Note 4 Stock Firmwares

You can download Galaxy Note 4 stock firmwares on this page.  These are 100% stock firmware provided by Samsung Kies and will allow you to fully restore you phone back to 100% stock phone.

OTA updates not working for you?  You can also use the unroot method to update your stock firmware to the latest software if OTA updates are failing or if KIES is not working for you.  See unroot instructions below and use the appropriate Note 4 stock firmware for your model.

You can use ODIN to flash these stock firmwares.  If you ever soft brick (where your phone turns on but does not boot) or want to unroot your phone to stock ROM, you can use these firmwares.  See our guide on How to Unroot Galaxy Note 4!

*Note – The firmwares here will be update frequently so please check back and bookmark it for your reference.

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T Stock Firmware

Download T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T Stock Firmware OD6 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop – Download [Latest]

Download T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T Stock Firmware NK4 Android 4.4.4

Sprint Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910P Stock Firmware

Download Sprint Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910P Stock Firmware BOB7 Android 5.0.1 Lollipop – Download [Latest]

Download Sprint Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910P Stock Firmware NK2 Android 4.4.4

Verizon Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V Stock Firmware

The following is a list of Verizon Galaxy Note 4 stock firmwares, the latest firmware is the Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

Download Verizon Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V Stock Firmware BOAF Android 5.0.1 Lollipop – Link [Latest]

Download Verizon Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V Stock Firmware NJ5 Android 4.4.4

AT&T Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910A Stock Firmware

Download AT&T Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910A Stock Firmware NIE Android 4.4.4

Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware

The following are all the stock firmwares for Canadian Galaxy Note 4 models including Bell, EastLink, Fido Mobile, Globalive Wind mobile, Koodo Mobile, Rogers, Telus, Videotron, Virgin Mobile, and Wind carriers.

  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware Android 4.4.4 NJ3 [Bell] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 NJ3 [EastLink] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 AOA1 [Fido Mobile] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 AOA1 [Globalive Wind Mobile] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 AOA1 [Koodo Mobile] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 NJ3 [Rogers] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 NJ3 [Telus] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 AOA1 [Videotron] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 NJ3 [Virgin Mobile] – Link
  • Download Canadian Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 Stock Firmware  Android 4.4.4 NJ3 [Wind] – Link

Korean Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910K/S/L Stock Firmware

The following is stock firmwares for Korean-based Galaxy Note 4 models for Korean carriers SK Telecom, LG U, and KT.

International Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F Stock Firmware

*Note – You can use any SM-N910F stock firmware for your SM-N910F as they are compatible if you cannot find one for your country.

  • Download SM-N910F Android 5.0.1 BOB4 Stock Firmware (Germany) – Link
  • Download SM-N910F Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Cyprus) – Link
  • Download SM-N910F Android 5.0.1 BOC2 Stock Firmware (Romania) – Link


International Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C Stock Firmware

*Note – You can use any SM-N910C stock firmware for your SM-N910C as they are compatible if you cannot find one for your country.

  • Download SM-N910C Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Bulgaria) – Link
  • Download SM-N910C Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Hungary) – Link
  • Download SM-N910C Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Macedonia) – Link
  • Download SM-N910C Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Poland) – Link
  • Download SM-N910C Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Romania) – Link
  • Download SM-N910C Android 5.0.1 BOC3 Stock Firmware (Slovenia) – Link

International/India Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910G Stock Firmware

Download SM-N910G Android 5.0.1 BOC6 Stock Firmware (India) – Link

International Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910H Stock Firmware

Download SM-N910H Android 5.0.1 BOC5 Stock Firmware (Uzbekistan) – Link

International Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910U Stock Firmware

  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 NK5 Stock Firmware (Argentina Claro) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 NK5 Stock Firmware (Argentina MoviStar) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 NK5 Stock Firmware (Argentina Personal) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOA1 Stock Firmware (Chile) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 NK5 Stock Firmware (Chile Claro) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 NK5 Stock Firmware (Chile Telefonica) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 OC3 Stock Firmware (HongKong) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOA1 Stock Firmware (New Zealand) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOA1 Stock Firmware (New Zealand Vodafone) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOC1 Stock Firmware (Panama) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOC4 Stock Firmware (Panama Cable & Wireless) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOA1 Stock Firmware (Papa New Guinea) – Link
  • Download SM-N910U Android 4.4.4 AOA3 Stock Firmware (Taiwan) – Link

Don’t see your firmware?  Please send an e-mail to with your Note 4 model number and we will find it for you!

119 Responses

  1. alex says:

    hi, my friend! received samsung note 4 SM-N910T – Snapdragon 805, 1 SIM, GSM, the USA [T-Mobile] want to stitch it the European insertion. to clean all garbage [T-Mobile] if I stitch it by means of ODIN SM-N910f insertion I won’t receive a brick? regional accessory matters here?

  2. John Long says:

    Hi Max
    Can you send me the link for stock firmware for Galaxy Note4 SM-N910G. Thanks a lot.

  3. John Long says:

    Can you send me the link for stock firmware for Galaxy Note4 SM-N910G from Singapore.Network provider is Singtel.Thanks a lot.

  4. Sal says:

    When will roms be available for the Samsung Note 4 Developers edition for Verizon?

  5. Rokomaru Genma says:

    Hi! :3 i have 1 question, do you have N910C Stock? D: i kinda messed up my phone :/

  6. TJ says:

    Hi, Same here now I need the SM-N910F the international version to restore, I have the latest version so Kies wont allow me to update or download the firmware GRRRRRRRR!!!! Please help?

  7. Sal says:

    Can you post some roms etc for the Verizon Samsung Note 4 Developers edition. Thanks.

  8. Alpha Neo says:

    When are you going to get latest stock lollipop firmware for sprint note 4?

  9. Njoa says:

    Note 4 AT&T Lollipop Update Please!!!

  10. farook says:

    plzzzz sent the link of stock firmware lollipop for galaxy sm-n9100 note4 thnkssss

  11. RJ Jaurigue says:


    I have a Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910K. Obviously, this is from Korea.

    What I’d like to know if it is possible that I install a different firmware model than that of the SM-N910K. I’m not from Korea and I just can’t get used to the Korean things that I have been seeing on this phone.


  12. Narek says:

    I have an unlocked Note 4 SM-N910A AT&T version.I know that this update is already available for this version. But I have not received Lollipop update yet. I also have to say that I live abroad an I do not use AT&T service, could it be the reason why I cannot use the update? Who can help me with my problem?

  13. testicular_manslughter says:

    I need the lollipop update for the galaxy note 4 n910A galaxy note 4 at&t version do you happend to have a link or something by any chance????

  14. Adrian says:

    I’ve tried the SM-N910F Stock firmware in ODIN and it gives me an error “MD5 Error binary invalid”?

  15. Adrian says:

    i’m on vodacom from south africa

  16. Leonardo says:

    Hello. I have one question. My phone is 910C and its Locked by region. Can I install a rom of agreement to my region? Like 910U (argentina) ? Sorry for my english !!

  17. Narek says:

    Here u go fellas the stock tar files to manually update your Note4 AT$T phone with Odin to android 5.0.1 lollipop.

    EnJoy 😉
    use Odin to flash the files. make sure you use the right sections for each file.

  18. shane says:

    Your file for the stock lollipop firmware for the note 4 tmoible gives me a error when I extract the file…your file might be corrupted?

    • james kiniston says:

      same here it took me 5 hours to download and when I tried to open the file I was just a media document and said it was only a partial download, theres something definitely wrong with this download link. please fix this im suffering from withdrawls from not being able to use my phone.

  19. WICHI says:

    I root my note 4 sm-n910t and now I getting boot loops and no imei no baseband unknown and overheat lol, and I trying all of the stock roms for note 4 tmobile . now I will try lollipop to see if is that.. any idea. thanks

  20. Nawshad says:

    i need SM-910c Stock firmware…4.4.4(kitkat)

  21. tommy says:

    i need stock firmware for SM-910F in 4.4.4 please

  22. lawrence says:

    please i need firmware of SM-910F 4.4.4 i also receiving the same error please .

  23. miguel says:

    getting boot loops now im fucked

  24. rajesh says:

    Sir…i am from india….i am using note 4 sm-n910g….at present i am using lollypop verson….i dont want this version…i want to upgrade into kitkat 4.4.4….so tell me how to install….plz help me any one friends

  25. david says:

    hello i live in the u.s and i received a brand new note 4 with the model number SM-N910T2 i have looked every where on what to do with this phone and what version it is all i got from Samsung is its an international version. it will not let me do an ota to lollipop and the device status is custom. please someone help me with this i am totally lost on it. thank you.

  26. Charles D. says:

    Brother… I need help getting the PIT file for the SM-N910T… No one has it… Lots of people need it. I could extract if I was rooted… In order to get rooted I need the PIT file haha. Linux running laptop. Have rooted several devices from my Ubuntu laptop… Heimdall… Yet, it cannot get the PIT file… If you can help in any way at all, please and thank you.

  27. peer mohamed says:

    i wanna update Galaxy Note N910 A to loiipop……please advice me to do

  28. Alex says:

    I have a Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910W8 from Claro Puerto Rico and I need the stock firmware please help!!!!!!!

  29. Jorge says:

    can I put sprint firmware on Verizon note 4?will it work?

  30. GARYB says:

    Hi max, could you post stock firmware for sm-n910pvpu2boe1 when it comes available? Thx

  31. azhan says:

    i want for n910h

  32. Mark says:

    Rooted my note 4 sm-n910p using twrp and cm12.1. The root went ok but had no data signal. Tried to revert back to sock and it didn’t bring back any signal. Discovered it was a modem issue during the transition. Does anyone have any insite on this? I tried to unroot and go back to complete stock but when odin tried to write it said it failed on my phone. I even tried two different downloads. I could really use a solution lol.
    thank you.

  33. Emmanuel says:

    I have a USA Note 4 but want a Japanese language Note 4. Is it possible for me to install the Korean firmware on the phone in order to get a Japanese language option?

    Thank you.

  34. Scott says:

    I have a Verizon Samsung Note 4 SM-N910V running on the t-mobile network. Can I root this phone and apply the t-mobile SM-N910T firmware and gain the features I don’t have? I can’t get OTA updates and I can’t do the wifi calling that is so important on the t-mobile network. Thoughts, ideas?

    Thank you!

    • Grant says:


      Did you ever get a reply? I would like to do the same thing. I’ve got some ideas about doing it with Odin, but I need to confirm with my friends at work, and I’d prefer to not wait for Monday.


  35. Tony says:

    Hi can you help me. Is it possible to install sm-n910f software from a note 4 on to sm-n910c note 4 will it work.

    My note 4 is exynos processor but I need 910f software fromm ee

    Many thabks

    • Simon Graham says:

      I have the same issue. Have an unlocked 910C and in the U.K. and rooted it but tried to go back and couldn’t find the correct Firmware. I ended up trying the Chile 910C Firmware from Sammobile but it just wouldn’t get past the time zone on the initial setup. Anyone have any idea which Firmware to use? I was on GiffGaff before the root and got updates etc.

  36. kenny capo says:

    I have a AT&T note 4 model number 910a would i be able to use atock 910f

  37. kenny capo says:

    I have note 4 att n910a qould a stock rom for n910f work on my 910a

  38. Fais says:

    Hi, i was wonderring if i can flash my SM-N910F with the update version of the SM-N910P.

    Thank you for your response.

  39. jessica hyde says:

    please send me the stockfirmware foe samsung note4 4.4.4…sm-n910T
    i have tried and tried

  40. Tijmen says:

    Thanks awesame it worked!!!!!

  41. IBTISAM says:

    hi i have note 4 sm n910f .whein i connect my fast charger it give me notification that FAST CHARGER CONNECTED USE FAST CHARGER. i also check fast charging in power saving …tell what to do..plz help

  42. Maj says:

    I am in desperate need of imei certificate in order to repair my SM-N910F Is it possible to e-mail one please.

  43. Karan Sharma says:


    I have downloaded stock ROM for SM910T

    but the format of the download is zip… so this would not work with odin rite… the only correct way to install it using TWRP

    Please suggest

  44. donny says:

    Need help…..please….
    I have a Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910L from Korean version.
    What I’d like to know if it is possible that I install a different firmware model from SM-N910L to SM-N910C ??
    cause SM-N910L has no menu Enable Network Auto Mode (LTE,WCDAM,GSM Switchable ).
    I just can’t get used to the Korean things that I have been seeing on this phone.

    • Ove says:

      I have the same problem with a 910S (SK Telecom) Korean model. It works bad on network selection outside Korea and it does not show the name/ID of a caller even if it is in my address book when I am outside Korea and I have stored all my contacts with country code.

  45. Lee says:

    I have a Samson not sm-n910w8 with Bell and need a 5.0.1 version image please I accidently updated to the 5.1.1 and have not had any success rooting my phone I need a proper image thank you in advance for any help you can provide

  46. firasat khan says:

    Sir mujhia sm-910g ka android 4.4.4 ki frimwere dwonliwd karna hai plese link send

  47. feng says:

    do you have the stock firm for note 4 sm-N9100 the chinese version

  48. Leo says:

    Do you have the N910PVPS4COK1 stock ROM for SM-N910P?

  49. Kiru says:

    HI install Canadian rogers virsion but it has bell app ?

  50. masterfisico007 says:

    buenas noches, podran ayudar e hacer root a mi galaxy note4 sh-n910a. no he encontrado ningun firmware y metodo para hacer root en android 5.0.1, les agradesco mucho su ayuda

  51. Jose Guevara says:

    I nedd firmware for Galaxy note 4 sm n910w8 for Claro it is the celular company i live in Puerto Rico

  52. Hilal says:

    i need your help please
    i have samsung note 4 N910P
    when i get it there was on it frimeware N910c
    so i restore it to N910P with Odin
    after that i hade lots of problem on sprint 5.1.1
    can you please give me the way to restore frimeware N910C on N910P
    Thanks in Advance

    • Grant says:

      Try a factory reset.

      Restart the phone, and hold the Volume down (or is that up), & Power Button. After a few seconds, you should feel the phone vibrate and be presented a menu with factory reset as an option.

  53. Lee says:

    How do I unsubscribe from the updates everytime there is a new comment.
    Gets old with repeated questions

  54. Jeries says:

    I downloaded the file for n910a (at&t) bit it doesn’t open. It seems I need a software that can open it. What shall I do?

  55. Justin says:

    I have a unlocked Verizon phone and is there any way to remove Verizon from the phone to a stock firmware or is this whole procedure of how to do that. I want to get 4G LTE on my phone. I did everything like change the APN setting and getting info on APN from FAMily Mobile and TMobile. Any thought plz let me know cause I dont want to ruin my phone lol.

  56. Pranay says:

    I have a Verizon note 4. I switched my service provider to t-mobile so now I want to root t-mobile’s stock on it. Can I do that without running into any issues?

  57. Waz says:

    When wil we be getting android 6.0.1 on N910F ?

  58. King says:

    Sir, I’m using galaxy Note 4 N9100 duos China LTE… it has android version 5.1.1. I wanna upgrade it into marshmallow 6.0.1 … but it’s firmware has not released. Can i flash the latest firmware 6.0.1 of N910G that has released . I’ll wait for your reply. Thanks

  59. Mano says:

    kit kat firmware for note 4 (SM-N910U)

  60. Shannoy Roberts says:

    Galaxy Note 4 (N910A) still on android version 4.4.4 firmware how do I get the 5.1 1 update?

  61. Asif haji says:

    Hello max i have sm-n910t tmobile note4 and i want to downgrade from 5.1.1 ok2 to 4.4.4 nk4 but everytime i flash via odin it fails is this because of lock bootloader? please help me if there is anyway to solve this problem cuz lollipop sucks my battery draining faster kitkat was much better in battery even (sot)

  62. Woo Jia Hao says:

    Is there a rom for SM-910G in Singapore, if I am to install the India version, will I still be able to connect back to my mobile operator?

  63. abu ahmed says:

    Can you send me the link for stock firmware for Galaxy Note4 SM-N910G

  64. Qastom says:

    Hi guys how are you please i need help i upgraded my Note 4 SM-N910P sprint to marshmallow 6.0.1 and I suddenly have (Unfortunately,Network System Provider Bootstrapper has stopped error message any idea to solve it or how can i downgrade to 5.0.1

  65. ali.saba2013 says:

    i have a n910x phone(demo model that not support simcard)
    i flashed it by a n910f rom 5.0.1 and it has this build number:N910FXXU1BOB4
    it is working.i flash a 5.1.1 and 6.0.1 n910f stock rom but anyone dont run correctly.after flashing the phone restart several times then android boot and it work for a few time but after a few second it restast more time :/
    even i flashed a custom rom whit twrp recovery but it was same and restart and dont work well
    now i flashed 5.0.1 rom.
    plz help.i want upgrade to 6.0.1

  66. geemoney says:

    Hello max i have sm-n910a AT&T I have a locked boot loader also. UGH

  67. SMN910G says:

    Hi guys did any one downgraded to Lollipop from MM? I’m planning to downgrade to LL 5.0.1 and have downloaded the same for SM-N910G

    Will it trip KNOX counter if downgraded? and the process will be same via Odin?

  68. Peter kumar says:

    Hi I have sam sung n 915a att carrier the phone doesn’t boot.
    Send me some good news

  69. Chillz says:

    Does dr ketan rom work for the note 4 n910pvpu4dpc1

  70. Dan says:

    Hey i want International Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F Stock Firmware for android 6.0.1 please help me

  71. aldy says:

    please can i flash n910f stock rom on my n910a att phone

  72. aldy says:

    and how can i root this aat phone n910a

  73. Elmo2much says:

    Please i need someone to help me with the link for SN 9100 Duos firmware

  74. Ajayi says:

    Can you send me the link for stock firmware for Galaxy Note4 SM-N910G from Singapore.Network provider is Singtel.Thanks a lot.

  75. Darek says:

    Seeking N910CXXS2CPB3 XEO version 4 files

  76. okon thomas says:

    comment téléchargé la rom

  77. Bruno says:


  78. Capt Shankar says:

    Hi, I’m on Dr. Ketan ROM I LP/MM N5/N7 Port I Theme Store I Jio VoLTE, M12 for the Note 4 SM-N910T since last couple of months – awesome ! I intend to flash latest stock firmware (N910TUVU2EQI2_N910TTMB2EQI2_TMB dated 19.10.17) now. Grateful if someone could advise which version of BL & Modem I need to be on before flashing the stock firmware. Current version of the BL on my phone is N910TUVS2EPK2.

  79. Constantinos says:

    Hi did you get firmware for international note 4 SM-N910F. I would like the one for the EE network if poss.
    If you did please can you provide a link.


  80. Cali says:

    I have a AT&T Samsung note 4,
    SM-N910A. I would like to change firmware to t-mobile firmware. Can it done and if so . How can it be done

  81. Artur says:

    Hello and thank you for sharing!
    However I seem to have a strange issue. My Note4 has a Model number SM-920C (which is for the Note5…)
    I bought this a while back and have never gotten around to unroot it. So should I download the SM-920C firmware or… ?

  82. Zaiqun says:

    what is the rom N910C exynos malaysia which one?

  83. Shaunta Landes says:

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  86. Darrin W Tyrrell says:

    Looking for firmware for model SM-N910A. Can you help, please??? Can’t find on samsung website either???? Thanks in advance.

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  88. Del Elvington says:

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