TWRP Recovery Now Available for T-Mobile and Sprint Note 4!

For those of you who have been waiting for custom ROMs on the Note 4, it’s still too early to expect custom ROMs but finally a custom recovery is available for the T-Mobile SM-N910T and Sprint SM-N910P variants.

If you have a rooted Note 4, this is easily installed by using the Flashify app, just grab the latest TWRP recovery for Note 4 then install using our guide on Flashify.  These recoveries should be also compatible with all Qualcomm variants but our advice is just to wait couple days longer until official TWRP is available.

For now, this is good news as it marks the day of custom ROM development and yes, now you can make a backup of your stock firmware easily, so don’t forget to make a backup ROM after installing TWRP!

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