How to Root Galaxy Note 4/Note Edge on Android 5.1.1!


For those of you who want to root your Galaxy Note 4 or Note Edge on Android 5.1.1, you will need to flash a custom kernel on top of regular root method, otherwise you may end up in a bootloop.  This is because Samsung has updated Android 5.1.1 with root block and the only way to get around it is to install custom kernel before installing SuperSU.

Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Go to Settings->About device and check your Model number and your Android version.  Make sure you are using Android 5.1.1, if you have older 5.0.2, 5.0.1, or 5.0, follow our root guide here instead.



Step 2. Hit the “Build number” a bunch of times until it says, “Developer mode has been turned on.”


Step 3. Hit the back button and go into “Developer options”.  If you see “OEM Unlocking” option, turn it ON.  If not, you can skip this step.


Step 4. Connect a micro-USB cable from your phone to your computer.


Step 5. Next, go to our Note 4 5.1.1 Kernels page or

You should have downloaded a total of 5 files like shown below:

Step 6. Next copy the kernel file and the SuperSU zip file to your phone’s storage.


Step 7. Next, unzip the ODIN zip file and run the ODIN exe program by double-clicking on it.


Step 8. Power off your phone, unplug the microUSB cable then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power button together until you see a warning screen like below:


Step 9. Reconnect the micro-USB cable from phone to your computer.


Step 10. Make sure you see a blue-highlighted box with a random COM number.   If you don’t see this, run the Samsung USB driver exe file you downloaded earlier and that will install the proper Windows drivers.  You should be able to see it after that.

Step 11. Choose AP, then choose the TWRP tar file you downloaded earlier.


Before you hit Start button, make sure you are ready to press the Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together when your phone reboots.  Hit the Start button and when your phone’s screen turns off to reboot, immediately hold down those buttons to get into TWRP recovery.

howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-13 howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-14

Step 12. Once in TWRP recovery, you may want to backup your stock kernel before installing the new custom kernel.   So, choose “Backup”, then backup the boot image only.

howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-15 howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-16

Step 13. Choose “Install” from main menu.


Step 14. Choose the kernel zip file you copied over to your phone earlier and swipe to flash.

howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-18 howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-19

Step 15. Next, choose “Install” again then choose the SuperSU zip file and swipe to flash.howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-20 howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-21
Step 16. Tap on “Reboot system” to reboot.howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-22

Step 17. Once rebooted, you should find a new app called “SuperSU”.  Tap on it to open and if you don’t get any errors, you are 100% rooted!  Also, if it asks you to update the binaries, say yes and choose “normal”.  If it hangs, just reboot and try again.

howto-root-galaxynote4-android5.1.1-23 Step 18. Install Titanium Backup app and run it to verify you have full root.  You should see Superuser window request window pop-up like below.  Congratulations!  You have successfully rooted your Note 4 or Note Edge on latest Android 5.1.1!



Q: Can I still get OTA updates after using this root method?
A: You will not be able to get OTA updates once you have rooted using this method as it will replace your stock recovery, which is required to get OTA updates.  However, you can grab rooted OTA stock ROMs to get OTA and keep root in the future or reinstall stock recovery and restore stock kernel to get OTA.

Q: How can I thank you for your tutorial?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!

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128 Responses

  1. indeed says:

    followed this and it seems to have changed my samsung unlocked note 4 into a tmobile note 4, trying to install a custom rom and it falls over as it is a different device?

    any clues – was it the kernel that changed it?



  2. Xian Ming says:

    You saved my life. Thanks!

  3. Kelmut Hohl says:

    Could somebody please respond to Indeed’s comment? I don’t want to root my phone without a clarification.

  4. Damir says:

    Thanks for tutorial.
    I successfully rooted my note 4 (910F) with this method.
    Root works fine but there is some small issues. Every time i reboot the phone i got that “knox just stopped working” witch is not a big deal but private mode does not work anymore 🙁
    Everything else works fine as i can see.

    Cheers 🙂

  5. vignousse says:

    bonjours cela ne fonctionne pas avec le note edge

  6. Daniel Murray says:

    I got Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit: Kernel Loop. I have a Note Edge SM-915F running 5.1.1. The download link from your site did not have the same Recovery as in the video. It had n915f-cwm-recovery- I used the Latest Kernel on the download page (Emotion-TW-nightly-r19-RC1-SM-N915F) and the SU (UPDATE-SuperSU-v2.46) also from your link. Everything seemed fine until reboot. That is when I got the dreaded ” Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit”. I then slapped another Kernel from the download page on my SD card (Emotion-nightly-r18-SM-N915F) and tried that. Same error. I recovered successfully from my backup, any idea what could be causing this? Thanks in advanced! I was looking forward to getting root back 🙁 –Also asked on Youtube…thought it would be probably easier for you to see this here. Thanks!

  7. Dennis says:

    Can SM-910C support kernel from other model like SM-910F, SM-910P?
    First time rooter

  8. Juan Vergino says:

    Everything fine on Samsung Galaxy Note4 SM-N910F. Thanks!

  9. Guevara says:

    can you make root for note 4 910c??????????????????
    thanks alot

  10. Rach says:

    Any chance for SM-N910S?

  11. anthony says:

    HELP! i have a sprint note 4 edge 5.1.1 and i have twrp already but everytime i try to flash the kernal it says failed. idk what to do. please help

  12. Denis M1981 says:

    how will i root sm-n910w8 . i just updated to official 5.1.1 today. thx

  13. gary says:

    i end up with a boot loop with my note edge do you have any remedy for that its the 915g

    • Stuart Halliday says:

      You are a twat?
      This was for a Note 4. You don’t have a Note 4.
      See articles on how to unbrick your phone on the Internet.

  14. IMAD says:

    This tutorial is for note 4. Not working on note edge . I have the not edge 915F

  15. Moonsung Song says:

    Will it tripping konx?

  16. Michael says:

    I have a SM-N910G with Android 5.1.1 Australia Optus. I have followed the instructions ,(twice) but after final reboot, and all boot there after, I get:
    Set Warranty Bit: kernel
    Which stops the phone booting into normal mode.

  17. Neto says:


    Does this work on the Exynos 910H? My decive is rooted.


  18. Kelmut Hohl says:

    Kernel links for 910f are dead.

  19. Speedmaster says:

    Does this work with ATT Galaxy Note 4 5.1.1?

  20. ZentenarioAC says:

    Root apparently fine! But ound a problem not commented before: when you go to Security menu in Settings, activation of both Remote Control and Reactivation Block don’t work any more. Has anyone experienced this issue?

  21. ZentenarioAC says:

    Root apparently fine! But found a problem not commented in previous posts: when you go to Security menu in Settings, activation of both Remote Control and Reactivation Block don’t work any more. Has anyone experienced this issue?

  22. Vu Dinh Thai says:

    I still dont root to finish. However, i know a true that is you guide very detail. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  23. jim fraser says:

    omg i followed your tutorial on rooting my telus 5.1.1 note 4 to a def not a noob.I am 40 years old and have stuck with samsung phones and tablets to a since 20 years old,I have hacked the shit out of my products and never bricked a single phone or tab.well you guessed right I actually bricked my note 4 using this guide.once all was done i got a bootloop.I went against my better judgement and did not back up my stock rom while in all people.please follow the tutorial but as soon as you flash twirp please back up your rom not just the boot image.even after i pulled the battery and button combo still allowed me to boot into twirp.i restoed the backed up boot image but still in boot loop where as if i had of backed up the actual rom and not just the kernal i could of recovered.I am very rich and unfortunatly have a bad temper so i threw my 1 day old note 4 across my street and smashed my i cant remember what the error stated.No worries though i was out and back home with a new phone within an hour.anyways people my whole point is before you do anything PLEASE BACKUP YOUR STOCK ROM BEFORE ANYTHING EVEN BEFORE THE BOOT IMAGE.NOT SURE WHAT THE POINT OF THAT IS ANYWAYS WHEN YOU CAN BACKUP THE WHOLE ROM INSTEAD OF JUST THE BOOT IMAGE AKE KERNEL.

    • 4ever says:

      Y Didnt u (download mode)use odin and flash stock rom b4 u throw ur note4.

    • Steven says:

      You can always down a stock ROM and flash it in using ODIN… worked for me!

    • OlegG says:

      too bad that money or the “Twenty years” with Samsung didn’t get you some fckn common sense for an Android user and instead of smashing it you didn’t download the official firmware and used Odin to flash it and restore your device. by yourself an IPhone, you don’t need 20 years to brag about it, all you need is 20 minutes to learn about that piece of sh**… and stay away from Android.

  24. Dave says:

    What are the chances that there’ll be an AT&T version that we can root and flash? It doesn’t seem fair that other carriers allow their Note Edge to be rooted, but not AT&T… :^(

    • Dave says:

      By the way, I have a Note Edge running Lollipop 5.0.1. Wouldn’t mind being at 5.1.1, but really want to be rooted! Thanks!

  25. Drfenix says:

    Anything for Note 4 910C ?

  26. Sharkageddon says:

    Hello, nice work 🙂 as always. I need to know something about this kernel, ofc it’s not and official kernel but does that kernel allow the use of Private mode ? Cause i rooter my SM-920F with another kernel earlier and because it uses dalvik instead “i dont remember the other” some features are now unvailable like private mode …

    Regards 🙂

  27. Snoop says:

    No luck with Sprint SM-N915P. Ran everything as described and it gets stuck on startup screen. Tried the latest 2 kernels and used both CWM and TWRP. No luck

  28. Marcus Ehrlich says:

    Hello Max,
    it’s Marcus here from Germany. I got few Questions to my sm-n910f: Which one is really the best custom rom for the
    910f. how i can change the system backround to black on the whole phone (settings menu, dialer ….) maybe even without custom rom?

    Thanks a lot Marcus
    greetings from germany

  29. John says:

    ihave the t-mobile sm-n910t variant. will this method work for me? Thanks

  30. John says:

    sorry, i meant the sm-910t3 variant

  31. EA says:

    Worked like a charm no issues at all.

  32. dannyj78 says:

    Just wondering if this trips the Knox counter?

  33. Donald Hubert says:

    Hi, canadian root with videotron doesn’t work on Note4. I also try to reinstall the stock firmware with videotron and doesn’t work either, its bad, i hope u can assist me, tanks a lot !

  34. Coin says:

    Works perfect on sm-n910f , thanks a lot !!

  35. Hharrd says:

    I have a Note Edge SM-915F running 5.1.1. My screen displays Kernel is not seandroid enforcing set warranty bit. I HAVE SEEN THIS QUESTION MULTIPLE TIMES BUT NO ANSWER..LOL…PLEASE HELP..I FLASHED WITH THE Emotion-TW-nightly-r19-RC1-SM-N915F) KERNEL..PLEASE HELP..HAHA

    • Drake says:

      Please help me brrrrooooooooo

      • nicolas says:

        he just fucked our 700$ note edges to earn few bucks from the ads and to get some clicks …
        the only possible workaround this is you can install the back up you made before flashing the kernel.. or you can just download the stock kernel and flash it and it should be just fine …

    • Frank says:

      That is normal. I have a 910P and have been rooted with is this method since it first came out. I was freaked the first time I saw it, but the fine people at XDA explained this is normal.

  36. Steven says:

    A wee note… I had trouble at first rooting my note 4 as I could not find the kernel or SuperSu… removed my storage card, re transferred them… prob solved

  37. OF says:

    Modified kernel will overclock the CPU to 3.07, voltage tweaked..!! Temp reached above 90 degc. likely I figured it up soon, else my SOC would have burned up.
    Do use this kernel unless you know how to tweak to overclock down reasonable range.

  38. aos says:

    These instructions are actually bull*** considering so many people including myself got stuck with the seandroid problem, which till date the uploader has no solution but to reinstall the stock. SMH
    What a waste of time!

  39. Vishal says:

    There are no kernels for N910C, pls put a kernel for N910C! Thks

  40. jetsceamer says:

    Will this method work with the new T-Moble Note 4, with model number sm-n910t3? I just bought one and it comes with 5.1.1 installed.

  41. arpit says:

    There is no kernel for the SM N910G Is there any link for N910G ? Please send me

  42. Dipu says:

    Any karnel for sm-n910s 5.1.1 ?

  43. Geza Figlar says:

    Any kernek for SM-915FY? THX

  44. kyle says:

    Please help if you can. I used Odin and cc auto root. After it had said my root had passed. My phone restarted and has not stopped restarting. It gets to the Sampson noise when it turns on and then restarts, over and over. Is there a pdf I can download to restore my phone or is it loyally hooped..

  45. Joe Proud says:

    Is there a KERNEL for a T-Mobile SM-915T Note Edge? Plz!?

  46. OBSon says:

    Thanks Max Lee you are a life saver!!!!!!

  47. Dan says:

    I was just push updated on my TMO Note 4 to 5.1.1.
    I did everything you listed and it failed…
    Odin all okay, com port blue and all okay; TWRP TAR file loaded in AP; FAILED to write.
    Phone was in the download mode as well.

    • RABII says:

      GOOD LUCK,

    • RABII says:


      • Dan says:

        THAT was already on.
        When I try to write I noticed o the download screen red writing appears
        Secure Download Enabled
        UDC Start
        Secure Check Fail : recovery
        Custom Binary (recovery) Blocked by R/L

        My phone was just OTA’d when I was sleeping and believe something else was in the package this threat knows nothing about.
        TMO did the same thing with the Note 2 T889; removed the selection 4 in the network unlock with out telling any one.
        I had to reflash to a lower ROM unlock and reflash to a more current rom..
        I am NOT going to try anymore for fear of bricking my phone.
        Also I have flashed phones before so I am not exactly a noob..

        • Dan says:

          Okay I am stubborn.
          To Mr. LEE: you do provide useful information; but at times you do not provide enough.

          I figured out what the problem was.
          If you have Reactivation Lock on; you will have to turn it off to allow files to be written.
          You will find it in the “Security” section.
          You will have to log onto your Samsung account to do this or from a pc you can logon also. Input the url you see on the phones screen.
          I also turned on the “unauthorized” feature just in case.
          Odin then was able to flash TWRP then.
          As mentioned I was ready with vol. down, home key, and power to press when it rebooted.
          Now phone is rooted and running supersu and Titanium Backup.

  48. RABII says:


  49. aaron says:


  50. aaron says:

    I cannot find kernel for my Note 4 SM-N910S can you please help me?? thanks in advance..

  51. Yvonne says:

    Just rooted using the latest kernel available for mine, and so far so good. N910T. Thanks for the clear instructions!

  52. Vick says:

    Hola alguien que me ueda ayudar… el odin simple me marca fail al instalar usarlo ya use varias versiones mi cel es un note 4 n910p sprint… no puedo rootear lo ayuda !!!

  53. yopevic says:

    I rooted my Note 4 via this methode (SM-N910F). First of all thanks and great job. Is it possible to deodex this rom ? I really want to use xposed again and it seems that thats not possible with this guide or am i wrong?

  54. Jorrit says:

    Been trying to root my SM/N910F yhrough Jodin (I use Linux) and it keeps reporting that it can’t get the PIT file of my device, I have granted the device the rights to use software from “untrusted” sources and even tried a kernel force through hacking my phone (still couldn’t get around the PIT file problem).

  55. cos says:

    hello my problem is :
    I downloaded the aviables kernels are nightly versions btw) kernel and flashed it also flashed the latest version of twrp .I have done everything like the description and it worked fine, but i have a very big problem now !! My battery !!! I am using my phone for 20 minutes and it wastes 20 per cent battery. Can someone please help me :((

  56. John says:

    Hi Max Lee
    I have had a new motherboard instalt on mij note 4 N910F 5.1.1
    After i had it back i rooted it and everything went wel.
    Dan i had set back mij backup from before dmij motherboard was posted whit TWRP and it start whit the music but after that it stays black.
    Can it be that mij backup wil not match whit the new motherboard?
    Can i do the same thing as in your movie ?
    I am stil rooted whit TWRP on it
    Or can i factory reset whit TWRP ?
    Sorry for mij bad English

    • John says:

      Sorry to fast whit copiing
      Hi Max Lee
      I have had a new motherboard instalt on mij note 4 N910F 5.1.1
      After i had it back i rooted it whit your methed and everything went wel (thanks)
      Than i had set back mij backup from before mij motherboard was broken, whit TWRP and it start whit the music but after that it stays black.
      Can it be that mij backup wil not match whit the new motherboard ???
      I am stil rooted whit TWRP on it
      Can i do a factory reset whit TWRP using the whipe butten?
      Or can i better do een flash whit odin whit a factory firmware
      Is it a problem that i now have a custom kernel?
      Sorry for mij bad English

  57. bernard says:

    Hi Guys and Girls!
    Trying tu install alliance rom on a n910f and allways getting into bootloop. Tryed everything different firmwear went back to 5.0.1 came back today to 5.1.1. still nothing. Just teh note logo comes on and after a minute restars. & again & again!!!

    • Ethan says:

      Download kies from Samsung on their website go to TOOLS>UPGRADE AND INSTALIZATION> ENTER THE INFORMATION that will reflash your phone with the stock os and kernel

  58. Ethan says:

    I have the sm-n910t which is a T-Mobile note 4 I get odin try to install the kernel hit start it gets to the “write” section and says fail and does not root my phone and my custom binary is blocked by “R/L”

  59. mehdi says:

    910h please erewrewrwerwerwerwer

  60. Axel says:

    my computer will not allow me to run the Samsung windows drivers, and it isn’t on the blocked publishers list, how do I fix that issue, also is this method compatible with windows 10?

  61. EricRock says:

    i use 5.1.1, sm-n910G.
    cant seem to find a G kernel file.
    also if you upload how do i know which one to select like the other one with different versions.

  62. Amanda says:

    There isn’t a twrp.tar for the sprint N910P. When I download the .tar from your page, I unzip it and it’s an image file. How do I get the .tar file?

  63. Mohammed says:

    So it is possible now to get temporary root access on 915A (At&t) using kingroot on 5.1.1 but I am hoping you use can use this information to get this information to come up with a permanent root method using odin.

    • Dave says:

      I have a N915A, and I am running 5.0.1. I have checked for a Software Update, but since I’m on Cricket, I don’t know if/when I’ll get 5.1.1. Is there a way to get 5.1.1 manually? And after that, what is the procedure for getting even temporary root using Kingroot? Thanks!

      • Mohammed says:

        it was working for a while but recently they updated the app king-root and know it locks the the phone so you have to reload 5.1.1 to get it to work again.

  64. nick1206 says:

    My phone just kept turning on and off after trying this. Please help

  65. Oscar Merino says:

    Do you have an updated tutorial for the marshmallow update recently put out from sprint? I miss my tether 🙁 thank you for always helping people!

  66. gustavo salinas says:

    i tried to root my note edge at&t and obviously it failed, now my devise is useless and I’m trying to fix it, is there possible to do so?

  67. FrankDuy says:

    My device (N910T) is rooted successful.
    But i can’t see LogCat from device when using Android Studio.
    Have anyone same case?

  68. Andrzej Klejka says:

    Hello Max,
    I have a Note 4 (SM-N910H) BASEBAND VERSION N910HXXU1COJ2 running 5.1.1 I need to make sure I run the right kernel but I can’t find anything anywhere. Can you help??
    Even though the phone is unlocked, I wanted to put a custom ROM. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

  69. StarBeing says:

    Hopefully someone still comes by to answer this.
    I have a N910T, and I was able to get this root to work. However, more recently, for some reason, it started bootlooping, and every attempt trying to re-root, even after factory resetting to stock everything, is not working. Any help, please?

  70. Omar says:

    Will this rooting method work on an AT&T Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910A with Lollipop 5.1.1? Thank you!

  71. maikel says:

    i need if somebody can give me the links for root a samsung galaxy note 4 edge Sprint 5.1.1 lollipop. Thanks in advance

  72. Man says:

    Max, do you EVER respond to any comments left here?

    • D says:

      I haven’t so far seen him respond.
      Yet he supplies information that is either not completed or in error.
      I did follow his instruction on my T889 it was all screwed up after that.
      No sim reading, no modem etc.
      Had to spend allot of time fixing that to get my phone back running.

  73. D says:

    I will make this comment.
    You need it rooted or unlocked take it to some one who knows how to do it and the problem is on them if they “brick” your phone..
    Also any and all “rooting” and “unlocking”, etc WILL VOID WARRANTY.

  74. ADil says:

    I used your provided method.
    I flashed CWM recovery using ODIN and once it was done i held VOL. UP, POWER & CENTER button and i did get STARTING RECOVERY message on top.
    But once it got into recovery it said YOUR DEVICE IS NOT ROOTED. DO YOU WANT TO ROOT?

    I selected NO and it just restarted my mobile back to normal.
    Can you advise what should i do here.

    Mobile model is SM N915F
    Android Version is 5.1.1

    I am using the method you have posted for Android 5.1.1

  75. Aamir says:

    Please can some one say me how to root samsung galaxy j5(sm-j500G

  76. Rajesh Panchal says:

    i m having samsung note edge sm-n915p android 6.0.1 i want to root this model i have tried CFAR file it is failing the process so need help i have many mobile root through u lee u r my inspiration plz help me for this mobile

  77. Rajesh Panchal says:

    i m having samsung note edge sm-n915p android 6.0.1 i want to root this model i have tried CFAR file it is failing the process so need help i have many mobile root through u lee u r my inspiration plz help me for this mobile plz plz sir

  78. Redeye Dog says:

    HELP! My 910T is stuck in odin mode. after flashing the suggested kernel. There are 4 files I used the most current and converted it to .tar (since they are all .zip) and odin doesn’t recognize .zip.

    How do I get out of this? Anyone?

  79. Karma says:

    This thread states that At&t note 4 can be rooted but when I go to “Note 4 5.1.1 Kernels page” I get informed “*Note – AT&T and Verizon Note 4 cannot install custom kernels due to locked bootloader, meaning no root is possible.” So which one is it? Can I root my phone or not??

  80. Jill says:

    I have a note for through T-mobile that i want to try to root,its a SM-N910T android version 6.0.1 , Build Number MMB29M.N910TUVS2EPG2..
    My question is none of the versions to download are for my android version 6.0.1
    I want to do this but scared to get the wrong download can anyone help lead me to the correct one?
    Thank You Jill

  81. ehsan says:

    you dont have knowledge.dont send any post.fuck

  82. Richatd says:

    I have a T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 which recently started shutting down by itself, sometimes when the battery got around 30% it would drop to nothing before you could plug it in. I have tried rooting the phone and have followed every instruction Max has shown. I’m on 5.1.1 so I know it’s a different process. BTW, wiping cache, doing total formats, none of that made a difference. I’ve tried using Odin to flash with TWRP and it fails EVERYTIME! I’ve tried different version of Odin, and different .tar files, used AP and on other versions of Odin used the old PDA but always a red fail box. Tried different cables, tried without the sd card, no change. Any ideas?

  83. fortnite aimbot mac says:

    Yeah bookmaking this wasn’t a risky decision outstanding post! .

  84. nadaalesh says:

    hi I have a note 4 SM-N910F kingdom Ican not find him properly

  85. Junior Vanili says:

    Please i got an issue
    At the back of my Note 4 its written Model N910F
    But inside the phone it is N916L
    Wich one should I considerer
    Please help
    Its a Note 4 S-LTE LG Uplus

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