Android 5.0 Lollipop Stock Firmware for Galaxy Note 4!


One of the first Note 4’s to get the Android 5.0 Lollipop firmware is the Note 4 with SM-N910F model number.  Well, I was able to score one of these models on eBay (finally after buying a fake Note 4) and the first thing I did was install the German Android 5.0 Lollipop stock firmware and root it (rooting Lollipop is same as KitKat).

So, what is really different with Lollipop TouchWiz?

Nothing too much visually but everything is FASTER.  Lollipop in general gives near 10-30% performance improvements on many other Android smartphones I’ve tested in the last few months.  With the Note 4, the performance improvements are as much but it’s enough to notice.  And yes, benchmarks scored much higher also at 50K+ range on Antutu.

For those of you who are not rooted with a SM-N910F model but you haven’t received your Lollipop yet, you can go ahead and flash the German stock firmware with ODIN (same as unrooting process) to get the upgrade now instead of waiting, also does not increase KNOX counter.

For those of you rooted, you can try flashing a ROM version (available on XDA) or just help yourself also then re-root.  I should have lots of more coverage on the SM-N910F model in the upcoming few weeks as I finally got my hands on one but in the meanwhile, knock yourself out if you need go Lollipoppin’!


Download German Android 5.0 Lollipo Stock Firmware for SM-N910F (Also check out Note 4 Stock Firmware page for latest Lollipop firmwares.)

Download ODIN

To install, put your phone into ODIN Download mode, run ODIN, put the stock firwmare in AP box then hit Start!


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22 Responses

  1. Willem Janssen says:

    “To install, put your phone into ODIN Download mode, run ODIN, put the stock firwmare in AP box then hit Start!”

    What’s the AP box? And iss it possible to flash a zip file via ODIN?

    Normal installation through TWRP fails.

    Thanks for your great work!


    • Willem Janssen says:

      Hi Max,

      I already figured it out. Was running an older version of Odin.
      On my note 3 I never unpacked zip files because it was too easy installing them via TWRP.

      Now I unpacked the ZIP-file and followed instructions and everthing seems to work fine.

      Thanks for all your hard work Max.

      You have made me a flashoholic since I got my note 3.

      All the best,


  2. Batman2012 says:

    Will this romantic work on any Qualcomm note 4? I have the n910w8, wondering if it’ll work

  3. irastrouse says:

    will this work on the n910t

  4. Robert New says:

    I have a tmobile note 4 and it keeps failing in odin as well as twrp. what can I do?

  5. deadfront says:

    Im rocking the n910h this time 🙂 waiting on lollipop

  6. Willem Janssen says:

    The ROM works very good. What I can’t seem to find is a working version of Xposed framework. I ussually use the per app settings module to change the DPI of the note 4 without getting stange errors in the dialer and such.

    Although I have read on the XDA forum that some people have managed to get Xposed framework on Lollipop I cant find out were to find it or how to install it.

    Do you have any tip on Xposed for lollipop Max Lee?

    Regards, Willem

  7. arturo says:

    Does this works with a sm910c please want lolipop without knox!!

  8. arturo says:

    It works in a sm910c exynos??? Please need answer

  9. Scott says:

    Will this work on the Sprint Note 4?

  10. Don says:

    Does it matter exinos or snapdragon?

  11. Don says:

    Everytime I try to flash… it fails. What am I doing wrong?

  12. Rigo says:

    Has anybody tried to install this ROM on the SM-N910G? It appears to me that it should work, but I don’t dare to try without knowing that it works.

  13. Muhammad Yousef says:

    are you sure that the german firmware is the best for sm-n910f
    if its not please tell me the best firmware for sm-n910f

  14. Henry Leirvoll says:

    Do I have to use ODIN, or can I use TWRP?

    I am already rooted, and on CM12.1, but I use the camera a lot, and I can’t live with this anymore.
    All videos and articles I find explains how to install stock lillipop as if I came from a lower stock. I just want to flash a stock version – can I do that, or do I have to use ODIN, and then re-root?

    Seems like such a mess when I already have TWRP and the phone is rooted.

  15. Liam says:

    I have messed up my phone somehow. I am using a SM910P from sprint. I can install TWRP and flash it, but cannot do aything else without getting stuck in a bootloop! When I try to install the stock N910PVPU1BOB7_N910PSPT1BOB7_SPR file it fails. When I try to do a factory reset in TWRP or the original recovery it gets stuck in bootloop!

    Help Please!

    • Willem says:

      The only thing you can do is have TWRP do a full wipe (including system!) and then use odin to flash the stock ROM (You can find that on this website) back on. You will loose all your files and non-back-upped data.

      • Derick says:

        What about a downgrade?… i have same issue but i’m on a process of firmware downgrade installing 5.1.1 instead of 6.0

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  1. March 16, 2015

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