How to Root Galaxy Note 4 using CWM/TWRP Method!

For those of you who want to root your Galaxy Note 4 and also install CWM or TWRP recovery at the same time (so you can backup, restore, and install ROMs), you can use the CWM/TWRP root method for rooting.

This root method works on all KitKat and Lollipop including Android 4.4.4, 5.0, 5.0.1, 5.0.2.

For Android 5.1.1, please see new Android 5.1.1 root method here.

This root method will work on all Note 4 models except AT&T SM-N910A and Verizon SM-N910V, both of which have locked bootloaders (you will have to wait for Safestrap Recovery instead).

This root method will work on most Galaxy Note 4 models including:

  • SM-N910F – International
  • SM-N910G
  • SM-N910H
  • SM-N910T – T-Mobile U.S.
  • SM-N910P – Sprint
  • SM-N910R4 – US Cellular
  • SM-N910W8 – Canadian
  • SM-N910C – Thailand
  • SM-N910U – Hong Kong
  • SM-N910K/SM-N910L/SM-N910S – Korean KT, LG, SK Telecom
  • SM-N9100/SM-N9106W/SM-N9108V/SM-N9109W

Step 1. Check the model number of your Galaxy Note 4 under Settings->About device.


Step 2. Power off your Note 4 then hold down Volume Down, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see a warning screen like below:


Step 3. Hit Volume Up button to enter ODIN download mode and connect a micro-USB cable from your Note 4 to your computer.


Step 4. Go to Note 4 CWM/TWRP Recovery page and download the appropriate “tar” version of the recovery.  If you don’t know what CWM or TWRP is, download the TWRP version.



Step 5. Also download Odin and SuperSU zip files:

Download ODIN

Download SuperSU


Step 6. Unzip the ODIN zip file, then double-click on “odin3v185.exe” to run ODIN program.


Step 7. You should see one yellow-highlighted box with a random COM number.  If you do see this you have Samsung USB drivers installed.  If you don’t see this, download Samsung Note 4 USB drivers, run the driver program, then re-plug your USB cable from your Note 4 to your computer.


Step 8. Choose “PDA” button then select the “tar” recovery file you downloaded earlier for your Note 4.


Step 9. Hit “Start” and this will flash CWM or TWRP recovery to your Note 4.


Step 10. Your phone will reboot automatically, once rebooted, copy the SuperSU zip file you downloaded earlier to anywhere on your phone’s storage.


Step 11. Power off your phone, then hold down Volume Up, Center Home, and Power buttons together until you see “RECOVERY BOOTING” at top-left of your screen.  Then  let go of all buttons.


Step 12. Once in CWM or TWRP recovery, choose “install from sdcard” or “Install”.


Step 13. Browse your phone storage and find the SuperSU zip file you copied over earlier and swipe to install.


Step 14. Choose “Reboot System”.  If for some reason CWM or TWRP recovery asks you to root your phone, say “NO”.


Step 15. Once rebooted,  you should find SuperSU app in your app drawer.

Open the app and if it asks you to disable KNOX, say “yes”.  If it hangs for more than a minute, reboot and try again.

Also if SuperSU app asks you to update binaries, say “yes” then select “normal” mode.

If you don’t get any more questions from SuperSU app, you are done rooting!


Step 16. Download and run a rooted app like Titanium Backup app and a Superuser request window should pop up.  If you see this, good job!  You have successfully rooted your Galaxy Note 4!


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Q: Can I still get OTA updates after using this root method?
A: You will not be able to get OTA updates once you have rooted using this method as it will replace your stock recovery, which is required to get OTA updates.  However, you can grab rooted OTA stock ROMs to get OTA and keep root in the future.  If you absolutely need OTA updates, try the other root method.

Q: How can I thank you for your tutorial?
A: I don’t take donations but if you could PLEASE subscribe to my Zedomax YouTube channel, that would help me greatly and thank you!

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