Galaxy Note 4 Root Coming Soon! is getting for the Note 4 launch everywhere.

Some of you may have received your Galaxy Note 4 already in your mail and there should be a slew of great custom ROMs for the latest Note 4.

What will we do? will be focusing all our attention of making the best root tutorials for the Galaxy Note 4, so you can learn how to root and install custom ROMs easily on the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Also, we highly recommend you to sign up for our free e-mail newsletter, which will send you weekly ROM of the week when there becomes a lot of custom ROMs available.  Stay tuned folks, we will be opening real soon.

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14 Responses

  1. clea simpson says:

    Aye , can u let me know when the root is ready for the NOTE 4……thanks in advance for your time. ..

  2. Philip says:

    Do not update to Lollipop if you want to do root. You still have hope if you use a non lock bootloader like T-mobile. AT&T is locked.

  3. zack says:

    When do u think you will have info to root AT&T note 4. I am not happy I switched from tmobile. Didn’t even get a nice box that came with it. Very un happy willing to trade for tmobile any takers I will throw in a note 2 and s3

  4. Michael McGee says:

    Hey Max. I tried the root method from XDA. for my SPRINT NOTE 4. It worked for a few days, but then a message came up about the ROOT, then i lost ROOT. I tried it again and everything worked but SUPERSU was not installed and i had no root. Is there a FIX for this??? BTW….I really like your sites, and methods, there the best in my opinion. When will you have your own ROOT METHOD? Please….HELP THANKS!

  5. John Soultanias says:

    Hi Max
    Just wondering if you could point out some Canadian rooting/custom rom site if possible.
    Cheers from Canada

  6. clea says:

    Any word yet on SELinux permissive mode or a romantic with it enabled…I purchased a 8000nex and can t use the app radio function on my N4 because it’s SELinux is set to Enforcing…..PLEASSSSSSSSSEEEEEE HELP….

  7. dennis says:

    Hi Max , will you start a

  8. Ruben Brito says:

    Hi, is there any plan to have a note edge root site?

  9. John says:

    Hey max, how do u unlock the tethering hotspot u mentioned in ur nite 4 review. Thanks

    • William Taylor says:

      Hi Max,
      Is there a work around for native hotspot mod for the sprint note 4 running a stockish rom or bobcat rom for the note 4. Can’t seem to get the mobile hotspot to work at all.


  10. Michael Stenger says:

    Hi ..

    Any chance you can direct me to the instructions to root my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 ( SM-N910P – SPRINT ) with Android 6.01.??

    I updated to Marshmallow, and I have been having issues with shutting down programs that I had previously disabled in 5.1.1 …

    Please help..


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