernandez Ruiz says:

    Max, its possible to install on my N910C?
    Please I want it so bad!

  6. Hisham says:

    Max Lee is there for galaxy note 4 n910c

  7. Gio says:

    Please let us know if this is compatible with N910c exynos version.
    Great video btw

  8. Ricky says:

    Do I need to download and install too?

  9. Mark says:

    Do I have to restore to stock rom before swapping to this rom? As im not on 6.0 marshmallow as yet

  10. Frank says:

    Would this work for SM-N910P model? (Sprint)

  11. Shaban ali lutfi says:

    Hi max
    Can i install on n910c

  12. Jeffrey says:

    Nice,but one thing I don’t like 3minit battery
    How do remove 3minit battery and get the stock battery icon
    greetings from the netherlands

  13. Nick Nice says:

    Does this work for Verizon??

  14. Rileik says:

    I have the n910t version and it failed three times. How do I fix my problem?

  15. Raafat says:

    Does it work on 910C

  16. Anita Zhang says:

    Can I in stall it on my note 4 N910H.

  17. zozo says:

    can I install this room on 5.1.1 N910T?

  18. denz says:

    Yo Max, no need to update to marshmallow to flash this rom? I’m still on lollipop with Dr ken’s note 5 port for n910f

  19. denz says:

    Yo Max, no need to update to marshmallow to flash this rom? I’m still on lollipop with Dr ken’s note 5 port for n910f.

  20. daryl says:

    settings app keeps crashing. any idea how to fix it?

  21. Jesus says:

    Hey zedomax is there a sprint version to this? Rom?

  22. Jairus says:

    Can i use it on sm910k

  23. Marcus Wilson says:

    Could i flash this on the sm910R4?

  24. Tres says:

    What about T-Mobile SM-910T3?

  25. Tres says:

    What about T-Mobile SM-910T3? Will this ROM work for that version?

  26. Mari Ferrari says:

    can i install on my note 4 n910g? Thanks in advance

  27. Yo Hudgens says:

    I instal it, without problems. No bugs or lags. Only minus , none of the physical buttons are working. Any fix for this. I have a note 4 SM-N910F

    • markus says:

      how did u install it? My install always fails. I end up in a infinite bootloop. Ive heard it can take up to 30 mins for the ROM to load but really, I waited over 2 hours. didnt work. tired again several times, didnt work. so if u got the time please try to help me 🙂

  28. Marc says:

    Dies it work on n910c?

  29. Jord says:

    Would Android Pay still work with this?

  30. Stevon says:

    Do I have to install the marshmallow 6.0 custom rom to do this from 5.0

  31. Stevon says:

    How big is the Dr.Keaton zip file, I want to install enrooting directly from my phone, ius it possible?

  32. Fill price says:

    Hey, I love your site and have always used your page as a got to for roms for my sm-n910f. But I’ve tried flashing this rom multiple times but keep getting bootlooped. Any ideas?

  33. David Clark says:

    I have a N915A (Note Edge for AT&T). Is there any hope for me? Thanks!

  34. Stevon says:

    Just trying to confirm that this is the correct download for my note4 t-mobile version, because i had to go to a pervious posting to get this cause its not on this page. N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M2_XDA

  35. jeyvin says:

    where’s the download link?

  36. jeyvin says:

    where’s the donload link

    • admin says:

      see page 2:

      • Elmer says:

        Hi Max! Thanks for the tutorials. So I installed the Rom and everything seems to work. However, the Dr. Ketan msg “Apply fix” pops up from time to time , but doesn’t seem to do anything and also my phn is now unrooted. I previously was running CM13 which gave me MM 6.0 (it was very buggy) is this normal? If not how do I fix the “apply fix” and reroot my phn? I have a Tmobile n910. Pls help and thanks in advance.

      • Mahid says:

        Need thiss bt can’t downlaod…..

  37. Michal says:

    Welcome. I upload a Rom on Note 910F Europe. Installs instructions For SM-N910F, install ROM, install Data / Call Fix + kernel, then reboot !. The phone will not turn on, please help.

    • admin says:

      Try flashing the Marshmallow bootloader.

      • Michal says:

        I hale installed the official system 6.0.1 Marshmallow Note4 910F ver. N 910FXXU1DPB1. no. MMB29N910FFXXU1DPE1.
        You offered to install N910FMarshmallowbootloader.tar. Install atom failed (I installed using Odin3-v3.11.1)
        Maybe I am doping something wrony. Please help.

      • markus says:

        I too get failed installation of the marshmallow bootloader, ive tried to install this ROM for 2 days now, everytime the BL fails, and im stuck in a bootloop

  38. Manuel says:

    Hi I have the stock rom and kernel on my note 4 sm-n910f, with official 6.0 MM rom.
    what’s the first thing I need to do, to install this rom?
    first root? then install the recovery?

  39. Nico says:

    Do i need to have a pre root device ? (In my opinion no)

  40. Glen Orrell says:

    Hi Max!

    Will this ROM work with a newly exploited SM-N910V converted Developer Edition?

    I’m running CM13 and can now use my Note 4 on either Verizon, ATT, Sprint, or T-mobile.

    Thanks for the cooool videos!

    • Lori says:

      I second this… How about a little Verizon love please Max!

      • Glen says:

        Still wouldn’t boot up. Stuck on Samsung logo, even after loading H-Vitamin and other bootloaders. I use my SM-N910V on TMO carrier.
        Gave up and reverted back to my CM13 MM.

    • Mr. X says:

      It works but you will not get any Verizon signal. It tries to connect to the Verizon towers but it won’t. Wifi works though.

  41. oldmoney says:

    is the wifi calling works for t mobile on this rom

  42. cheryl says:

    Sprint version now rock

  43. Gevo247 says:

    Awesome i got it to work as well just texted aren’t working though but its dope, thanks bro. Are your texts working?

  44. Harsh says:

    Bro how to know the root in dr rom

  45. K-Dawg says:

    is this rom supposed to have root? just installed on tmobile phone but have no root.

  46. yassine says:

    why do i have to install Data/Call Fix+Kernel for my SM-N910F after installing ROM??

  47. naa17 says:

    why when i turn my device off it does not look like s7 .

  48. naa17 says:

    I mean the Power Menu does not look like Galaxy S7 . every thing else is fine

    • Tee says:

      Having the same problem. Just has icon for power off and everything but no words on a white background. Anyone know a fix for this.

  49. Erickson S. Mkony says:

    i have a n910h exynos version will it work on my device

  50. Osama says:

    Please can you send me a link for the things that I need to install

  51. Betty says:

    hi. when i wiped my phone. i made a mistake. iwiped everything in my phone. so i had to redownload all zip files to my sd card. then installed. after installed this rom. i found my phone is unroot.
    could u help me fix it.

  52. pashtet says:

    I installed the rom and it works fine, just fingerprints does not work .I get an error “an error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. if this message appears repeadetly, restart your device” Can we fix the problem?


    • admin says:

      Probably on the next update, fingerprint sensor does not work yet.

      • pashtet says:

        Thanks. …I’ll wait.

        • Gary Yun says:

          I got same issue even running M5. However the fingerprint HW sensing is not the same type as N5 (N4 swipes over home key while N5 just touches onto the home key). Forget about it & use pattern lock better!

          • Dario says:

            Same here. N910F, everything works. As it asks, I switched to N4 mode, registered successfully a bunch of fingerprints, then got back to S7 mode but when swiping on the lockscreen nothing happens. Otherwise I like this ROM really a lot! Great job!!

  53. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings maxx is there anyway I can get the LTE signal icon the 4g to me is played out everything else works except can’t download any more panels on edge

  54. andy a says:

    can you give me link if i need to root my phone before this please. Im trying to do it but i guess since my phone isn’t rooted i can’t do it. I have mobile note 4 i need the previous steps.

  55. andy a says:

    hey I’m trying to do this on my galaxy note 4 Tmobile, but it isn’t working do i need to have my phone rooted or something before this. if i do please send me the link or process before this, thank you

  56. Andres_s says:

    Hi Max, does not work for the Note 4 – SM – N910T , try it all, and does not work, then start installing the SM- N910T rom / N910W8 / N910P

  57. Farhan says:

    Hi Max, you need to provide details for versions that can and cannot use this rom and the reasons behind it. I was eagerly waiting for you to do this video for my note 4 n10c and now i am disappointed as to why it wont work. The marshmallow ota update ruined my phone horrible battery life and performance. Please suggest me a stable rom that i can use as my daily driver. I reached out to you couple of times for advice on this matter on twitter YouTube without any response from you hope you reply now. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      N910C is exynos-based while all other models are for Snapdragon-based, that is why you cannot run these ROMs.

  58. Tres says:

    Hey Max is the T-Mobile Note 4 SM-N910T3 the same as the Note 4 SM-N910T, and will this ROM work on the N910T3? I really want to try this ROM out.

  59. Tres says:

    Hey Max can you just swap phones with your buddy and install this ROM on your TMobile variant and let us know if works good or not. You do have the SM-N910T variant, right?

  60. Matthew says:

    Hi Max, I’ve been having terrible trouble trying to trying to get my N910G on 5.1.1 to root using your method for 5.1.1., so I can try this Rom. Do you think if I roll back to stock 5.0.1 and root using your older method that it will work? Thanks

    • Matthew says:

      Hey Max, Thought I’d just give it a go anyway. I thought I was going to have success. After going back to 5.0.1 and rooting, I then flashed the Rom. After numerous restarts, the phone came up with the app optimisation screen, rebooted three times through this process, but completed. Then it just gets stuck in a boot loop. Any suggestions or ideas?

  61. Chad says:

    Cell signal fine but will not download anything on WiFi or cell can not figureally it out

  62. ehsan says:

    note4 n910c my phon this rom install

  63. Brian O says:

    Followed all directions, app was working well but my settings would not open and I wasn’t receiving 4G on my Canadian Note 4. (sm-n910w8)

  64. dque says:

    WiFi hotspot not working

  65. Trung Dang says:

    Hi Max
    Do I have to install BL and mordem for N910G before install the Rom and the kernel

  66. Attila Danka says:

    -Mobil Hotspot

  67. Damian says:

    Cannot open ROM TOOL N4 app. Get stuck on “applying essential fix” still not done after 4 hours????help???

    • Damian says:

      Update: so was trying to run TiBU and couldn’t access root(guess you lose root access when you flash). ended up flashin SuperSU through TWRP and walah! now ROM TOOL N4 app finally opens.

      working on n910t

      install rom- data fix – h vitamin kernel – supersu
      reboot and set up.

      • Humza says:

        Could you please explain what you did in simple terms and possibly link files that you used (I’m using the SM-N910f), I rooted my phone for the first ever time today and struggle to follow what a lot of this means haha. I’m having the same problem where the app doesn’t open and the “applying essential fix” does nothing.

        • Tee says:

          You have to go back into recovery mode and flash SuperSU again because you lose root. Once you have root back it can install the fixes

  68. John says:

    Question, what is the best rom for battery life that have full tweaks like this one?

  69. Naz/ says:

    installed this ROM on Canadian version. followed your install instructions, Max, but no luck with data… any chance you can advise what to do to get it working? Also, tried setting up APN with no luck…
    Thanks in advance.

    • Paul M says:

      I had the same issue. (Bell Note 4) After manually inputting the APN settings the 4G/LTE began working properly. Email me if you have Bell and wish to now what APN setting I used. The ones found on the internet had too much input and wouldn’t work for me either.

      • Brandon says:

        My device says there is no sim card and it won’t let me manually input apns at all

      • Naz/ says:

        No, I’m on Fido. 🙁
        Tried many variants for the fido APN settings, still no luck.

      • David says:

        Hey Paul, I am on Bell also; Note 4 rooted, CM12.1 Lollipop…tried flashing this ROM but can’t get Data to work, error message “SIM card not installed/recognized” Can you explain the steps you took to get your Note 4 working please?

  70. sam rosenk says:

    we need a rom like this for n910c plz

  71. Paul McCartney says:

    I had the same issue. (Bell Note 4) After manually inputting the APN settings the 4G/LTE began working properly. Email me if you have Bell and wish to now what APN setting I used. The ones found on the internet had too much input and wouldn’t work for me either.

    • Paul M says:

      Double posted this, Sorry…Please delete

    • David says:

      Hey Paul, I am on Bell also; Note 4 rooted, CM12.1 Lollipop…tried flashing this ROM but can’t get Data to work, error message “SIM card not installed/recognized” Can you explain the steps you took to get your Note 4 working please?

  72. Cristi says:

    Hey…fingerprint works or not?

    • Zakaria Elouahed says:

      it doesn’t work for me, I’ve got this msg “an error has occurred with the fingerprint sensor. if this message appears repeadetly, restart your device”, did you find a fix ?

  73. Sed says:

    Xposed version for this rom? pls? in canadian version?

  74. Dr.Ketan Hindocha says:

    Just fount this on FB. Anyway M5 is round the corner.
    Dr.Ketan (Dev)

  75. faizam khan says:

    plz tell me i have note 4 the c version and iam on 6.0.1 how can i cinvert into s7 plz help me iam not getting the same menu which u are telling on u youtube video plzz help me i really wana convert it

  76. ballardking says:

    My phone is stuck in a boot loop. For somne time ‘optimising apps screen was coming but later its rebooting and looping over it

  77. richard says:

    anyone got xposed installer to work

  78. Hamza says:

    Is there any way to make the icons in status bar bigger . data,wifi icons.

  79. richard says:

    I can’t see my device options it’s all white

  80. Phoenix says:

    NEED HELP!!!! I installed it in tmobile N910T and it’s working but I can’t open settings. “Unfortunately settings has stopped” message comes up. Please help

  81. Rishabh Kumar says:

    I need an advice, please help me.
    Am from india. I want to know that, can i install N910G (indian rom) rom in N910P (sprint mobile). As I’m unable to use 4G network and wifi hotspot in my N910 sprint device as it is all restricted.
    Kindly help me.

  82. Ellison says:

    Any updates for SM-N910C sir?

  83. juan says:

    Hi max why settings do not work on my sprint note 4 I installed everything as follow rom data /fix and hvit

  84. Chad says:

    I had the same simply issue used the data fix for other phone and it works perfect now had to set Google back to factory and all issues fixed there as well

  85. Tom says:

    Great Rom and would be perfect if the HotSpot worked. Any plans on fixing that? Thanks again

    • Tom says:

      Solved the hotspot issue with purchasing WIFI tether router. This image is working 50% better than the stock image according to AnTuTu.

  86. Albert says:

    on my t mobile note 4 910 I don’t have hot spot and camera working. Also when I text people it works but when I text banks for blance checks it closes.

  87. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max, I installed this DrKetan S7 Edge M4 with CWMR in my SM-N910G & everything is perfect except Xposed Frame installed unsuccessfully! I did use “” & “Xposedinstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk” during installation. Can you advice how to install Xposed Frame over this DrKetan S7 Edge M4 ROM. Thks
    Gary Yun Singapore

    • Gary Yun says:

      I already updated to M5 enjoying S7 & N5 features so far so good. I like the HOME BUTTON LP giving SCREENSHOT. I may try the above two Xposed on this M5 when I got time.

      • TC93 says:

        Where do you download the M5 version from? I have the M4 working on my Note 4 (n910t) t-mobile version but the fingerprint scanner does not work at all.

        • Gary Yun says:

          After I stabilized this DrKetan S7 Edge M5 ROM in my SM-N910G, I changed the recovery tool from Philz 6.59.0 to TWRP So far so good & the backup file size is being reduced almost half bcoz of file compression being easily enabled & MD5 generation skipped in TWRP.

        • Jason says:

          Did u find the m5 download???

  88. Vinod says:

    On N910W8 Setting is force closing. Any solution to this?

  89. Junior says:

    Hi Max Can I boot this on my N910H?

  90. jmgpcent says:

    I noticed there’s no mention of using this on Verizon Note 4. Can it be used on Verizon SM-N910V Developer Edition phone?

    Also, I just found your page – do you taker Paypal donations? (I’m not rich but I always like to throw a finney at you guys developing this stuff for answering my questions!)


    • Glen says:

      I couldn’t get it to work on my converted Developer SM-N910V. It stays on the Samsung boot logo forever.

      Maybe if I try downgrading to 4.11 but I like 6.01. This ROM has issues too…

      • jmgpcent says:

        Glen – was that an original Verizon stock phone that you had aftermarket converted? I just read about that yesterday. I didn’t think this could be done at the aftermarket level unti l I saw it on ebay yesterday…. Do they rewrite the PIT to do this? Have you had any difficulty rooting or burning any ROMS you want to use?

        • Glen says:

          Yes, I have an original SM-N910V from Verizon. It had 5.11 and I applied the boot loader unlock and loaded CM13 which includes 6.01 (Marshmallow) and can now use it on pretty much any carrier. (VZW, TMO, ATT…)
          I think they are rewriting the CID to a Developer Edition.
          I’ve experimented with many versions of CM13, and tried DrKetan’s ROM, but nothing else.


  91. lyk says:

    dose fingerprint work

  92. Jason says:

    Flashed rom, kernel and data fix however it’s not reading sim card I have no service is there a fix for this I’m using tmobile note 4

  93. Louis says:

    Works perfectly on my SM-N910G Note 4. But just 1 issue, I can’t seem to launch the email app. Keeps on saying “Unfortunately, Email has stopped.” I have tried clearing the caches and app data, rebooted several times and it still doesn’t work. Any idea how can I fix this?

    • Tom says:

      Did you check for an update?

      • Louis says:

        Yes I have. Applied Essential fix, Update and bug fix, but it still crashes. I read somewhere by wiping the cache and data it might work, but I’m afraid it might wipe some of my phone data as well.

    • Gary Yun says:

      Use other email apk

      • Louis says:

        That is of course possible. But if I could use the default one it would be great.

        • Gary Yun says:

          Got same experience when running M4 then changed email apps to resolve the issue. Now running M5 not for long time yet but so far so good! Will try Xposed Frame on this M5 when I hv time. So far this M5 combined with S7 Edge & N5 features & Home Button Long Press gives Screenshot function.

  94. Rishabh Kumar says:

    Need help! Am from india. I want to know that, can i install N910G (indian rom) rom in N910P (sprint mobile). As I’m unable to use 4G network and wifi hotspot in my N910 sprint device as it is all restricted.

  95. RUBEN AYALA says:

    Will this method work on the verizon note 4 yet?

  96. Luis alber says:

    Buenas a migo me pares muy bien lo que hace pero me puede colabora tengo uno note 4 910c ya hay una para este modelo lo

  97. XR says:

    Hey Max! I have a Singaporean N910G rooted with TWRP. After flashing this I get to a green screen which states that the phone is installing apps. After it has finished installing, it just shuts off and goes into a bootloop. Please help, I need that ROM!

    • Louis says:

      You can try booting the TWRP and wipe the Dalvik Cache, System, Data and Cache. Then reinstall the ROM and see if it works.

      • Gary Yun says:

        Hi XR, If anything went wrong, you should go SamMobile to download Samsung Stock Firmware & flash into your SM-N910G. Then you can have thing starting over again! Good Luck!

        • XR says:

          Thanks Gary! I have the Indian stock 5.1.1 now for N910G and everything is working. I have tried flashing the Dr Ketan S7 Edge Port again though but it seems like it cannot work.

        • XR says:

          Is there any way I can make this work on my N910G. Mine is a Singaporean Singtel Telco set rooted with TWRP. Strangely, every ROM I have tried works except for this particular one.

          • Gary Yun says:

            The BL & Modem used for conversion from N4 to S7 Edge is “N910G_PB6_MM_BL_Modem.tar.md5”

  98. Michael Cruz says:

    Got stock on (Welcome Applying essential fix Keep patience it may take a few mitutes)

    • TC93 says:

      I kept getting that on my n910t. Eventually I realized the phone wasn’t actually rooted and I had to update/install SuperSU again. Then that essential fix went though ok.

  99. Michael Cruz says:

    Ok thanks i will try that

  100. Amine says:

    Will it work on my Note 4 SM-N910W8

  101. Mohammed Mulla says:

    Hi everyone
    As such I have decided to finally root my Note 4 N910F which is currently running on the latest Marshmallow update received in South Africa less than a month ago.
    I have tried to follow the instructions of Max Lee but fail as follows:
    I have downloaded the latest Odin program: v 3.11.1, SuperSU v 2.74, the samsung usb driver pack (which I already had installed on my laptop) and twrp 3.0.2 (the .tar file)
    I then switched my phone off and on again in download mode.
    I then opened Odin, clicked on AP and selected the .tar file, connected my phone and after seeing the blue colour in the COM box I clicked on start. A few messages popped up in the log and the bar read RECOVERY. Thereafter the bar went red and said failed. The bar on my phone had moved approx 1% and froze. I removed the battery and restarted the phone back to normal and so it was.
    Later I read in one of the queries that unticking the Reactivation Lock box under Settings>Security, I would be able to. I followed the same steps but this time the bar on my phone filled up approx 99% when Odin once again said FAIL.
    I tried numerous times thereafter but of no help. Currently in download mode my Knox version is still 0x0 and other things mentioned in download mode are as folllows:

    RP SWREV: S1, T1, R1, A1, P1

    Can you please guide me so that I can successfully root my device and be able to install this ROM


    • Gary Yun says:

      It seemed you might not use the right stuff (Odin/TWRP/SuperSU…etc) in rooting your N910F. Sometimes all stuff with latest revision might not be working to particular device. Over internet, many tutors telling how to root N4(but N4 got many variants), they cud be more or less the same, but try to see more & do compare to find out what are the right stuff for your N910F. Important is to download correct/latest Samsung stock firmware from Max Lee or SamMobile to save your phone in case of unfavorable pop-up!

  102. Tom says:

    Hello is M5 ready for n910t. If so were do we get it. Thanks.

  103. Lokesh says:

    Hello! I have sm n910g, I flashed using this method, but my settings are crashing. I can’t open my settings. It always says “unfortunately settings has crashed”.
    Please help me.

    • Gary Yun says:

      At our level, it is hard to say what went wrong & not easy to resolve setting crash straightly right the way! It is good to reverse back to your previous ROM if you have backup done before. Or else, you may need to rebuild the whole OS again.

  104. Farook says:

    Can I installed it on Samsung galaxy
    sm n 9100

  105. Tom says:

    Hey did a search through the comments. Does this still enable you to use the SPen?

  106. ali.saba2013 says:

    i have a n910x phone(demo model and dont support simcard)
    i flashed it by a n910f rom 5.0.1 and it has this build number:N910FXXU1BOB4
    it is working.i flash a 5.1.1 and 6.0.1 n910f stock rom but anyone dont run correctly.after flashing the phone restart several times then android boot and it work for a few time but after a few second it restast more time :/
    even i flashed a custom rom whit twrp recovery but it was same and restart and dont work well
    now i flashed 5.0.1 rom.
    plz help.i want upgrade to 6.0.1

  107. Hackman says:

    While nothing for AT&T yet huh?

  108. K.George says:

    Can this be installed on Note4 duos sim n9100? If not is there any new rom for sm n9100?

  109. ghost says:

    what about note 4 901C

  110. Hackman says:

    Will this work for the At&t SM-N010A?

  111. MrG says:

    I’ve reflashed this rom and this time the rom runs a lot better. I have issue in spite, all my apps aren’t here besides a few that came with the new flash of this rom. I used Rom Tool N4 to update and fix any bugs, and I went to another page where 2 folders showed note 4 and note 4. I proceeded to note 4 which I seen apks that were mentioned but not installed and a few zip files. So I backed out of there to proceed to down load. This is where it gets tricky. I click download, a Google play popup shows this app I guess I need to download so I proceed to download. Then register for 50gigs of secure storage then confirm through email then log in to the app then authorization to fave access to this and that then go back to rom tool n4 to click update and fix bugs to the file that’s labels note 4 to download and now what?
    I down load go through file explorer or something to locate this note 4 update to notice that the folder is stored in a folder called mega or so thing like that and the Note 4 update folder isn’t a zip. So please tell me how am I to update my phone through this.
    Thank you

  112. yiannis says:

    max I install the DR Ketan 7 edge rom to my stock note 4 n910f but the tethering and finger print reader dose not work is there a fix for this. I can live without fingerprint but tethering is very important to me help Thanks

  113. ashis says:

    can I install this rom on note4 n910c

  114. muhsin says:

    can i install n910c

  115. ar8ric says:

    I resolved a problem with my Canadian Version(SM-N910W8), Android 5.0.1(N910W8VLU1BOE1).

    After installed several times the ROM, H Vitamin kernel and Data/Call Fix my phone says there is no SIM Card and user does not have permission to add APN. I update my phone to 5.1.1(N910W8VLU1COI4) and then root, install the ROM, H Vitamin kernel, SuperSU, Data/Call Fix.

    After reboot phone, SIM Card/APN problem Fixed!

    • David says:

      ar8irc, can you please help me with this? I was able to install various versions M2, M4, M5 but always ending up with no data; SIM not detected or message telling me to install the SIM. My phone is a rooted Canadian (Bell) Note 4 SM-N910W8; android 5.1.1 N910W8VLU1BOC4 (CM12.1 nightly). If you can please walk me through what you did to solve the SIM card issue I would really appreciate it – thanks!


    hi!!!!! first of all thanks for all those videos/tutorials!!!!!!! yesterday i installed the Dr. Ketan ROM but every time i try to get to Settings>nfc and payment>tap & pay , i get the “unfortunately , Settings has stopped ” — what am i doing wrong??
    i have an SM-N910F note 4 ….. thank you in advance

  117. Aaron says:

    Very nice and clean rim but it kick my root access. What would nd the best way to tattie the toy acres in my t mobile note 4?

    • Aaron A. says:

      Problem Solved

      Just had to flash my rom file again and I have no issue’s with my root.

      • Elmer says:

        Hi, I have the same issue…so reflashing will give you root once again? I also have the Dr. Ketan “Applying fix” msg pop up from time to time but it doesn’t seem to do anything. Did you also have the same issue? I too have a Tmobile Note 4..thanks in advance.

  118. Bobby3_4u says:

    Installed on verizon note 4 works great but fingerprint to scaner not working?

  119. Mo says:

    Hey, So i have installed the rom but i am certainly facing some issues which are as follows
    -Screen mirroring
    -Mobile Hotspot
    -Finger Print registration
    How to update change logs or fix these problems

    Please help

    • Aaron A. says:

      Another issue is when the phone has not been used after a certain period of time it will not call out or take incoming calls and I have to restart the phone. Have you been getting this issue as well?

    • Mathieu says:

      Delete wfdbroker to fix screen mirror.

      You neet root acces. Go to \system\app\…..

      After reboot your fone

  120. Roshan says:

    What about SM-N910K?

  121. Paulo says:

    Hélio max , thanks for your amazing work ive folwed if since my Galaxy S2 so Its been a while and a few galaxy phones pretty much every galaxy until S5 , I love this rom sill on M4 , thank u Dr Keaton , I’m having constant overheating or better constant heat on my phone it’s not actually overheating but always kinda warm , any way to fix this ? Finger print working would be awesome mr Dr Keaton , Max you are the man wish u had more time for the phone I actually own and made more rom reviews and stuff but life keeps going wish u the best max keep up your good work

  122. Jason says:

    Has someone found any solution for mobile hotspot and fingerprint lock? And is there a way to change 4g icon??

    Other than that the rom is great!! Works flawlessly! !

  123. AGBOLADE ANWOJU says:

    please where is the link for the rom? and it is compulsory to root the note 4 before i do the installation?
    big thanks man u’ve done a very gud job in here

  124. AGBOLADE ANWOJU says:

    please where is the link for the rom? and is it compulsory to root the note 4 before i do the installation?
    big thanks man u’ve done a very gud job in here

  125. bishal says:

    Does dis rom rom work for sm-N910G indian model ?

  126. Jordan says:

    Anyone know if I am missing a step? With my Canadian n910w8 running 6.0.1, I perform the following:
    1. Wipe everything (Dalvik, System, Data, Cache)
    2. Factory reset
    3. Install S7 ROM for T-mobile/Canada
    4. Install Vitamin
    5. Install Data Fix
    6. Reboot to system

    I’m stuck at black Samsung logo screen. Is this a bootloop?

    This also happened when trying to install the ROM for this:
    “How to Install Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow with Root on T-Mobile/Canadian Note 5 and SM-N910F!”

    I must be missing a critical step somewhere. Can anyone point it out to me? Thanks in advance!

    • Obi says:

      Yes wait for 30 minutes it will boot. I have installed it twice it took up to 30 minutes or more to boot. So wipe everything and install the rom, vitamin, and data fix. You will be fine just wait

      • Jordan says:

        Thanks Obi,

        I did read your other post about waiting the 30 minutes, that’s how I knew to wipe everything like you said. Its just that the first time I tried installing the ROM I waited over an hour for phone to boot and nothing seemed to be going on. I’ll give it another go and just be patient.

        Thanks again. Let you know how it turns out.

      • Jordan says:


        When you were waiting up to 30 minutes for your phone to boot, did your phone give a quick vibrating pulse every 10 or 12 seconds? Since rebooting my phone after installing ROM I noticed my phone is giving a short vibrating pulse every 12 seconds. My phone has been at the black Samsung screen almost 2 hours now LOL.

        Would you agree this is an indication of bootloop or something else going wrong? Let me know what you think.

        • Obi says:

          Did it pass the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 logo to the second Samsung.
          And did you wipe system and data

          • Jordan says:

            I finally got to the green “App Optimization” screen. Never got that far before. But that is the end of the good news. After that, my phone goes back to Black Samsung screen. Do I then wait 30 minutes? Or how long should it take after the “App Optimization” screen?

        • Obi says:

          Did you used Twrp recovery once you get to pass Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the Samsung loge wait

  127. Iggy says:

    hey max do you have a root tutorial for canadian note 4 running 6.0.1 or something close to it ?

  128. Saneet says:

    Hi I have a note 4 sm n910c which is now updated to 6.0.1 and want to download to s seven edge platform. Please help me

    • Obi says:

      Install Twrp download the s7 edge rom, vitamin, and (data fix only if you are using T-Mobile)
      Twrp app is on Google store .
      Once you have confirm that you have Twrp install. Turn your phone off Boot you phone by hold power, home botton, and volume up bitten together to enter twrp recovery mode. Wipe everything and go back and install the rom, vitamin and data fix( data fix is for for T-Mobile).
      You can watch the video and follow his step. After you are done it will boot to and take up to 30 minutes to pass Samsung so wait be patient for 10 to 30 minutes.

  129. Hackman says:

    Hello, Max some one please help I have asked this question several times with now response. Does this work for the AT&T SM-N010A running 5.1.1, Kereel Version 3.10.40-5613584 dpi@SWDD5611 #1 Fri Apr 29 20:47:34 KST 2016.

    • Obi says:

      Twrp is necessary for this to work. It should work on AT&T note 4(watch the video) Back up your rom and everything in case for errors, but I believe it should work. wipe system and data. Follow the steps and install everything except the data fix unless you have T-Mobile. Well it doesn’t matter you can enter your own apn takes like 1 to 2 minutes to install . When you get to Samsung log wait up 15 to 30 minutes.
      Remember back up probably to you sd card. Follow the video instructions

  130. Jimmy says:

    Please fix the fingerprint issue. And how do I check for updates in this rom?

  131. Gary says:

    Hi max
    Can install in sm-n910u ?

  132. Jack Ford says:

    I tried everything and could get my T-Mobile N910T to boot. Any suggestions?

    • Obi says:

      I have N910T it work perfectly. Wipes everything including data. Install everything as instructed used Twrp recovery. When it get pass the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 logo to the Samsung loge wait for like 30 minutes

      • Jordan says:

        Obi, what was the filename of the Data Fix you used?
        I figured out that my Data Fix is causing my problems. I could be using the wrong one.
        Mine is “”
        I found another Data Fix with filename: “” that I will try to use next.

  133. Jack Ford says:

    Thank you. But could help a bit more? Here’s what I did.
    Installed the following with TWRP
    1. Installed Rom:
    Since that resulted in a boot loop, I used Odin to install the modem and bootloader:’

    How did your installation differ?

    Again, thank you very much

    • Obi says:

      I wipe everything except the micro sdcard. Then I install Rom, vitamin and data fix. All three in other and reboot once you pass the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 logo unton the next Samsung logo wait up to 10 to 30 minute it will boot

      • Jack Ford says:

        Your full name must be Obi-Wan Kenobi. 🙂
        I followed your instructions and it booted. Some observations and questions. First, I got so sick of Touch Wiz that last week I installed the CM 12.1 rom to get near-pure AOSP. It’s quite good and very clean, BTW. But it seems that Dr Ketan is Touch Wiz on steroids. 🙂 And the phone is hotter than normal. Apps Edge is kind of cool.

        What launcher do you use? I’ve always used Nova because I really like the app folders I can install on the bottom of the screen.

        Other than that, maybe I’ll have to get to like Touch Wiz. Do you like it?

        Thanks again

  134. Jack Ford says:

    After the Samsung logo, did you get a new bluish screen with white text that says something like an essential fix needs to be installed? If so, did chose to apply the fix? I chose to apply the fix and its says that I have to wait? Can you recall how long the wait is?

    • Obi says:

      I still have not installed the fix I just ignored it

    • Obi says:

      After everything have loaded and the blue screen comes back and as you to install the fix say OK. If it takes too long end it. I tried applying the fix waited for hours. Nothing happen. So ifar the fix keep coming uplease, just block assess to block room tools n4. Without the fix my phone is working fine and fas

    • Obi says:

      After everything have loaded and the blue screen comes back and as you to install the fix say OK. If it takes too long end it. I tried applying the fix waited for hours. Nothing happen. So i just ignored it. If the fix keep coming up just block assess to app room tools n4. Without the fix my phone is working fine and fast

      • Jason says:

        I don’t know if what im gonna say has anything to do with this… but a few days ago galaxy apps and the theme store didn’t let me get in them and donload anything… it only said that my phone wasn’t supported. The next day I remembered about that fix you guys are talking about, and gave it a click… and guess what?? After that haven’t had any more problems with those 2 apps. ..

  135. Iggy says:

    Hey Obi,

    I flashed the ROM using TWRP followed by the vitamin and Data fix and i am stuck on the Samsung screen for the past 40 mins is that normal ?

    I am using the Canadian n910w8 variant

    Please help and thank you in advance

    • Jordan says:

      I get stuck at that screen every time I install the Data Fix. I tried installing only the ROM and Vitamin and my phone actually completed the installation. Only problem is, I had no SIM card or cell signal once I was running the ROM. I’d go back into TWRP and try installing the Data Fix afterwards and then I’d be stuck at that black Samsung screen again!!

      I don’t know what else to do. Does your phone also pulse vibrate every 10 or 12 seconds or so when stuck at that black Samsung screen?

      • Iggy says:

        phone does a pulse vibrate every 10-12 seconds for me as well
        it has been close to 1 hr now
        let me know if you come across a fix

        • Obi says:

          If you wipe system and data. It should boot pass the samsung galaxy note 4 logo unto the second samsung logo i waited for awhile like 30 minutes it boots fine.

          • Iggy says:

            Hey Obi,

            I followed the wipe system and data and the it passes the the note 4 logo onto the second samsung logo and waited close to an hour and no luck
            Should i try the M5 Rom that is listed in the sprint/verizon thread ?

        • Obi says:

          Try wiping everything i mean everything except for your sdcard. And install the rom, vitamine and data fix. Wait for awhile on the second samsung logo it will boot. Just wait

        • Obi says:

          Yes and install all three files again and wait after the second logo for awhile

        • Obi says:

          Dont you have a sd card. It always better ti use a sd card. But if you dont have one. Just wipe the rest

    • Jordan says:

      Iggy, what version of TWRP you using?
      I just read online that TWRP 3.0.2-0 has issues installing ROM. I’m on 3.0.2-0
      Obi? What version you running?

      Also, Iggy…I’m not about to wipe my internal storage. No where have I ever read or seen instructions to wipe Internal or External storage so I’m not making that move. Sorry.

      • Iggy says:

        Hey Jordan I am on TWRP 3.0.2-0 .. i dont even know how to flash back to oem rom now

        • Jordan says:

          Did you create a backup of your old OEM rom before trying to flash a new one? If you did, simply go and “Restore” it.

        • Obi says:

          You just use samsung kies to repaire the phone easily it will automatic downlaod and install the lastest rom for you. Or you can download your phobe lastest rom yourself and install just the rom using twrp.

  136. Jack Ford says:

    Everything is working fine on my N910T now, thanks to Obi. But I was rooted before I installed the rom; now I’m not. What’s the consensus on the best way to root after installation of the rom?

    • Obi says:

      Install kingroot apk search from choose the site that says apkmirror. Allow installation after it done click the circle with the crown to obtain root. Use wifi if possible.

      • Jack Ford says:

        It failed. Any other suggestions?

        • Obi says:

          Did you install kingroot apk my failed up to 3 times. Make sure you on wifi. Rebot your phone And download root checker from google store to comfirm

          • Jack Ford says:

            OK. I’m rooted. Last question. That Dr. Ketan blue screen requesting an essential fix pops up. Any way to prevent this? Otherwise, I think I like it.
            It just popped up while I was typing this. Painful.

          • Jack Ford says:

            I meant to say that it pops up every time I reboot. The only options I see are to “apply” the essential fix, or press the back button to dismiss it. Would applying the fix hurt anything, and would it stop the annoying popups on reboot?

        • Obi says:

          In every retry reboot your phone. It should say root ubtained around the circle with the crown.

        • Obi says:

          Its the Rom tool n4 app. You can deny it permission or remove the app. I have click apply fix so many times nothing happen. It just get stuck on applying fix please wait for few minutes for hours.

          • tc says:

            That’s because the rom isn’t actually rooted, unlike what the rom creator claims. I had to install the latest version of Supersu in twrp to root the rom(again unlike what the rom creator says to do), then the fix worked.

            I get the impression the guy who put this rom together never even tried installing it new himself.

  137. Iggy says:

    When i flash ROM + Vitamin phone works and gets past the second samsung screen but when you do the data fix phone will not budge …. should i wait 2 hours ?
    Obi any help with this ?

    • Obi says:

      Check all and Wipe everything except the sdcard. I hope your all three files are save on your sd card. After you have wipe everthing I MEAN EVERYTHING except the sdcard. Install rom,vit and data fix. Wait for a while like 15 to 30 mintes

    • Jordan says:

      I’m still trying to get passed second Samsung screen. Did you figure anything out Iggy?

  138. Jack Ford says:

    Is Quick Charging turned off in this rom? I’m recharging and the screen notice says 14% charged, 4 hours and 41 minutes to finish. Something’s wrong.

  139. Tim Rix says:

    I have a US Sprint Note 4 SM-N910P Do you think it’s possible to use this or even use the Korean Firmware SM-N916L to flash the Sprint device update the APNs?

  140. pris says:

    hi I have a note 4 n910w8 and when i download Flashify it says my phone doesn’t have ROOT/superuser, does that mean I can’t convert to 7 Edge?

  141. Jack Ford says:

    This rom uses the Touch Wiz Home launcher. Any way to increase the size of the dock?

  142. Jack Ford says:

    I’ve had my Note 4 on all day. 10 hours usage; 18 minutes left. SOT just shy of 5 hours. Pretty good.

    • Jordan Fieber says:

      Were you running Marshmallow before installing this ROM? I see people who have bootloop problems are installing a bootloader but I only see a 5.1.1 bootloader available. Maybe a dumb question but can I use this bootloader when I’m running Marshmallow? I’m still stuck at Samsung screen.

  143. Botros Edward says:

    Can I install it on my note 4 n910c
    It isn’t note 4 edge
    But normal note 4
    And what rom should I run
    And what about finger print scanner
    Is it still swipe or become just tap

  144. Saneet says:

    Hey can you make a sm n910c video we’d appreciate it since everybody with a 910c are have problems convertigo to s7. Thanks

  145. Saneet says:

    Which video can you send me a link

  146. Iggy says:

    anyone get this rom to work on the canadian note 4 ?

    • Jordan says:

      Iggy, I am still fooling around trying to get it to install on my 910w8. I have tried installing 2 other ROM’s by Dr. Ketan and same issue – stuck at Samsung screen after installing the Data Fix. I’m not giving up tho! We’ll figure this out

      • Iggy says:

        thanks Jordan.. ill try a couple of things this weekend and ill let you know how it goes

        • Jordan says:

          Iggy. So far it appears that I have finally successfully installed this ROM on my n910w8. I have working WiFi and Cellular data too. What a battle this has been. What finally worked was installing the ROM after I downgraded my device from 6.0.1 (marshmallow) to 5.1.1 (lollipop). After downgrading, I simply went and installed the ROM as per the tutorial video. It was successful on first try after downgrading. I hope this helps you!!

          • David says:

            Hi Jordan
            Can you please help me with this? My phone is a rooted Canadian (Bell) Note 4 SM-N910W8; android 5.1.1 N910W8VLU1BOC4 (CM12.1 nightly). Like you, I have tried various Dr. Ketan ROMs and was able to actually install various versions M2, M4, M5 but always ending up with no data; SIM not detected or message telling me to install the SIM. If you can please walk me through what you did to solve the SIM card issue I would really appreciate it – thanks!

        • Jordan says:

          Another thing, even though I successfully installed the M4 version of this ROM, I was also successfully able to install the newer version – the M5 version. Look online for Dr. Ketan’s changelog on XDA forums for changes between versions.

        • Jordan says:

          Iggy, this forum will not allow me to leave any links. How can I privately message you?

          • Iggy says:

            i tried to share my email and i dont think that works …. any other way
            hondakraze is my xda username maybe there ?

          • Jordan says:

            I sent you a PM on XDA

          • Iggy says:

            your the man still have to do the data fix but your the man

          • Michael says:

            I love the team work you two, Im stuck with the same problem. I have only gotten it to boot (after about a half hour) when i didnt install the data fix. Apart from that it wont work for me. How did you downgrade to Lollipop ? just found a stock note 4 rom that you flashed ? i feel like mine will work if I do the same. Please let me know,

  147. Mark says:

    Dear admin,
    I have the following question.
    U have succesfully rooted and installed s7 edge on my note 4 n910 F . Its working but i cant use wifi and i cannot use settings. It gives the following message: settings has stopped. What can i do about this? Kind regards

  148. coolbreeze says:

    Dear Admin,
    Installation was flawless thank you for the instruction, but but setting has stopped,i can’t get access to setting on my N910T.
    Any suggestion?

  149. Lord Mortician says:

    This step got me out of the samsung logo screen….
    Q: After installing on my SM-N910F, I ended up in a bootloop!
    A: Try flashing 5.1.1 bootloader with ODIN. This is ONLY for SM-N910F!

  150. Jack Ford says:

    My N910T is working perfectly. I thought I would hate it (I was previously using CM 12.1), but I’ve grown to like it. I kept getting the bluish screen asking me to accept a fix which I studiously ignored, but finally accepted and it never came back. A couple of things I don’t understand.

    I use Google News and would ike to substitute it for Yahoo News, the default in the edge.

    Also, I don’t know how to scan or toggle amongst the apps that are active and still in memory.

    Any help is appreciated.


  151. Alex says:

    Using the SM-N910F Got it all working sweet except for settings stopped working and no way to open.
    My method was flash stock.
    Put the rom and data fix on the phone.
    Flash twrp using odin.
    Wipe system from the advanced wipe option then swipe to factory reset.
    Install rom from phone then immediately after install data fix.
    Boots up fine all works except settings unfortunately stopped.

    Do I need to install the H vitamin kernel as well somewhere in the process?
    The rom is fantastic and would love to get it working on SM-N910F


  152. Jack Ford says:

    Bootloop after installing xposed framework (maybe it’s incompatible). It hangs on the Samsung logo. I tried wiping Dalvik cache and cache, but it didn’t help. Any ideas? I hate to have to reinstall everything.

    • Jack Ford says:

      I reinstalled everything and it works again. This time, I’ll make a nandroid backup.

      • Gary Yun says:

        I did try many times with different xposed-(v76 to v86) but still unsuccessful & stuck at Samsung Logo. However, it is good to me that every time I could restore Backup from TWRP. No need to reset up everything! One thing made me query — flash the zip from TWRP is completed ok and only reboot can’t get through. I suspect some memory residue is being stuck inside the OS. Unless a total phone reformat which one day I may do it but very troublesome!

  153. yiannis says:

    I have installed this rom on my n910F everything works apart from the fingerprint scanner and tethering is this the same for everyone? does anyone have a fix for the tethering hotspot?

  154. Youssef says:

    How can I fix the fingerprint lock screen

  155. Yamen says:

    Can i flash it on sm-n910H??

  156. Riccardo says:

    now N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M5_XDA is avaliable, if i use this version (not the M4 in download here), i’ve got to install the Data/Call Fix + Kernel for SM-N910F (my model)? Or it was already fixed

  157. Gary Yun says:

    Did anybody successfully install Xposed Frame in this DrKetan S7/N5 ROM M5? If possible, can we share the experience?

  158. Daniel says:

    Im having issues also with no sim card inserted how do i fix that do i need to update to lollipop first im running 4.1.1 system please.

    • Jordan says:

      Did you apply Data Fix? I know some people could not successfully install the ROM and Data Fix from Marshmallow and had to downgrade to Lollipop before installing. Perhaps you should try upgrading to Lollipop and then try installing the ROM.

      • Daniel says:

        Thanks for the tip i did go to lollipop 5.1 thendid a wipe on the phone installed the rom applyed data fix then custom kernel it boots and works except it says i still have no sim card i dont know what I’m doing wrong

        • Tom D Baker says:

          On the M5 image and Tmobile version I also got the no Sim card issue. I applied the M4 fix on the m5 image and then reinstalled the M5 fix and that seemed to fix the No sim card issue. the M5 image is blazing with absolutely no issues as far as my usability. Also Hotspot was fixed. Whom ever put this together thanks again saved me from having to upgrade my phone!

          • Daniel says:

            Thanks Tom Baker i was able to fix my no sim card issue i installed dr k rom m5 then used m4 fix then flashed m5 fix it worked perfectly.

  159. Elmer says:

    Hi! So I installed the Rom and everything seems to work. However, the Dr. Ketan msg “Apply fix” pops up from time to time , but doesn’t seem to do anything and also my phn is now unrooted. I previously was running CM13 which gave me MM 6.0 (it was very buggy) is this normal? If not how do I fix the “apply fix” and reroot my phn? I have a Tmobile n910. Pls help and thanks in advance.

  160. korbes says:

    I installed this on n910f. Everythings works fine, but I don’t have the small digital clock at the top next to the battery icon.
    Can I fix this somehow? Or should I just try and install it all over again?

    • Jordan says:

      Go to your apps list and look for “ROM Tool N4” and open it. If this is first time opening this app, it may ask you to grant it Super User access – make sure you grant it access. Next, once that app is open, you will see a menu of different items. Look “Clock mode” and click it. You should be brought to another screen with Clock Settings. Here you can add a clock to the top notification bar and customize it.

  161. Riccardo says:

    help me for fingerprint please

  162. Pedro says:

    se puede para note 4 SM-N910H :/

  163. neelesh says:

    download link plz

  164. kevin ardiandy says:

    can i do this to my note 4 SM-S910H?

  165. Jack Ford says:

    I used kingroot to root my N910T. I keep getting a pop-up message the subject of which I’ve forgotten, but which makes me think it should be properly rooted rather than rooted by means of an apk. What do you guys think?

  166. Peros says:

    I have NOTE 4 Tmobile, im having a problem with my gear vr (innovator edition),its starts but its glitchy on the left side mostly ,even when i start it in developer mode without the headset on.Any way to fix this?anyone else with this problem???

  167. Elmer says:

    I did the same and still am getting the Dr. Ketan msg “apply fix” and when pressing the Rom Tool icon I get no response and Netflix doesn’t work. I reflashed the app twice and rerouted via King root…so not sure what I’m doing wrong. Everything g else works fine.

  168. Jax says:

    Hi i want to install this rom on may note4 sm-n910c can i?

  169. Muhammed says:

    No ROM can be installed on SM-N910C?

  170. Renaldo Green says:

    I have an American t mobile note 4 how do I add the Rom I’ve tried the steps but it doesn’t work on please

  171. Albert says:

    I’m not sure what firmware you have but my T mobile note 4 has dok2 and I used the files as listed in the page above. I installed rom, data fix vitamin and super user.
    Everything works except my hot spot and sms messages to like bank balance type.
    I think you need to check your firmware. I have found the fix to my hot spot!!

  172. Albert says:

    Where was the M 5 FIX
    what website.
    please let me know?

    Thank you

    • Tom D Baker says:

      Not allowing to post the link so copy and paste.

  173. Albert says:

    thank you I see I had the wrong firmware and I will get on this today.
    Thank you
    thank you

    • Tom D Baker says:

      Yes I was able to go to M5 without wiping my M4. M5 also has condensed mode which allows much better resolution which is another favorite feature.
      Go to for the M5 version and go to the above page for the M5 fix.

      ​​​​​N910G pb6 MM Dr.Ketan ROM M5 XDA (Works on Tmobile Note4 Version)

      Home Device ROM Kitchen About Contact Dr.Ketan Tweaks
      Data fix requires to use on T-Mobile.
      Must Read
      MD5 : 12D9F6D87EA98A091DC6ADEE346DCC38

  174. JACK FORD says:

    I have a T-Mobile N910T and successfully flashed I’ve been reading the discussion here re M4 and M5 and also the XDA page linked sbove. But I don’t understand the difference between M4 and M5, whether M5 is compatible with my N910T, and the flashing steps. Can someone explain before I throw caution to the winds?

    • Tom D Baker says:

      Yes the M5 is compatible with the N910T, With M4 I would get strange reboots while dl from the store along with the fact Hotspot did not work. Some other enhancements is the condensed version for better resolution. There are a list of fixes and enhancements that you can read. As far as updating, Id an in place update(no wipe or reset) from M4 with the M5 rom and the M5 fix. When it came up the SIM card did not work. I then rebooted to recovery and ran the M4 fix and that brought the sim card back than I ran the M5 fix again and everything worked. after the update you will be at the Samsung screen for about 45 minutes and it will eventually load. Make sure you do a full backup before you start. This is a great rom and very stable and perfroms better than the N5 according to Antutu benchmark

      • Jack Ford says:

        Where can I download the M5 fix?

        • Tom D Baker says:

          LOL I posted it up above. its here

          • Jack Ford says:

            Do I need to reflash the modem and/or the kernel? If so, ₫o I flash the ones I previously downloaded for M4?

          • Jack Ford says:

            Also, that fix is an apk and not a flashable zip; is that the correct file? Also, I forgot to ask this. I used kingroot to root the device. Should I re-root using a zip and if so which one if you can point me to it?

          • Elmer says:

            Hi Tom..wanted to say thanks for answering everyone’s questions today. Just to confirm you update from M4 Rom to M5 Rom + the M5 fix on tmboile note 4?

      • JACK FORD says:

        I’m trying to install M5 on my N910T. I have,,, and the N910 M4 and M5 roms. But I can’t find

        Can you help? Is there anything else I need to install the M5 Rom on top of my M4 Rom which doesn’t recognize my T-Mobile SIM card?

  175. Albert says:

    sorry for asking but I just want to make sure the firmare you have i’s dok2.

    or did you Odin a different firmware.

    Thank you

    • Tom D Baker says:

      I am not sure if it is dok2 or not but the subject rom(S7 Based) is the updated version of the one posted in this video(M4) which is (1.40 GB) I used TWRP to install.

  176. Albert says:

    Can you look at settings about phone. Based band. It should tell you if you care what color slacks baseband it is.
    Thank you

  177. Naman Madharia says:

    Finger print scanner not working in note 4 N910 g after installing Dr ketan.. It show to update security policy… What’s should I do?

  178. Yiannis says:

    Can I install this to my n910f on 6.0.1

  179. Jack Ford says:

    I can’t figure out where to download from. I went to dr ketan’s web site and it doesn’t seem to be there.

  180. Dque says:

    N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M5_XDA what are the instructions for upgrading to m5

  181. Peter says:

    The wifi tether and screen mirroring with android car stereo wont work. Skype doesn’t work at all. Otherwise a pretty good rom.

  182. pashtet says:

    Hi guys
    I have a problem with s planner. It crush every time when I’m trying to add an appointment. I can open the app but cant add nothing. I like s planner and don’t want to use other apps. Please help. Thanks

  183. Albert says:

    Thank you for answering me but u dowbladed the rim and m5 fix
    tried to install it but it just hung for more than an hour. I thin on its my baseband I think I need to flash a different on using Odin. Can you look at you setting about phone and see the baseband you havE?

  184. JACK FORD says:

    My comments aren’t being posted. Anything wrong?

  185. Jack Ford says:

    I installed M5 and M5 fix + kernel. How can I determine that M5 is definitely installed? And how do I install the other DrKetan goodies? No corresponding app was installed like it was when I installed M4.

  186. JACK FORD says:

    How do we implement compression and the other M5 options? No app was installed which handles this.

    • Tom D Baker says:

      Not sure what you mean by compression. Are you talking about condensed mode? There is an app called rom tool n4 under apps. Also I would encourage you to read as the xda page would have answered your last 5 questions.

  187. Albert Lue says:

    I think I have all the files downloaded but I’m not clear on the actual process to try and get them installed. I have the same baseband Tom has and I even did a factory reset. My hotpot and and some parts of sms are still not working . When I check to see if I have the them installed I see M5 on there.
    Sorry for all the emails but I really wanted to get this rom on and fully working.

    Thank you for any information I think Jack and I areally Rom, crazy

  188. Diego Avila says:

    hi, how do i enable notifications on this rom?

  189. Sudin das says:

    I found problems FP lock and hotspot not working please help me sir I begging you

  190. sameer says:

    i wanna donate you.awesome rom

  191. Albert says:

    I still have hot spot I have the money 5 fix romantic and I am not able to get hot spot. I am on the top mobile my phone 910T but the Dr ketan is M5 rom fix.
    Anyone please help…

  192. Albert says:

    I wrote the last post wrong, I have tried the rom m5 but it was stuck on a bootloop, I am able to do M5 data fiz over the old m3 but I still don’t have hot spot.
    Any suggestions

  193. James says:

    How is note 4 audio in snapdragon version. Is n4 better than op3

  194. Fritz says:

    I have the Samsung Logo für 10 Minutes and nothing happened. Note SM-N910F with Rom and Data Fix
    and Bootloader 5.1.1., habe 6.01 FW. What is my mistake?

  195. Albert Lujan says:

    So is your hot spot and message’s working?
    I have T mobile just asking I still cannot get my hit spot to work.

    • Daniel says:

      Yes my hotspot and message’s both work fine im on smn910T version of tmobile if anyone has the same version my steps were install dr k m5 rom then i applied the m4 fix above then rebooted that fixed my no sim card then flashed the m5 fix works great.

  196. Albert Lujan says:

    Ok i see i have M5 and M5 fix, so it did not get stuck on a bootloop?
    I just need to get M4 fix.
    Thank you

  197. Loren Vidican says:

    This soft has the best design, animation and features, and I like especially because I can minimize all the apps, and it’s 6.0 (I can`t find other 6.0 port rom, just 5.1). But I find few things…not very nice. The phone app, message app, and some times, settings, load too slowly, when they aren`t in recent/open apps (3-5 seconds), and message apps, isn’t from 6.0, is from 5.1, because without theme, the status bar isn’t full transparent, and video app is from 5.0, I think, because it doesn`t support themes, but I like in special Theme Store. Other thing is keyboard, is stock kb from N4, I want S7, or S6/N5 kb from 6.0, but I find just a S6 keyboad from 5.0, and I like Condensed Scaling, and it doesn`t sopport and look like www108. zippyshare. com/v/MZpceSN7/file. html With standard scaling look normal, same at camera, with standard look good, but isn`t very big problems. Anyway camera app is stock from N4, I want S7 Camera App, but I don`t find. Now, I don`t need a custom battery and clock in status bar, the battery can be select Stock version, but at clock, I need select a color, I set white, look good, but in Browser or theme store, the icons, percentage battery,.. change in gray/black, but the clock stay white on white 😐 Fortunately, I solved this with GravityBox from Xposed. With the same app I solve double tap home button for open camera, many others, and exist an option, Slide StatusBar for Brightness, but unfortunately it not work. I don`t care particularly that night clock, always on display, and others don`t work, but I don`t like because fingerprint don`t work, on Kyubi Note5/S7 Port, this work and it`s very fast, but Kyubi port is 5.1 with 6.0 design. And finaly, I really hate when I restart the phone, the phone doesn`t start, I have to keep the battery removed one minute, and after, most often vibrate, and enter downloading mode and write “can`t do a normal boot”, and I need to continue keep the battery removed, and after a time, it finally starts. I don`t understand, I need to unlock bootloader? Or something, I don`t know..
    Sorry for my novel, but these are all the things I have to say about this software.

  198. Luciano says:

    Max! My note 4 boots, but it reestart itself randomly, what can i do? please! (it happens not just in this rom but in any 6.0 marshmallow rom, iven stock) help please! (it works perfectly using the 4.4 kitkat rom )

  199. Khalaf says:

    Is this rom now available for SM-N910C desperately waiting for it. My firmware is really giving some bad issues i really want to switch ASAP

  200. Albert says:

    Luciano, so are you using the dok2 firmware? It’s really important that is right. I had to try so may ways to get the rom to work with my t mobile 910T. Start there and for me what Daniel posted was perfect for me.

    • Luciano says:

      please can you explain what dok2 firmware is? and what he do was basically install lollipop stock and then Dr Kettan rom? how do you solve it ?
      Thanks for your reply!

  201. Diego Avila says:

    How can i fix my drk error?

  202. matan hugo alon says:

    I have SM-N910F updated to Android 6.0.1 and ROOT. Now I am trying to install TWRP FLASHIFY through the app. And turns off the power to enter TWRP and get to the screen of the Download via ODIN. What should I do?

  203. jwalter says:

    Hi! I’ve installed it on N910G, it was susccessful, however, settings won’t work. Please advise. TIA!

  204. AMMAR says:

    hello! admin i hv N910c marshmallow version? can i install DR. ketan ROM?

  205. Albert says:

    Finally got everything to work, just don’t how to DL usUSnglish and other languages as it will not actually start on the input and settings. I click on the language but nothing happens.
    Help please

  206. Jack Ford says:

    The edge slider is too small IMO. Anyway to adjust it?

  207. albert says:

    It’s the firmware your phones need to run the romantic. If you go to your settings about phone it should have the baseband that your phone has. If it does not end with DOK2 you have to use opinion, to flash it onto your phone. There are videos that Max has on this. Once you have that firmware then look at Daniels post on install M5 romantic, then M4 fix, then reboot. It could like five timeso of M5 fix to work for me so don’t give up. After it boots up M5 fix why I don’t know but it worked for my T mobile phone.

  208. Albert says:

    Not romantic but RoM.

    • Luciano says:

      thanks for your reply! i will try it and then tell how it was

    • Luciano says:

      Hi! i try many bootloaders and modems, but the onl one that looks it works was nk4 that is just compatible with 4.4 kitkat :c Which one is compatible with nk4? PLease help!

  209. JACK FORD says:

    Is someone smart enough for this? I use the Google News and Weather widget on all my devices. It won’t update on this Rom, but it updates fine on my Nexus 7 2013. The error message is “can’t copy custom sections…”

  210. Daniel says:

    Can you turn off USB setting or manage them every time I connect to my laptop I get a permission choice allow or deny it’s nothing big but I’d really like to shut it off.

  211. Jwalter says:

    Hello! I was able to install it properly, SM-N910G, but I keep getting error message “Unfortunately, settings has stopped.” Please help. TIA

  212. Albert says:

    Try to factory reset.

    • Jwalter says:

      Hi Albert! Thanks, settings is now working. But fingerprints isn’t. “An error occured with the fingerprint sensor. If this message appears repeatedly, restart your device.” I’ve already cleared the cache and data of the fingerprints and did a couple of restarts, still getting the same error. Please advise. TIA

  213. Kchan says:

    Hotspot doesnt work is there a away to fix

  214. Drew21 says:

    Can I install the lastest version of this rom the M5 on the note 4 910T? I got the M3 to work but i would like to use the lastest version.

  215. Albert says:

    Don you have the m 5 fix? What version do you have of the Dr Keaton?

  216. Yiannis says:

    Can I install the Dr ketan M5 ROM on a Galaxy Note n910 f with marshmallow 6.0.1

  217. Shadisami says:

    Hey.. how are you all
    I installed the s7 rom on my SM-N910H phone and flashed it but there are so many problems such as always on display and fingerprints doesn’t work and touch wizard is forcing stop and universal switch can I fix it
    Someone help me please

  218. Shadisami says:

    Hey everyone how are you all
    I installed the s7 rom on my SM-N910H phone and flashed it but there are so many problems such as always on display and fingerprints doesn’t work and touch wizard is forcing stop and universal switch can I fix it
    Someone help me please

  219. FRITZ says:

    The don’t work (don’t start)


    anybody an Idea?

    • Kobra696 says:

      You need to update the email app. There is a fix. Go to ROM Tools N4 –> Update and bug fix and then look for the email app fix.

  220. Albert says:

    If you want to install Dr. Ketan rom, you need a different firmware. You need at least the N910TUVU2DOK2.
    Then your M5 Rom with the M4 fix then M5 fix t5hey have the bootloader and everything else you Need.

  221. Marco says:

    Can I install it on the SM-N910H

  222. Ashoka.v says:

    Are you planed about sm 910c model..dr.ketan rom works on sm 910c or note please reply me …

  223. Martin J Goldstein says:

    Max, I flashed the Stock Marshmallow Rom for my T-mobile N910T, (N910TUVU2EPE3_N910TTMB2EPE3_N910TUVU2EPE3_HOME.tar.md5), did a factory reset, then flashed N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M5_XDA. I have no data and no ability to input the correct APN settings (settings not available for this user). I tried keeping the wifi turned on while I rebooted, but the settings limitation on APN remains.
    There doesn’t seem to be a “data fix” zip for the M5 version, as there was for the M4.
    Have you been able to get the M5 DrKetan Rom to work on Note 4 with data? Any suggestions?

    • Daniel says:

      Martin J so you have tmobile version N910T first thing your gonna do is install Dr Kingdom Rom M5 Then you need to go to Download Data/Call Fix for SM-N910T/N910W8/N910P on next page download M_3zip flash that then reboot your WiFi now works then go back to TWRP and flash the new M5 fix that’s it everything works fine after that.

      • Martin J says:

        When I install DrKetan M5 rom, and data fix for M3, the phone will not boot. Also, what is the name of, and the location of the “new M5 fix”… not sure what you’re referencing there?

  224. Kobra696 says:

    Does anyone have issue with S Planner? Mine crashes every time I want to schedule an event on my calendar.

  225. jorgeduarte says:

    how long it takes to boot after installation?

  226. Horse duarte says:

    Finger print scanner is broken, please help.
    Running on to bike note 4, followed all instructions and applied both kernel and data fix.

  227. Andis says:

    Hi Zedomax I have turned my note 4 in s7 edge ironman edition with Dr ketans s7 edge port romantic. My only issue is that I can’t download any other input languages. Could you help me out with this one? Thanks

  228. Jorge Duarte says:

    Bluetooth wont connect,turns on but not able to connect. Help. TIA

  229. Redeye Dog says:

    M4 didn’t work on 910T. The essential fix would not apply. The fix would hang. Also, my sim card would not properly read data. So I found m5 on Dr. Ketan website and also the m5 fix for 910T variant. In recovery, did the recommended factory reset, then flashed the two. I noticed that now, the warranty bit:kernel was showing during boot but it boots nrmally otherwise.

    So essential fix launches and this time asks for SU and after grant, it completes with message indicating “patch successful.” Unforunately, I am not getting any service so my sim card is not being recognized at all. At the moment, to the extent I could see, everything else was looking good but I cannot keep a rom which doesn’t allow service.

    Does anyone know any fix for getting the sim card recognized using the m5 after m5 fix for the 910T variant? On another note, I tried to donate to Dr. Ketan but Paypal says they will not send money to India. Can’t find any other way of donating. If anyone knows an alternate account for him, please let me know.. He has done a lot of work and deserves some compensation.

  230. Albert Lujan says:

    Redeye, There is a post about two weeks ago, do the M4 rom then m5 reboot then do the m4 fix then m5 fix.
    For me it took a few time like 3 or 4 time of the m5 to make it work, hotspot and wifi.

    • Redeye Dog says:

      I tried it several times. Let me get that straight because there was no change. install roms, reboot (straight back into recovery?) or reboot and complete setup? I rebooted straight into recovery. I still am getting the warranty bit set: kernel. Cannot receive or make calls and the phone does not recognize my service.

  231. Jorge Duarte says:

    Redeye dog, I also have the tmobile 910 and I followed the instructions above and only encounter the fingerprint scanner not working and my bluetooth wasn’t connecting, cleanned cche and dalvic and fixed my issue with the bluetooth but scanner not working yet. I didnt do anything with the m5, i was running another rom which was with edge and it was a 5.1 marshmellow.
    I say start clean and do follow the above instructions. Good luck

    • Redeye Dog says:

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. When you say start clean, you mean factory reset in TWRP? The above instructions, you mean those from Albert Lujan?

  232. Albert says:

    What I did was installed M4 and m5 reboot applied fix from rom tool box. Then you should have Sim working if not I went back to recovery flashed M4 and M5 fix. Reboot and applied fix from tool box . If nothing then reset factory then once your set up see if it’s working. If not to M5 fix again.

  233. Albert says:

    I’m sorry to read this. I have to ask what baseband ate you on? I have the T mobile 910T but now that M5 has taken its regester as a ‘s 7 due to the rom. I do get the set warranty as well every time I boot reboot or just restart.
    So are you getting once you flash the rims?

  234. Jorge Duarte says:

    910tuvu2dok2 thats my baseband

  235. Jorge Duarte says:

    I was on 5.1 marshmellow rom tecknux rom I think that was the name.
    Install a stock rom and start again with the precedure of zedomax

  236. Jorge Duarte says:

    Tekxodus hybrid rom, thats the rom i was running prior to installing this rom. Good luck

  237. Albert says:

    Do you have dok2 as a baseband?

  238. Albert says:

    I’m not sure but that may part of the issue. The baseband is very important as the roms need to be compatible with each other.

    • Redeye Dog says:

      I’m going to flash stock rom. Start all over. Perhaps I did something wrong.

      • Redeye Dog says:

        Hmmm. Would anyone happen to know (have a link) to the SM-910T Stock firmware .tar or .md5? Why are the firmwares on this site .zip when odin does not recognize zip? Max has the stock firmware pointing to another .zip file. I thought you needed to use odin?

        • Redeye Dog says:

          OK. So I unzipped the .zip and the .md5 is there. Followed Max’s instruction to unroot/install stock firmware. Here is what I get..

          Enter CS for MD5..
          Check MD5.. Do not unplug the cable..
          Please wait..
          N910TUVU1COD6_N910TTMB1COD6_N910TUVU1COD6_HOME.tar.md5 is valid.
          Checking MD5 finished Sucessfully..
          Leave CS..
          Odin engine v(ID:3.1005)..
          File analysis..
          Get PIT for mapping..
          Firmware update start..
          NAND Write Start!!
          FAIL! (Auth)

          Complete(Write) operation failed.
          All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

          What am I doing wrong?

  239. Albert says:

    Try to look on note 4 galaxy or on xda.

  240. Martin J says:

    In case this helps someone…
    Before trying to run DrKetan M5 Rom for N910T I installed TMB-N910TUVU2EPE3-20160627103601 stock MM marshmallow rom. From that point on I never was able to load the DrKetan Rom. Finally I used Odin to flash Samsung DOK2 Lollipop Bootloader, which did allow DrKetan MM M5 Rom to load and run.
    From TWRP I flashed N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M5_XDA, then, then Kernal H vitamin Fix for M5, (which I believe installed SuperUser when I flashed it, so I did’t flash SU again). This process above worked (after about 15 minutes watching the Samsung logo pulsing and the blue led light pulsing).

  241. Jorge Duarte says:

    I was running baseband dok2 with marshmellow and installed it max way, only issue im having is finger print, pretty sad max doesnt really support any of the crap he puts up, doesnt really go in detail about what baseband and what crap is broken on the rom and or how to fix it, very disappointing, good thing we help each other and hopefully we all get it figured out.

  242. Kris says:

    i have the SM-N910C Note4, will this work on it ?? (european model)

  243. Tobi says:

    Hi, i succeeded in changing my note 4 to s7 edge.Though when i installed the three files,i rebooted the phone and it hanged when it got to the samsung logo.I later installed the bootloader with no success.However,i installed those files gain,commanding the phone in the name of Jesus to reboot and it did.The phone at that time could not identify my password so i did as factory reset,now my phone is fine.Thank you very much and hoping to hear from you concerning the fingerprint and always on display.God bless u

  244. serene says:

    i don understand. so to install edge on note 4. i have to make a backup ROM first, then follow yr guide on How to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow ROM with TWRP! and den dr keaton ROM?

    • Martin J says:

      I had no luck getting past the Samsung Logo, until I used Odin on my PC to flash DOK2 lollipop (NOT marshmallow) bootloader onto my N910T T-mobile Note 4. Then I followed Daniel’s advice in the comments above (to me), allowing phone to boot once, then going BACK into TWRP and flashing the . Seems to be working well.

  245. Mohit Kohli says:


    I tried to flash the ROM on my Canadian Note 4 N910W8 and followed all the steps mentioned above (Installed TWRP recovery. Installed ROM->Data/Call Fix->H Vitamin Kernel). During the first boot it started configuring the apps and then rebooting. After that it got stuck at the Samsung Logo screen for more than an hour. I tried 2 – 3 times by re-installing the ROM but every time, it gets stuck at the Samsung Logo screen. Could anybody please help?

    Thank you!


    • Inghi says:

      mohit I had the same issue try installing after downgrading to lolipop

      • Mohit Kohli says:

        Thanks Inghi, I was able to install the ROM and make it work. But still I am not able to make the data work. Is there any resolution for that too?

  246. Redeye Dog says:

    Well, after trying every possible combination and every suggestion here and on XDA, I have not been able to get my sim card recognized for regular service. ROM looks nice but I have come to the end of my rope. Now that I am stuck with a rooted phone, the stock firmware will not go back into it using Max’s instructions, FAIL, FAIL. I suppose I’ll just wait for Dr. Ketan to make M6 and hope that it works for the 910T TMobile variant. I guess it works for some people, others not so much. Thanks for the assistance here from others.

    • Martin J says:

      Did You try changing the bootloader (using Odin) to DOK2 ? When I did, it finally loaded past the pulsing Samsung logo. After about 10 minutes time.

      • Redeye Dog says:

        I did not try the DOK2 bootloader but I did my a backup of my original bootloader but it would not go past the pulsing Samsung logo for an hour so I gave up. Where can I find this DOK2 bootloader which you used?

      • Redeye Dog says:

        Thanks for the suggestion to try DOK2 using Odin, but it was your comment about waiting for the pulsing Samsung logo taking 10 minutes which led to a question I had to answer. What is taking so long. These are fast processors!

        So I got to thinking what my problem is, no service=sim card. I thought, the sim card must be the hold up, while it attempts to communicate, authenticate, etc., etc. What happens if I take the sim card out?

        What happens is it warns me that there is no sim card and asks if I want to continue. Yes. The rom installs, reboot, no wait and the essential fix launches and finishes, ALL without the sim loaded.

        So I power off, remove the battery and put in my sim card and sdcard, power up and preliminary testing shows I have service. But are they going to kill it, I don’t know. Right now, for the first time, I am calling and getting calls.

        It can’t end there because this install, I used the n910g with the m3 data fix suggested earlier. This rom is not as full featured as the m5 n910T, so I will be testing this method to install m5 rom without sim card to see if that somehow solves my issue with m5 no service.

  247. Jorge Duarte says:

    Sorry to hear that redeye dog

  248. Jorge Duarte says:

    Serene, the back up is for your protection in case you get stuck or get bricked.
    Depending on what baseband youre one is going to determine what you have to do. I was on marshmellow 5.1 baseband ending on dok2 with tehnux hybrid note 4 rom

  249. Kris says:

    sorry for my question, i read it…..not possible on my version NOTE4 910C ….. maybe later. Oh en the Marshmallow OTA update …..did great to my system and battery lifetime. I can now use my Note4 with marshmallow for 60 hrs ! ! then it needs to be reloaded…..

  250. Kris says:

    sorry for my question, i read it…..not possible on my version NOTE4 910C ….. maybe later. Oh en the Marshmallow OTA update …..did great to my system and battery lifetime. I can now use my Note4 with marshmallow for 60 hrs ! ! then it needs to be refulled

  251. Ivan says:

    One Question: does the gps and every hardware of the phone works well on sm-n910w8?

  252. Albert says:

    I can not answer that except for the fact thathat I have a T mobile 910T so now I’m a S7. On mine everything does work. I don’t use the finger print scanner but I say yes.

  253. Jorge Duarte says:

    I have a tmobile note 4 and the finger print does not work,but is not a major draw back

  254. Albert says:

    I found it on Max Website I think that you are stuck and you may need the bootloader. What I recommend is true again but no more than 20 minutes. If nothing make sure you are wiping it good before you try again . It took me over a month to get it right. So if you really want it don’t give up. You can also find it in xda just seach for it. You can also do the files and factory reset after it boots.

    The best to you..

  255. Giuliano says:

    Hey I was wonder if I could get xposed working on this thank you let me know 🙂

  256. Albert says:

    I am glad to read this. I was on M3 and went to M4. It too then without a reboot I went to M5 factory after install. Then I rebooted did the install M4 fix went back to twrp and flashed M5. The only other thing that you mentioned that you did I did start fresh with different files. Sometimes they are corrupt and we just don’t know. So I grabbed them from the Dr Keaton site but I used the M5 files
    What was funny to me the M3 needed the vitamin M4 needed it. But M5 had it in the M5 fix files. ..
    At the end my note had hot spot and that was the biggest issue for me. Great to know your using it lol as I went on advancing I made a backup just encased I did something to messed it up. I want to say great reasoning on your part.

  257. nav says:

    Hello Sir ,i have note 4 in Canada on Fido, it is working only on roaming 4g not lte. plz fix it .thanks

  258. Redeye Dog says:

    After getting the m5 to work, I had service but as time passed, I discovered issues which made this rom “not ready” for use, IMHO. Here is a list of thngs I encountered, other may not:
    1. Service carrier was not properly identified so calls (incoming/outgoing) were spotty. Some time it worked, sometimes it didn’t
    2. Use of Android Beam causes Settings to crash.
    3. Tap & Pay causes Settings to crash.
    4. Fingerprint doesn’t work.
    5. Set Warranty Bit:Kernel on screen during boot.
    6. S Pen hangs when accessed from lockscreen.
    7. General bugs, ie., phone would go into download mode for no apparent reason, random reboots, system lockups, unstable performance.

    On a better note, I searched around on XDA and found a stock Marshmallow rom. The one which Max had linked would crash in odin. Anyway, I used odin to flash DOK2 bootloader, DOK2 modem file and then the stock Marshmallow rom. It went into recovery mode on reboot so I powered down, removed the battery and launched. This time it booted normally into setup. Warranty Bit: Kernel gone. It appears I am using stock marshmallow in touchwiz. Peformance is good. The 1 annoyance is not having a button to turn on/off DATA in the notification window. Otherwise, I’m happy to have my phone back with an upgrade.

    This was a valiant effort by Dr. Ketan, and it appears to be working for some people. I will have to wait for m6 before I give it another go.. Thanks to all..

  259. Albert says:

    Sorry but good deal for the better rom for you.

  260. Tee says:

    My power menu doesn’t look like the S7. Its just some jumbled icons on a white background. Looks nothing like Max phone looks when he powers it off. Is there any way to fix this?

  261. jimi_horta says:

    hello guys… (sorry my english). i need your help. i have 910f and i install the N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M4_XDA and M4_Fix_N910F_HVit_kernel via cwm recovery after clean wipes and i am in 30 minutes waiting on samsung logo with a little vibration. i have read all the comments but i didn’t understand. can anyone tell me the steps to install correct the rom? thanks!

  262. jimi_horta says:

    hello guys… (sorry my english). i need your help. i have 910f and i install the N910_MM_DrKetan_ROM_M4_XDA and M4_Fix_N910F_HVit_kernel via cwm recovery after clean wipes and i am in 30 minutes waiting on samsung logo with a little vibration every 10sec. i have read all the comments but i didn’t understand. can anyone tell me the steps to install correct the rom? thanks!

  263. Smith says:

    this awesome. i have SM-N910H do you have one for my model?

  264. john says:

    Has anyone figured out how to get xposed running? I’ve tried some guides (wanams) but the arm64 flash fails with the “error 1” and when I try the arm it just get’s stuck on a boot loop.

  265. Jack Ford says:

    I have M5 installed on my N910T and everything works well except I can’t download multimedia attachments to SMS. I click download and it just spins and times out.
    Any ideas?

    • Sam says:

      I get to the step of installing the rom however when I installed data fix the phone gets stuck in the booting on my n910T May someone please make a video and explain clearly with instructions

  266. Mass says:

    id anyone else having problems with whatsapp not saving custom ring notifications?

  267. Mass says:

    is anyone else having problems with whatsapp not saving custom ring notifications?

  268. Mass says:

    Also. Is there a way to get the 4GLTE to show?

  269. Gary Yun says:

    Hi Max, Pls study & show us how install Xposed Frame onto this DrKetan M5 ROM. Many THANKS!

  270. Shan Dhanuka Kaluarachchi says:

    Can it be installed on SM-N910H? Or is there any other way to do it?

  271. haris says:

    after install on n910f my phone is stuck on samsung logo what should i do???

  272. Brent Buckley says:

    Does anyone have the m4 zip file? The link is no good

  273. john says:

    Anyone find a fix for the email crashing? I rather not use another app

  274. Brian says:

    Max, its possible to install on my N910L note 4?
    its officialy updated on marshmallow 6.0.1 ?

  275. PARATO says:


  276. emran ali says:

    i have note 4 sm-n910g after installing s7 edge rom there is not work hotspot and fingerprint how to fix it..?????????
    plz help me out of this..

  277. Bj says:

    Hey max, will it work in note 4 sm910u..

  278. Jack Ford says:

    It seems wifi calling not only doesn’t work for my N910T but there also doesn’t seem to be a setting to turn it on. Can someone help?

    • Jack Ford says:

      Can someone please help me with wi-fi calling?

      • Tee says:

        Wifi calling doesn’t work

        • Jack Ford says:

          Thanks, I wish I had known that before I installed the Rom. I work at home, have a T-Mobile Personal Cell Spot, which I need because my cell connectivity is horrible. So, I need Wifi calling. What do you suggest if I have to install a different Rom? I did have CM 12.1, I think, before I installed Dr.Ketan’s Rom and it had Wifi calling. I don’t think CM 13 has been released yet.

          • Tee says:

            I feel you I have no service in my home without wifi calling either. Only other rom I know that does have wifi calling is the Rapture rom (nothing exciting about it), but I would stay with CM12.1 or go back to stock

          • Tee says:

            I feel you I have no service in my home without wifi calling either. Only other rom I know that does have wifi calling is the Rapture rom (nothing exciting about it), but I would go back with CM12.1 or go back to stock

  279. masud khan says:

    how Can i install on note 4 Edge N915f

  280. Filip says:

    nice thanks for broken links..

  281. Mr. Deeds says:

    Has anyone installed this rom in a Canadian Note 4 running 6.0.1?? I rooted my phone running marshmallow. Thanks in advance

  282. Linkaan says:

    Anyone else having problem with Youtube after doing this ROM? Image freezes but the video and sound continues?

  283. Manan says:

    can i install in 910A ?

  284. xavier says:

    I am trying to restore my backup from the original note 4 rom and d it gets stuck on T-mobile logo. also it wont let me check the oem unlock box

  285. levis 501 says:

    max can i installed it to my note 4 hongkong version…pls let me know pls asap

  286. javier gomez says:

    Please tell me how to go back to stock. This rom is awesome but i like wi-fi calling and video calling. Can’t do either of them with this rom

  287. javier says:

    I did. But, everytime i try to restore, It gets stuck on T-mobile logo. It vibrates about every 5 seconds like it is trying to boot up but nothing happens.

  288. javier says:

    Did that. Won’t work. Oem box wont check. Thus Odin fails. 🙁

  289. javier gomez says:

    Had developer mode on, unknown sources, oem unlock and yes backed up system, data and boot.

    • Tee says:

      Don’t understand why your backup didn’t restore. But during the restore my phone stayed on that tmobile logo for a very long time. I pulled the battery after awhile and finally got it to come back on.

  290. Gines says:

    Hi sorry if this was already asked, but I read almost every comment and can´t find the answer. I have N910T, already installed M4 rom, along with data fix and vitamin kernel, but can´t make to work data. Everything seems to work fine, with some minor bugs, but the biggest thing is that data doesn´t work. The essential fix has been installed, but still no data. Please help

    • Gines says:

      Already solved this. Added APN settings.

      • DMS says:

        Hi Gines, my phone is a rooted Canadian (Bell) Note 4 SM-N910W8; android 5.1.1 N910W8VLU1BOC4 (CM12.1 nightly). I have tried various Dr. Ketan ROMs and was able to actually install various versions M2, M4, M5 but always ending up with no data; SIM not detected or message telling me to install the SIM. If you can please walk me through what you did to solve the no data issue I would really appreciate it – thanks!

      • DMS says:

        Hi Gines, my phone is a rooted Canadian (Bell) Note 4 SM-N910W8; android 5.1.1 N910W8VLU1BOC4 (CM12.1 nightly). I was able to actually install various versions M2, M4, M5 but always ending up with no data; SIM not detected or message telling me to install the SIM. If you can please walk me through what you did to solve the no data issue I would really appreciate it – thanks!

      • DMS says:

        Hi Gines, my phone is a rooted Note 4 SM-N910W8; android 5.1.1 N910W8VLU1BOC4 (CM12.1 nightly). I was able to install various versions M2, M4, M5 but with no data; says SIM not detected or message telling me to install the SIM. If you can please walk me through what you did to solve the no data issue I would really appreciate it – thanks!

      • DMS says:

        Sorry for the duplicate posts….newbie!!!

        • Gines says:

          Newbie here too. My phone is a T-mobile N910T, installed M4 with DataFix MM3 and H-Vitamin Kernel, but still got the no data issue. I´m using the phone in México, my carrier is TELCEL, so I google “TELCEL APN Settings”, found the right ones (no big issue) and added the APN as follows: – Settings – Mobile Network – Access Points Names – Add. Then added the required info. (Sorry if the names of the options ain´t accurate but my phone is in spanish =) Hope it works for you.

          • Redeye Dog says:

            I tried the setting the APN for Ultra Mobile on my N910T, but none of the settings worked for me. I wish there were a work around, because I love this ROM but no DATA=no ROM.

          • DMS says:

            Thanks for the fast reply Gines…when I try to add the APN as you suggested, because my phone doesn’t detect a SIM, the Settings – Mobile Network -Access Point Names isn’t available, just grayed out and can’t open that setting. Any other suggestions?

          • Gines says:

            I’m sorry DMS, I have no other option, since I guess it’s not the same issue. My phone detected the SIM, and I had service, just no data.

          • DMS says:

            Thanks for offering whatever help you could Gines, I appreciate it. I think it’s as Redeye Dog posted earlier, “…this was a valiant effort by Dr. Ketan, and it appears to be working for some people. I will have to wait for m6 before I give it another go.. Thanks to all.”

  291. Emma says:

    Pls sir…. can u make this rom available for sm n9100 Note 4 dual sim?

  292. javier gomez says:

    Thanks for your help. Great work Maxx

  293. Isidore says:

    Does it work for sm910h

  294. Priscilla says:

    A few questions-

    1. Do I have to download a custom Marshmallow ROM if I already have stock Marshmallow 6.0.1 on my phone?

    2. When I tried to install the Dr.Ketan ROM (provided on this webpage) I get the following message:

    no MD5 file found

    Zip file is corrupt!
    Error installing zip file ‘/external_sd/’

    Any Ideas? I am currently on SM- N910T & VERY new to the rooting thing so I’m not sure if I’m missing something here.. I am going thru TWRP if that’s at all relevant.

  295. Norbi says:

    Can i install this rom on Note Edge sm-n915f/fy?

  296. Norbi says:

    Can i install this rom on Note Edge SM-N915F/FY?

  297. Norbi says:

    Note Edge SM-N915FY?

  298. Nana says:

    all download links seems to be broken
    tried severally and it leads to Dev-Host but file not found message always
    any help?

  299. zakaria says:

    plz i have a note 4 n910a what dose it work for it ?

    • Kashif says:

      Even i want an answer to this question infact i want to know if i can get rid of the at&t firmware on my note 4 [SM-N910A] becuase it gives alot of apps that i cant use or dont want to use and it also does not allow me to activate call waiting here in Pakistan and i really need call waiting.

      Pls tell me all my options if o can convert it to note 5 firmware or s7 or s7 edge or even s6.

      Have tried many blogs with no response hope ill get the answer from u.

  300. Tom D Baker says:

    M6 is working great on t mobile. Also xposed is working.

    • Gary Yun says:

      What is the Xposed Frame version you are using with M6? How did you install the Xposed frame in your ph?

      • Tom D Baker says:

        Xposed framework version 85.1-alt custom build by wanam Flashed via twrp

        • Gary Yun says:

          My ph is SM-N910G & I flashed “Xposed-v86.0-alt-sdk23-arm custom build by” via TWRP. It works & now in the process of fine tuning. Thank you very much for sharing such valuable information. Many thks!

          • Gary Yun says:

            After I installed GravityBox(MM), it repeatedly shows system UI has stopped. I need to restore backup & do study again!

          • Tom D Baker says:

            I had issues with 86 reboot loop try 85.1alt no issues

          • Gary Yun says:

            I tried both 85.1-alt & 86.0-alt are ok working fine with DrKetan M6. However when I install GravityBox(MM) as I like to use NarBar, it is not supported. Too BAD!

          • Gary Yun says:

            For Xposed-85.1-alt-arm with GravityBox(MM), I can just do uninstall after activation(no system crash). But Xposed-86.0-alt-arm with GravityBox(MM) will make system crashed & need to do system restore!

          • Gary Yun says:

            Do you have any apps recommended in Xposed Frame?
            I am using 4 apps in Xposed Frame
            1. EnableCallRecording
            2. One++ Calculator
            3. Secure Settings
            4. Xposed-DataUsage
            GravityBox is good but no support at the moment!

  301. mike sadi says:

    Hello. Will this work on my phone? I have n910p but it was converted to n910f.

  302. Ajit says:

    Hey max my fingerprint does not seem to work after installing the rom. Please help. (N910g)

  303. Cheza says:

    hi i have Note 4 SM-N910F… and i dont know its Sprint or Verizon..
    well still i tries ur mattered but failed..
    plz help. tkx

  304. Cheza Hamona says:

    Hi I need help. Well i have note 4 SM-N910F
    I dont know if it is Sprint/Verizon or not..
    I need help with that.
    PLz help.

  305. irfat says:

    Hi I need help. Well i have note 4 SM-N910F
    I dont know if it is Sprint/Verizon or not..

    PLz help.

  306. Christian Bianchi says:

    The ROM tools N4 says it needs to update, but it is taking a very long time, is there a fix for this?

  307. shah says:

    hi can i install in Samsung note 4 SM-N910U

  308. Jonathan says:

    Im gonna try again…Does anyone know how to kame the gear vr work with this rom??anyone?am I the only person that likes the gear vr ?the left side its glitchy when i connect it ,anyone else having this problem? Zedomax?anyone??Please help!!

  309. JAMES says:

    Jonathan,Mine is doing the same thing in the gear VR.I can’t find any help anywhere.

  310. JAMES says:

    BTW my note 4 is a tmobile.

  311. Varun says:

    Does this work on my note 4 sm-N910P

  312. Matti says:

    Man this looks awesome! I can’t find a way to root my Note 4 (its running 6.0.1) so I can’t get to the steps before this page! Any advice on how to root?

  313. JAMES says:

    Jonathan and to anyone else that is having issues with the Gear vr.. I figured it out by accident up something like rom toolbox and go to root browser,then the system folder and look for a file named “build.prop”.open that up and edit the line
    “ro.product.model=SM-N920T” make it “ro.product.model=SM-G935T “.

    If you put in a note 4 code of SM-N910 VR will work but a lot of the games and apps won’t,and if it has a note 5 SM-N920T in there it wont display vr correctly on a note 4,so put a S7’s SM-G935T and not only will vr work but you’ll get all the games and apps working that normally won’t load for a note 4.

    One draw back to this is that youtube will glitch and run like crap,so you’ll probably be editing that file a lot to use vr then back for normal everyday use.


    This goes for any other rom that’s for a note 5 or seems the software displays things in away for the note 5 that the note 4 can’t handle,so when it reads this file and it’s setup for a note 5 it will make things screwy on a note 4.

  314. Darren says:

    Can this work with note edge /note 4 edge?

  315. dixi says:

    hi man. sorry for my english. i have note 4 n910f with zerolemon 10000mah and i search a good rom and kernel with perfect compatibility. and today i turn with emotion 5.1.1 r14 and kernel r23 nightly and is not stable. i need advice of expert. thx for ur channel youtube peace.

  316. mihai says:

    well, i instaled this and WI FI cant start any more. after 20 restarts i installed the MM thing. i thought it will fix the wi fi too. After installing the MM Fix, now it is stuck with samsung logo and does nothing at all … vibrating from minute to minute and after 30 minutes of waiting i plugged up the battery. restarts and same thing .. samsung logo and thats all

  317. jael says:

    where do we get the rom tool n4?

  318. Bob McIntyre says:

    Hey, Max…Love the site and the videos, but I notice that you have trouble keeping all the info updated. I don’t know why? Things change so slowly; you should be able to keep up… 😉

    This thread is some 4 months old at this point. Dr. Ketan has gone through several new versions, and links to your site are broken. (Yes, I DO understand that you cannot keep track of all the changes!)

    Many of the questions are somewhat repetitive, but after time and changing versions, there does not seem to be ONE place to find the definitive statement of how to install this ROM. It seems everyone has an opinion…

    Could you please update your initial article? Or at least post the definitive steps here? I’m on a SM-N910T and am totally confused. I also don’t have time to go through the entire evolution of the species… Tnx

  319. Ish says:

    I need help I wanna go back to my stock ram

  320. derrick phengthirath says:

    Hello, I could love this rom, except my setting wont open ,
    I’m using this rom on tmobile note 4

    Help , how to fix settings , won’t open

  321. Vivek says:

    Not able to set ringtones….
    How to fix tat…?

  322. Kamran says:

    Sir Can it works on N915G i means on note edge?
    If not then plz any best custom rom for note edge?

  323. Calin says:

    Hi, the fingerprint don’t work anymore!

  324. Ed says:

    Can i install on note 4 N910T?

  325. DANIELS says:

    Please I will deeply appreciate if you guys can come up with a marshmallow update or a port to S7 for Galaxy Note 4 Duos SM-N9100 Hong Kong International version. We users seems to be left out of all the goodies. Thanks a little in anticipation.

  326. Adi says:

    Hey! I have note4 SM-N910F
    I want to know: after root if I want can restore the factory settings ? Android 6.0?

  327. Usmm says:

    This rom work on note 4 duo SM-N9100 Please tell any one can try or not on Note 4 duos SM-N9100

  328. zoheir says:

    help me note 4 sm-n910a

  329. Sumit says:

    Can instal it in sm n910L

  330. adil says:

    Apply this phone

  331. shirshah says:

    why *#0*# and some other codes not working in this?

  332. Hang chamnan says:

    My phone is note 4 but Korean version do you have rom for Korean

  333. Shariq says:

    Can we install this ROM on SM-N910C ?

  334. Shariq says:

    Can I install this ROM on N910C?

  335. shijith says:

    Can anyone provide a step by step instructions in order to flash and install ROM for note4

  336. Jon says:

    Will this work for note 4 N9100?

  337. Tommy Chanasty says:

    Can you get this to work on sm-910P?

  338. Tommy Chanasty says:

    The install on the SM-910P was a success to a point. But I lost my phone number, ect…everything else work fine. Just can’t call out or send message. You need a challenge! Do one for this model!

  339. Arjun Aranas says:

    question please. Will this ROM bring WIFI-Calling to our Note4?

  340. nischal dhakal says:

    is this rom can be used on korean model N916-k ?

  341. Simon Bondar says:

    Max , Can this Rom be used on Sprint Note 4 Edge since this is a Note 4 rom I was not sure if it would work on the phone let me know because I cannot find the roms for the note 4 edge

  342. Dr.Asprin says:

    this rom work on note 4 verizon ?

  343. Florin says:

    I can’t download anything from here. I’ve tried in Chrome and Opera (with or without VPN on). I get an error from all links.

  344. Sameer says:

    Can i install it on NOTE4 SM-N901W8 ??

  345. DanielX says:

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  346. sujan says:

    i have n910g .where should i click for download . i only see ad by google only. help my new in installing custom rom

  347. dipen says:

    Does it work for N910A

  348. Zaiqun says:

    Hello..sorry…may i ask u about galaxy note 4..
    Its work for SM-N910C?

  349. 86Efren says:

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  350. dojroo says:

    Hey Max, very nice rom !!! fingerprint work or notwork ?

  351. Peter Yoo says:

    please help me…where could I download the DrKetan S7 Edge M4 Rom?
    I can not get it…

  352. efren torres says:

    hey max i got a note4 t-mobile SM-N910T want to trun to s7/note5 but cant fine the rom can u help please thank you.

  353. yasir says:

    was end the all steps but my note 4 9110p is not starting up just stay on Samsung logo plz help

  354. ralph says:

    Is it working on CM-N9100 duo version

  355. Ajay says:

    Hi, can I use the new updates with your data fixes and kernal (version 12). The W8 (Canadian) is not listed on their XDA post anymore on the new versions.

  356. Narayan says:

    Can i install note 4 sm- N910c

  357. Ahmer says:

    Can i install on N910V

  358. Manrique Espinoza says:

    Does it works for SM- N910H NOTE 4?

  359. Ammar says:

    Can’t find the download link ?? For the rom

  360. Ammar says:

    My phone model is SM-N910c will it work on it

  361. mughal says:

    i want to convert n910t to n910f how to do can u send me process
    thanks .

  362. Alperen says:

    my phone Note 4 SM-N910CQ my phone 6.0.1
    plase help me my Skype: Alperen YouTube2017

  363. Ren says:

    I have the N910T and it’s on 6.0.1. I am rooted and I followed these instructions, both versions for my phone, and it still bootloops.

    I can’t install the fix (5.1.1 bootloader) because it doesn’t let you install a previous version of bootloader. I’m stuck with 6.0.1. How do I get this rom to work with my phone?

  364. Simon says:

    Where can I download the romantic?

  365. adhi says:

    My Samsung not 4 am n910g pls send the link to me

  366. ali abbas says:

    It can be work on korian note 4 slk model ??????????

  367. Afaq says:

    Can i use it for note edge

  368. Mengkimtong says:

    My phone is galaxy note 4 sm-n910s( korea). Does my phone can flash rom into galaxy s7 ?

  369. mokhtar says:

    hello , i want to give me lien download

  370. BestRich says:

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  371. CodyF says:

    Hey Max,

    Not sure if you’re still monitoring these posts but I thought i’d take a shot in the dark.

    I used Odin to root my sm910f with CF Root. I then used odin to flash twrp.

    I then downloaded the rom and data fix and saved them to the internal storage. I flashed both files in the order of Rom then Data fix using twrp recovery.

    When my phone reboots, it gets stuck on the samsung logo fading in and out. Is there something else I need to install or do you know a fix for this issue?

    I ran into this same issue previously and flashed stock firmware after arriving at a soft brick.

  372. Theron Orsino says:

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