How to Root Galaxy Note 4!

For those of you who want to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 so you can run rooted apps and install custom ROMs, here’s how to root your Galaxy Note 4.

UPDATE: THIS ROOT METHOD DOES NOT WORK on Android 5.1.1!  See our Android 5.1.1 root method here instead!!!

Before we begin, this root method uses ChainFire’s CF AutoRoot to give you root.  This root method does void KNOX warranty so we highly recommend you to get insurance before doing so (since with insurance you can get a new phone even if you void warranty).

This root method will work on most Galaxy Note 4 models including:

  • SM-N910F – International
  • SM-N910G/SM-N910H Asian
  • SM-N910T – T-Mobile U.S.
  • SM-N910P – Sprint
  • SM-N910R4 – US Cellular
  • SM-N910W8 – Canadian
  • SM-N910C – Thailand
  • SM-N910U – Hong Kong
  • SM-N910K/SM-N910L/SM-N910S – Korean KT, LG, SK Telecom
  • SM-N9100/SM-N9106W/SM-N9108V/SM-N9109W

For AT&T or Verizon Note 4, you may have to wait for another root method.

*Note – This root method DOES NOT ERASE ANYTHING on your phone.

This root tutorial is for Windows computer but you can use JODIN instead ODIN on Mac OSX or Linux/Ubuntu.

Step 1. Power off your Galaxy Note 4 then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see the warning screen like below:


Step 2. Hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN Download Mode then connect a micro-USB cable from your Note 4 to your computer.


Step 3. Go to ChainFire’s XDA thread here and download the appropriate CF Auto root for your Note 4 model.


Step 4. Unzip the downloaded file and you should see a bunch of files.  Double-click on ODIN3-v3.07.exe to run ODIN program.


Step 5. Next, you should see a blue, highlighted box with a random COM number.  If you see this, you have proper Note 4 Windows drivers installed.  If not, download and install Note 4 Windows drivers.


Step 6. Choose “PDA” then select the file ending in “tar.md5”.

howto-root-galaxynote4-6 howto-root-galaxynote4-7

Step 7. Hit the “Start” button and CF Auto Root should be flashing to your Note 4.

howto-root-galaxynote4-8 howto-root-galaxynote4-9

Step 8. When done successfully, you should see “RESET!”.  If you get stuck, try using a different USB hub/cable and simply try again.


Step 9. Reboot and you should find a new app called “SuperSU” in your app drawer.  Congratulations!   You’ve successfully rooted your Galaxy Note 4!


Step 10. Open up SuperSU app and update the binary if needed.



Step 11. Also, disable KNOX if SuperSU asks you.  KNOX is an annoying, useless security program Samsung has put on your phone and it will only interfere with root and rooted apps.


Step 12. To verify you have full root, simply download and run Titanium Backup app from Play Store.  You should see Superuser request window popup.


That’s it!

Next steps?

At the time of writing this tutorial, there is no custom recovery like CWM or TWRP available.  But once it comes available, you can use Flashify app to install it.


Q: Can I remove root later easily?
A: Yes, you can remove root easily in 1-click using SuperSU app, see this video tutorial.

Q: How can I thank you for your tutorial?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!

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145 Responses

  1. Donald Hicks says:

    Tmobile had a update this past Friday and I updated. Will I still be able to root it using this method. I have the tmobile version.

  2. Slider-Override says:

    Wait for a root without touching the Knox Counter 🙁

    Or is there a way to reset the Knox Counter after “root” with “root” 🙂 ?

  3. iunlock says:

    I’ve been reading a lot of people having issues with this root method of it affecting some apps etc….

    Any known issues on your end Max? Thanks bud..

    • Warren says:

      If you run ALL of the apps on your phone before you root the phone, thus giving data to the apps, they won’t fail. I had the same problem myself, but the local store will even fix phones with custom ROMs on them, so I wasn’t worried tripping off KNOX before doing some about experimenting to figure this out.

      I got the hint for having previous data from XDA in a forum talking about S-Health. They simply said make sure you have previous records and it will run fine, I tried that will all of my apps that had problems and it carried over. Just don’t be too quick to root ’tis all. Take some time to plan.

  4. Omar says:

    I just purchased a new unlocked Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910U which I’m using with AT&T. Will I be able to to root it using this method? Please let me know. Thank you in advance for your help!

  5. OMAR F says:

    Impossible to root my Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910U. Can’t find any legitim web site to download the drives for Windows or Mac. I tried the JODIN approach on my Mac instead of ODIN but i get the ‘files could not be launched”. Any suggestion? Please help!

    • Tele says:

      Omar – This might be a bit late…But hey!

      Use the CF-Autoroot method. This will get you root – I recently did this with my 910U and whilst the Odin method didn’t work (for the first time ever!), the CF-Autoroot worked no problem. It does not however, install a recover manager CWM/TWRP…Once you get root, simply download and flash TWRP using Flashify (available free on the play store).

      Hope this helps!

  6. Cameron says:

    If I trip Knox will my T-Mobile insurance still cover my phone? Also, would I still be able to use the Jump trade in?

    • Paul says:

      I’m just upgraded using Jump. I have’t sent in my old rooted device yet but I plan to unroot it then return. At this point I’m not overly concerned. I believe tripping KNOX only affects the warranty with Samsung. You either want root or you don’t. I want root. I’ve also read that worst case scenario you pay the insurance deductible for your phone. I doubt there are complications though. I think T-Mobile just wants a working device. Just unroot it before returning. I’ve tripped KNOX on both my phones. I wouldn’t worry about it too much but If you’d like I can update you upon returning my device.

    • ABD69 says:

      In the beginning of this article Max explains it all. If you have jump it DOES NOT MATTER if you void the warranty, YOU WILL be able to get a new phone.

      • ABD69 says:

        Sorry this comment was for the post above yours….@Cameron

      • Cameron says:

        He says “This root method does void KNOX warranty so we highly recommend you to get insurance before doing so (since with insurance you can get a new phone even if you void warranty).”

        The jump program is insurance, with the added benefit of being able to trade in my phone for a new one after a year. From what I am hearing it sounds like for the most part you can get away with trading in a knox tripped phone. I have heard that I might have to pay my insurance deductible though, which would really suck :/

        • Paul says:

          I upgraded with Jump and got full credit no problem. Knox tripped.

          • Cameron says:

            Awesome! That’s good news. Thanks for the info 🙂

          • sanil says:


            i just got the note 4 , i have to return the device , i dont have insurance the phone is rroted and as a custom rom
            knox counter says 0x1
            the phone is working fine , can i return and get full credit ?

  7. Omar F. says:

    I finally found the Galaxy Note 4 drives. Now I can’t get the COM number when running Odin3…any suggestion out there?

  8. Juan says:

    can be possible unlock the sprint galaxy note 4 ?

  9. salvador says:

    hi my freind I rooted my note4 from tmobile, but my problem I think is with TWRP recovery.
    when I try to flah any custome roms, I get error, and I cant install any roms.
    can you let me know, if there is a way, I dont get any rom.. I like much better philz, but
    I think is not working for now. thank you waitting for your responde

  10. ROCK says:

    I successfully rooted my Note 4 using your method. I want to install Gapps as the phone was bought from China (original Samsung) and it has restrictions on Google Apps. When i try to install is gives this error E: failed to verify whole-file signature. How can i bypass that if CWM is not yet available?

  11. rasadami15 says:

    Greetings you all I’ve got my galaxy note4 I’m ready to root however if i do when updates do comes would i still be able to update but i must have free wifi hotspot tethering on my note

  12. Paul says:

    Max — we’ve got ROMS. I’m currently using FireKat v3 available on XDA. Let’s get the party started!!

  13. Tu Nguyen says:

    Thanks for the Video! using mac jodin to root. everything works until it says “getting pit file failed” What now?

  14. Ms. De says:

    Paul since your rooted have you tried foxfi or treve-mod wif to stream Internet on other devices such as a roku box, tablet, laptop, or another smartphone? I plan to root but need to know tethering is working without going against the data plan on my Tmobile account. Thanks to anyone that can answer this.

  15. Jav says:

    max how long b4 we see a root for att note 4 n910a or any info would be great thanks

    • zack says:

      Yes any word on sm910a root method. Really pissed that I switched carries, my note 4 didn’t even come in nice box like T-Mobiles plus no head phones. Wtf anyone want to trade their T-Mobile note 4 for still in box stock at&t note 4? Thanks

  16. Jose says:

    If I root a SM-N9100, It is a form to add the 1700/2100 MHz?

  17. Michael says:

    Can anyone tell me why isn’t XDA method for rooting the SPRINT NOTE 4, installing SUPERSU??? Ive tried the root method THREE TIMES, and it does everything its suppose to do, but it DOESN’T install SUPERSU. Ive even tried checking the ROOT with ROOT CHECKER……STILL NO ROOT. Can anyone help with this issue???

  18. salvador says:

    hello, I was wonder, what zup with MAX I havent heard from him, no t even a custome rom havent post yet..

    I hope hes fine..

  19. r0tt3|\| t0/\/\@t03s says:

    is there an app for root this model? without loosing features by unlocking bootloader (drm keys) many tanks 🙂

  20. Paul says:

    Site’s been up for about a month with no updates. Max, where you at !?

  21. Kacy says:

    I have a SM-910F and was wondering if I could root it to the ATT firmware?

  22. John Kim says:

    do you know when it will be available for Verizon version (SM-N910V)?

  23. rick says:

    does any one know when root for at&t will be out? thanks

  24. Jim says:

    Can’t get the PIT file although the connection seems fine. Any ideas?

  25. Santiago says:

    Please, I have a rooted Note 4, I installed Xposed framework and after downloading a few modules I decided to change the recovery file to the SD card. I reboot the phone but now the device doesn’t find the file and it is in like a loop. How can I fix this and have my phone back???

    • Paul says:

      Do you have any custom recovery installed? If you get in to download mode you should be able to flash stock rom via Odin.

      • Santiago says:

        Thank you Paul, I did in part what you said, I manage to put it in down load mode and then I downloaded the recovery file from Kies. The thing is that kies didn’t recognize the device and I didn’t have any stock ROM, but it let me download the recovery file, so I figure that it was recognizing something at least… and it worked!.

        Thank you again!… Do you know if there is any Custom ROM available that would let my save apps to the SD card?

  26. Slider says:

    Hi, is there any root out that do not touch the Knox counter ?

  27. kinglifer says:

    Hey no one asked this so let me… do you loose all the air capability when you change the roms?
    I love the stylus.

  28. joe says:

    DONE! Successfully installed on NOTE4 Canadian version. Thanks a lot!

  29. Paul says:

    People start with this: READ READ READ

  30. Paul says:

    If anyone is looking for help find me on XDA “paulie_gogetit”. I don’t think Max is going to be updating this site.

  31. ZH says:

    So would i be able to update my phone OTA after i root my phone with this method?

  32. Johnny says:

    Fome some odd reason my note 4 became laggy and slow after the root, any ideas?

  33. LAS says:

    Hi everyone,
    I may have stupid question:
    Does anyone know the difference between T-mobile galaxy note 4 prepaid vs. normal Note 4 ?
    The prepaid Note 4 cost $699 and in store purchase cost $749 ?
    what’s the different ?

    • Kevin K says:

      Typically just a little software to allow loading prepaid cards. The phone is cheaper because tmobile is offering it at a “discounted price” so they don’t have to unlock it for you. It’s in the fine print on the back of the bax usually.

  34. richard ryan says:

    i understand that rooting causes to void warranty. but if i root only and not flash anything, then unroot.. can i get my waranty back?


    • Kevin K says:

      Unfortunately not without some other software to revert your knox counter. Even after you flash back to official software it claims a tripped counter and voided warranty. Sorry man

  35. Reginald says:

    What tethering app do anyone use with the sprint device after roting?

  36. Jacob says:

    I was wondering if you were able to write the auto root programs? I am looking to find a root for the lg g3 vigor, its a great work phone but i need to clock the device and also want the joys and freedom of a rooted device. I have searched the net to find a website with the cf-auto root file but have been unsuccessful. Do you happen to know where I can go to request something of this nature or even if you have a friend/colleague. Thank you for your time and help. Have a great day.

    Jacob Nii

  37. Matti says:

    Hey so I tried using this method. ODIN kept saying the root failed but then when I restarted my phone it seems like it passed- i have Super SU installed and the KNOX counter is 0x1 and I was able to disable KNOX + I have root access! Is this something that should worry me?

  38. james says:

    Can i root t mobile locked note 4 with its tools?

  39. peter says:

    To All.
    I have a note 4 from China Model SM-N910F I received it yesterday.
    When I go to the download mode it comes with a Chinese menu and not with a normal android triangle.
    Is it any way to make it to work with a new ROM.
    Odin3 Version 7.07 is not loading the ID com port of the phone. I have all the Samsung usb drivers loaded.
    I can see the phone with win 8.1 when I plug it on the usb port of the PC.
    The phone works fine and it fives 4g downloads.
    Do I have any ROM available to remap the phone ?.

    • Hank says:

      Peter, you don’t have a knock-off Note, you have a Chinese install which eliminates the use of Google play services.

      I have tried many methods of trying to get a twrp boot – haven’t been successful as of yet.

      • Hank says:

        The auto root explained above should work for you. However, I still can’t get play store and service to operate.

    • Hank says:

      After you see that Chinese menu, which is the warning about going into boot loader, continue with the instructions: now press the volume up, power and home button.

  40. Alex says:

    Peter you have a knockoff note….sorry

  41. Vlad says:

    I recently got the note 4 for sprint model N910p.
    im at 4.4 and waiting for the lollipop update
    should I wait for the OTA update then Root
    or would I be able to do OTA update after Rooting

    SN I haven’t downloaded kies so I don’t know if having kies makes a difference

  42. Kevin K says:

    So just to confirm this method DOES NOT work for the att SM-G910A? I really want my att note 4 rooted.

  43. Irv says:

    What game hack tool do you recommend for my note 4 I’ve tried game killer and gb game hacker and they don’t seem to work propertly if you could send me a link to a game hacker tool that be great… I think my software is too new or the hack tools are not up to date but any info would help thanks a million

  44. sebastian says:

    hy , my note 4 tmobile fail the root and all i can read is …. firmware upgrade encounter an issue. please select recovery mode in kies n try again .
    can u tell me what shoul i do

  45. Kire says:

    Hey! I need help! I tried rooting my Note 4 (international) 3 times already and every time it’s done processing in odin, it gets stuck on the boot animation and it keeps vibrating and rebooting on that animation! What do i do?

    • Bunny says:

      no wonder that this happened to you, if youre using odin on an apple system to root your device.

      quotation from the main post: “This root tutorial is for Windows computer but you can use JODIN instead ODIN on Mac OSX or Linux/Ubuntu.”

      next time pay attention when reading the text.
      pffff, apple users -.-

  46. RYAN says:

    Can anyone please tell me if they know how to update a rooted note 4 on t mobile because when i go to update it says “the operating system has been modified in an unauthorized way”. i used the method that is suppose to let me receive ota updates but it isnt letting me. do i have to unroot and flash the stock firmware in order to update then do i go and root again. please help!!!

  47. yossef habib says:

    will disabling knox still let me ota update the phone ,sorry i never used a device with knox before im doing this for a friend

  48. Mystory1991 says:

    my phone keeps rebooting after the reset
    i even did it again and used another cable but still its rebooting after the reset
    plz help me

  49. Mitchell says:

    I have a problem when rooting my note 4. I manage to upload the root to my phone through ODIN but when my phone reboots it gets stuck on a boot loop. I have figured out how to put my phone back to normal but I really want to root it. Do you have any idea what my problem may be. Any help will be much appreciated thanks.

  50. Bunny says:

    okay so for everyone who has tried this and got stuck in boot loop, here is what to do:

    step one: Go to the samsung site and and search your model number:

    step two: Download the firmware of your model number and follow the instructions on the site.

    step three: Once done, you are back again where you started at the moment when you got your phone means there is no boot loop anymore. (you can always do this when you got stuck in boot loop)

    step four: Use the other rooting method and it will work:

    It worked with me, i have model SM-N109F but it will probably work with other models too, at least its always worth a try. there is no way that you can brick it, unless you interupt the process.

  51. DrXtian says:

    I just wanted to say I upgraded my Sprint Note 4 to Lollipop and I was missing the WiFI Calling option. After tinkering and getting annoyed I decided to root it, can not STANT BLOAT WARE AND ADS.

    I did come up with an issue though while trying to use the openrecovery-twrp2.8.1.1 it did not work. It actually gave me an error in the screen sending me to android recovery.

    Thus I looked for an updated version and worked after doing a CF-Auto-Root

    Maybe this helps someone. Cheers!

  52. tony Rodriguez says:

    Hey , I love you’re videos so easy to understand. I have root my samsung s4 and do custom rooms. But now I have a new phone, a galaxy note 4 from at&t. And I wanted to rooted, but I see that there hasn’t been a root method. Is there going to be one soon?.

  53. Mas says:

    hi iv’e tried to root multiple time and changed usb port and cables but after odin resets it just gets stuck on the boot animation and it keeps vibrating and rebooting. i have the international type and using a pc win 7. i dont know what i’m missing ? pls help

  54. Robert collins says:

    I have a t-mobile obile Galaxy Note 4 trying to figure out how to root on Mac tour help would be awesome

  55. Gabor Ravasz says:

    Hi to everyone here is the latest SuperSu stable version v2.46 newer than the v2.37

    CWM / TWRP / MobileODIN installable ZIP:

  56. Areej says:

    Hey Zedomax,

    I’m using my GN4 unrooted for about 6 months by now and I’m thinking of rooting it. I also got tons of data stored on it and some of which I need to get my phone rooted to extract them. Will I be loosing any of my stored docs and logs in the rooting process?

  57. Bunny says:

    okay so for everyone who has tried this and got stuck in boot loop, here is what to do:

    step one: Go to the samsung site and and search your model number:

    step two: Download the firmware of your model number and follow the instructions on the site.

    step three: Once done, you are back again where you started at the moment when you got your phone means there is no boot loop anymore. (you can always do this when you got stuck in boot loop)

    step four: Use the other rooting method and it will work:

    It worked with me, i have model SM-N109F but it will probably work with other models too, at least its always worth a try. there is no way that you can brick it, unless you interupt the process.

    • Richard says:

      It’s an old thread but… I tried usual root method. Got bootloop. Does the other method now support 6.0.1? Link doesn’t say so but then again maybe not updated? Tried 2 one click root solutions. Neither support my version.

  58. Denis says:

    Hello guys, I’m trying to root my Note 4 SM-N910F and I’m recieving an error. Everytime I’m pressing Start on Odin it says FAIL! and on my phone’s screen (wich is in download mode) it says: SECURE CHECK FAIL:RECOVERY. Does anyone know how to fix this or guide me trough another root method that might work? The phone is brand new with everything stock and has never been rooted before. Thank You.

  59. terry says:

    I have SM-n910F on three network, its stuck in a boot loop just like some of the other posts here..any ideas how to get my note 4 back on?…it wont boot in andriod os…:( please help me if you can.??

  60. ABK says:

    Odin stuck in the part “setupconnection”

    I tried change cable, reinstall odin and uninstall kies



    I want root so much !!

  61. Dennis van der Pool says:

    Thanks! I got my SM-N910F (International version) rooted! 🙂

    I had to use the tip from “Denis” (maybe because my phone was updated to Android 5.0.1?)

    April 27, 2015 at 12:48 am
    I found how to fix this. All you have to do is go into settings>Security and uncheck Reactivation LocK

  62. John Kim says:


    Thank you for all the review.

    I have a question about rooting samsung galaxy note 4 verizon.
    My father is coming from south korea and i want to give my extra samsung galaxy note 4 verizon to him to use it at south korea.
    is root and unlock same thing?
    if so, if i root my extra samsung galaxy note 4 verizon, my father can use it at south korea using his SIM card?

    thank you for your reply in advance.
    i will look forward your reply.

  63. Eddy says:

    I’ve tried everything in the book in order to root my tmobIle galaxy note 4 and everything has faled. I even downgraded to kit may 4.4.4 and still failed, any help would be greatly appreciated.

  64. Ashan says:

    Works like a charm!!! Thank you 🙂

  65. Chad Tew says:

    Please help i have tried to root my tmobile note 4 and it fails everytime please help

  66. Alex Vanderveen says:

    This method does NOT work on GNU/Linux. Anyone on Linux needs to boot into Windows to root their phone, and here is why:

    Jodin website runs decently on Linux after you manually install Java 8, and a java plugin into Firefox (Chrome doesn’t support java on Linux post update 35). However, jodin is dependent on the heimdall program to communicate with the Note 4. The problem starts with Samsung, who changed the way the phone responds to driver calls I guess, after Note 3 or something. And because of the changes they made, Heimdall seems to fail to download the PIT file everytime you try to root your device, regardless of the device’s settings.

    It’s a huge compatibility break as there is no known workaround, and the original developer of Heimdall was notified of the bug (which is how I know so much about it) sometime in mid 2014. There’s a thread out there somewhere where they were talking about the subject, and I never read to the end of it, because obviously, if after a year of knowing about the bug, it’s still not fixed, it’s never going to be.

    Linux users, boot windows and run Odin from the .exe, don’t waste your time trying to force it to work, it simply will not.

  67. Marlena says:

    I’m not sure if this will work … I’ve recently bought a Galaxy Note 4 off a friend who has just told me that she ended her contract early with her provider and the network provider has now (2 weeks later ) put a block on it. I’ve tried several ways to “unblock” it but it first needs to be unlocked.(rooted)
    I have already tried -kingoroot and Cf – Root but neither one work. Any help or suggestions would be awesome.

    Thank #Gullible_gal

  68. Backyardboy says:

    Hi, nice work… but did anyone root a Swisscom (switzerland) Note4?

    It always fails to download pit file. 🙁


  69. Zay says:

    This does not seem to work on 4.4.4. I am unable to root mine, I even tried Kingo Root without success.

  70. ferny says:

    so I tried using this method to get root but to no avail. I got as far as the part where I have to go into recovery( I tried flashing both twrp and cwm for sprint) and flash su. when I go into recovery, the android falls back and says “no command.” any help pleasseee!!! I really need and want my phone rooted. I just switched from my note 2 and got this phone this past wed.

  71. Daniela says:

    Im trying to root my Note 4 tmobile but i cant, always when the Odin is runnig in the middle the process fail and i have to restart muy phone… why does it happens?

  72. C-Zo says:

    I just wanna take a second and say thank you for your wonderful instructions !!!

    *The area I had an issue with that one of the other members pointed out.

    – If you are having issues, make sure you uncheck auto restart. Reflash the console to the phone and wait till it says passed. After It does, take the battery out, and restart into the recovery console and everything will work perfectly.

  73. adi says:

    hey got one for note 4 sm n196l have been looking for ages not finding one thx

  74. omar says:


  75. Joseph Diolola says:

    Hi friend, My device is note 4 sm-n910c exynos version. Can anybody here teach me how to go back to stock rom, i try to go back to stock rom after i install cm13 on my device bacuse there is no gapps for cm13. I install stock rom via odin and it passed.but the problem is my device keep restarting after i flash stock rom.maybe because of KNOX bootloader.can somebody help me.thanks in advance

  76. Bob McIntyre says:

    You recommend insurance since the Knox warranty is voided. It would be very helpful if you included some kind of link to the insurance you recommend, or even a search term.

    A search for “cell phone insurance” yielded many many results. It would take an inordinate amount of time to try to find which ones cover a voided Knox warranty, so any tips or hints would be very useful.

  77. gamekiller apk says:

    Nice and amazing site

  78. Redeye Dog says:

    FYI – I used THIS procedure on a stock Marshmallow n910T successfully to establish root. I DID NOT use the 5.1.1 method linked above. Upon reboot, the phone went into download mode, removed battery, powered on, booted into my already configured phone with NO ISUUES. As Max suggested, I went straight into Super SU and it did disable/uninstall a few apps. I suggest you allow. I now have rooted stock Marshmallow with OTA & root.

    Thanks Max!

    • Robert Snyder says:

      Tried this method on my n910T on 6.0.1 and got stuck when starting Odin. Was not displaying the id:com #. I have the proper drivers installed, tried different usb ports, and tried launching Odin multiple times…
      Any advice? Haven’t found a definitive way of rooting once on Marshmallow…

  79. ali says:

    awesome work and keep it up

  80. Agrita says:

    Woohoo rooted my Note 4 SM-N910C 6.0.1 So happy. I got insurance, so wasn’t afraid to root.

  81. Note 4 user says:

    I rooted my note 4 and now air wake up isn’t working, what could be wrong? N910C

  82. Andy says:

    TWRP method did not work on my korean N910S on MM 6.0.1
    Philz worked though, auto rooting in the process.
    tried flashing TWRP over Philz with no success 🙁
    any advise would be much appreciated!

  83. ibi says:

    you are a genius

  84. Shawn says:

    Can you please make another video on how to root note 4 sm-n910t3 stock mm 6.0.1.
    I keep getting stuck at recovery reboot after oden flashing CF-Auto-Root-smn910t3 no-matter how fast i try to reboot it b4 it reboots i get the same recovery reboot freeze.

  85. Neo says:

    Hi everyone I have a note 4 version T-Mobile and I connect it to my computer and de computer says “USB not recognize” and I change my cable and is tell not recognize! If someone knows what is the problem please let me now! 🙁

  86. sheryl dorsey says:

    How To Claim Motor Insurance?

  1. March 4, 2015

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