5.1.1 Kernels

You will need a custom kernel for rooting the Note 4 on Android 5.1.1, below is a list of current active custom kernels we recommend:

*Note – AT&T and Verizon Note 4 cannot install custom kernels due to locked bootloader, meaning no root is possible.


Download Kernel for T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910T – Link (go to Note 4->Android 5.1.1->SM-N910T)

Download Kernel for Sprint Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910P – Link (go to Note 4->Android 5.1.1->SM-N910P)

Download Kernel for Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F – Link (go to Note 4->Android 5.1.1->SM-N910F)


Download SuperSU zip

Download ODIN zip

Note 4 Windows drivers


135 Responses

  1. Eric Lee says:

    Hi, where can I find the 5.1.1 Kernels for Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C ?

  2. Johnbgood says:

    Thank you for tips on how I should be rooting my note4 !!
    Works perfectly !!!
    Now look at how to put on Wanam Xposed also not easy .
    Some ideas ?

  3. Anton says:

    what about Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910C ?

  4. Frank says:

    The kernel you have linked for the Sprint Note 4 didn’t work for me. The file took about an hour to download, and when I tried to install it via TWRP, I kept getting “failed.” I then went to XDA and downloaded the BeastModeStock1.0, which took about 10 minutes to download. Flashed it in TWRP, and then flashed the SuperSU-v2.46. That did the trick.

  5. ali raad says:

    i want to root SM-N910H 5.1.1

  6. Mohammed says:

    Hi.. I am using N910G running 5.1.1 can I use N910F kernel for my mobile or where can I find N910G kernel ?

  7. Ronald says:

    when using the links to go to mediafire to download the kernel, I get no listing of files/directory. Am I doing something wrong or is Mediafire trippin’ ?

  8. Ronald says:

    anybody got a working link to the 5.1.1 kernel for the N910F ? :'(

  9. red says:

    hi do u have any for korean variants such like sm-n910k

  10. red says:

    please give some on sm-910k sample

  11. Johnny says:

    The Sprint kernel is no longer available to download. Please help.

  12. Mark says:


    Do we have an update for the SM-N910C?

  13. leonardo says:

    Hello, I try to download the kernel n910p but the link does not work

  14. Richard says:

    Hi, any chance on the n910U kernel? im stuck in boot loop and need my phone back…………

  15. Sam says:

    What about the Canadian SM-N910W8 Android 5.1.1? Is there a kernel for them or is the bootloader locked for them too?

  16. elfulo says:

    For note SM-N910U ?

  17. mt says:

    Cannot find N910C version’s kernel ???? It’s the international versionn!!!!!

  18. mt says:

    Where is it???!!!!!

  19. Moonkm says:

    Anyone know where can I find N910h?

  20. SAHIL says:

    want a kernel for my SM 910H.

  21. Abraham says:

    Hi Max , why on both download TWRP links for the N910F kernels are img ? even on the tar, once you download it it’s sais ”img” ……….
    Thank You & Great Job!

  22. John says:

    Finally got it to work!! Thanks Max! I have tried other methods to no avail! You’re the best!

  23. Tur says:

    need SM-N910C kernel file, upload it, if you are not able then block ur page.

  24. Randika says:

    need SM-N910C kernel file please help

  25. asan says:

    Hi Max Lee
    There are no eny kernal for n910c?

  26. nikunj says:

    Please add 910G

  27. sdas says:

    i’m looking for n910h kernel

  28. arpit says:

    i need note 4 SM N910G kernel and i install manually lollipop so it can be rooted or not please tell me??

  29. int1422 says:

    Anybody who need good working kernel for SM-N910C U or H
    No need for superSU cause it’s included.
    Just call me at WhatsApp 057-3108311097

  30. david says:

    any link you found for SM-N910C???

  31. RAVISHIVNANI says:

    any news for SM-N910C ???

  32. Jose says:

    Drains my n910t battery to fast! Help

  33. adie says:

    how bout sm-n910s ?

  34. zawwin says:

    I would like to root my note 4 (SM-N910K- 5.1.1 lollipop), please guide to me.

  35. zawwin says:

    Especially, I need kernel and where can I get it for my phone (SM-N910K), somebody help me, please

  36. hani says:

    help me
    i tried that but my phone keeps restarting
    how can i fix it without losing my data?!!
    hurry please

    • Javier says:

      I think I had the same problem. When I updated my n910t note 4 to lollipop 5.1.1 and did the root it was damaged. It was stock on a boot loop. To fix this download the latest version of your note 4 from sammobile on the firmware area, then flash it using odin and problem solve. Good luck

      • Abtin says:

        hey javier god bless u. i dont know how to thank you . my phone was like u said and ive searched for about 4 days all around the net. but last night i read ure comment and it worked. if i was near i wanted to pay you some money for helping me . thamk u dude

  37. Duncan says:

    Can anyone have the original kernel from N910C COI4 instead COJ5?

  38. Ken says:

    How about for SM-N910s?

  39. Lasslax says:

    Since I rooted with this guide my 910F with the Emotion-TW-5.1.1-nightly-r21-RC1-SM-N910F.zip kernel,
    I dont have the menu option “Battery” in the Setup-> System. Which means I can’t controll fast charging, I don’t even know if it DOES fast charging or not.

    Any ideas? Workaround?

    Thx for ANY ideas!

  40. yasen says:

    i need n910c file pls

  41. Duncan says:

    Ok, looks like everyone is looking for N910C kernel.

    Did anyone just find it?

  42. Alex says:

    Will any of the kernels work on N9100 DUOS running 5.1.1? I can not find anything related to it.

  43. R34L_DuDe says:

    I need the kernel for Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F.

    Can someone send me an link?

  44. Mousa says:

    I need firmware for n910h

  45. umit says:

    I need the kernel for Galaxy Edge SM-N915F

    Do you send me link????

  46. pyonekoko says:

    hi i use sm.n 901 s .how to roor please help anyone.

  47. Ann Rivera says:

    I got a Samsung Galaxy Note edge 4 sm-n915t I need the root for that one

  48. Martin says:

    For the SM-N915G ?

  49. Bilal says:

    HI,where can i find custom kernel for SM-N910K

  50. Trey Quillar says:

    Custom kernel not installing on twrp on T-Mobile Samsung galaxy note 4

  51. Ragheed says:

    After doing the root , no network signal , the IEMI number dissapeared , I lost my galaxy note 4
    God damn it.

  52. int1422 says:

    My SM-N910C is rooted two months ago on Adroid 5.11 and there are several kernels for it.
    Those who need it ,just drop me a message at my mail with KERNEL as subject

  53. v1n3 says:

    please oh great technology gods grant us the power of the diviner ( N910C kernel)

    on the real where is it ?


  54. gurpreet says:

    which kernal should i install in n910g please rply
    kindly send me the name and link of kernal soon thanxx in advance

  55. want511root says:

    Does anyone know how to do this for the sm-n910g variant?

  56. giorgos@2008 says:

    is kernel for sm n910c available …….i saw many questions for it but didnt see any answer……???????

  57. bruce says:

    I have question…
    I have SM-N910W8 Android 5.1.1 (Firmware N910W8VLU1COK3) Wind Mobile
    Is there a Kernel for this phone?

    another question is my bootloader locked?

    is there away to check if my bootloader lock or not?


  58. Dave says:

    Installed my Note 4 SM-N910F with cm13. Everything works great apart from the phone doesn’t
    recognise my sim card. Can you help

  59. SANTOSH RANA says:


  60. Mark E says:

    I just updated my Sprint Note 4 kernel with the latest (as of Jan 1, 2016) After the update, my Note 4 no longer remembers my WiFi passwords. I have to re-enter the WiFi password every time I need to reconnect to the WiFi. This happens immediately after I updated the new Kernel.
    Are you aware of this issue? Can you please fix or tell me how to fix this, please?

  61. nem95 says:

    Once i root the phone, can i put the stock kernel back on?

  62. nsdbdbdsueueu says:

    When I download the kernels they download as .jar files.
    It won’t let me download all the files together in a zip. I might be doing something wrong. Anyone know

  63. Alex says:

    Is there a kernel for the SM-N910A ?
    Or is there one that will work for it?

  64. EricRock says:

    which one do i use for sm-n910g?

  65. Mohammed Fahad says:

    Please can anyone share the files for rooting note 4 n910c uae variant (n910cxxu2cpb2)? I cant find anytging to root this variant…

  66. steve says:

    After I rooted n910w8 bell canada it works fine for few days then it loses root root checker says I have to do a restore using twrp. Then it updates some apps then lose root again. Can someone tell me how to let phone update apps and not lose root.
    I am updating 1 at a time now and checking root each time to see which one is the guilty party will update if I find out.

    • steve says:

      Must be on Samsung side internal as have lost root now even after no updates that I can see I shut everything I could off
      But after restore it root lats till it connects with wifi same time anyway then root gone

  67. Arpit says:

    Where is the SM N910G ???

  68. rohan says:

    WTF! So many requests for SM-N910C. Hello!! anybody there to enlighten us???

  69. Ali usmani says:

    WTF! So many requests for SM-N910C. Hello!! anybody there to enlighten us???

  70. Judith says:

    What is the different between r23 zero lemon and r23 kernel?

  71. Pit Bogdanecu says:

    Hi there Erick, i performed the hard reset on my Samsung sm-n910u and now i cant start the device due to the A/R block. I didn’t knew about that and now the device doesn’t recognize my own google account wich was installed there. It Says processing error and tells me to go to Samsung accounts. So the password is ok but the device still densest pass that screen. I already tried all bypass modes around without success PLEASE HELPPP!!!! i am going crazy here

  72. Darrell Cheng says:

    I have SM-910G though. Any idea how to go about this?

  73. Steve says:

    Any idea why I lose root every couple of months? I thought it was a app being updated but could not find the right one. Could it be security update from Samsung or android? Phone is N910W8 Bell network

  74. Gene Cerisano says:

    How about the Verizon Note 4? Anyone figure that out yet?

  75. Gene Cerisano says:

    Sm 910v note 4 figured out yet?

  76. Hackman says:

    Man is there going to be some way to root AT&T SM-N910A running 5.1.1?

  77. Gene Cerisano says:

    Hackman, Did you see the YouTube video from Root junky? I don’t know if the same method for my Verizon SM-N910V will work for you, but I have been studying the method for mine and it looks like it will not be too hard to do it. I am not by any means a REAL devoloper, but I think I will be able to get through this process.

  78. Hackman says:

    I can not change the kernel on my AT&T SM-N010A because there is now why for me to root it. I can’t do it using one click root nor the other root software it’s like oneclickroot. But anyway I am on 5.1.1. 🙁 no way around it now.

  79. Hackman says:

    I can not change the kernel on my AT&T SM-N910A because there is now why for me to root it. I can’t do it using one click root nor the other root software it’s like oneclickroot. But anyway I am on 5.1.1. 🙁 no way around it now.

  80. Rich says:

    What about a Sprint N910P running 6.0.1? Can I use this method to root it?

  81. Kdogg403 says:

    Try KT Kernel, it worked good for me on mines.

  82. Gene Cerisano says:

    I saw a video on YouTube from a guy that has instructions on how to root a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4! FINALLY.. Check it out.

  83. Gene Cerisano says:

    I saw a video on YouTube from a guy that has instructions on how to root a Verizon Samsung Galaxy Note 4! FINALLY.. Check it out. Max Lee posted on June 2nd.

  84. Elijah Turner says:

    anything on rooting a SM_N910A?

  85. Teddybus says:

    whats up guys this guy is no help,go to XDA Developers web sight and search their forums for your help
    there the ones that this guy borrowed his info from anyways.remember to search there first they get testy when you ask dumb question when all you had to do was look these guys designed most of the kernels your asking about,go to google type your question followed site:xda-developers.com works better that way

  86. Nelson says:

    Rooted my noted 4 sm-n910t3 n(note the t3)in hopes to install custum or older stock romto improve phone performance since upgrading ot marshmello. but cant find anything that works on the t3. anyone have a similar issue or find something that works maybe?

  87. Weil Jimmer says:

    Do you have any link for these kernel “open source”?

  88. Ajay says:

    I want emotion for sm-n910c

  89. adam says:

    I purchased an sm-n9100 on ebay, and made it fit in my sm-n910v which had a bad mb, haha. anyhoo, Gapps was not installed, but baido, or something which is chinese was installed instead. To root this model (which had 5.1.1 installed) I followed this sight: which worked. I used odin v.3.07.

    • adam says:

      i guess they won’t let me post a sight.

      http : / /www .gadgetstroo p .com / 2015 / 04 / root – samsung – galaxy – note – 4 – duos – sm -n 9100 . html

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