How to Convert Sprint/Verizon Galaxy Note 4 into Galaxy S7 Edge! - Page 2


Download Dr. Ketan ROM M5mirror

Download Vitamin Kernel

Download SuperSU

Download HighOnAndroid N910P SMS/APN/Data Fix

Download Lollipop OK1 bootloader/modem (For Sprint ONLY)

Download ODIN

Download Galaxy Note 4 USB Drivers

Credits – XDA, data fix <— Please donate to the developer or hit Thanks button on XDA if you like it, thx!

Extra Mods

  • Xposed for Marshmallow – Need cool Xposed modules to make your custom ROM complete?  Check out our step-by-step tutorial!

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41 Responses

  1. Gevo247 says:

    Word thanks dude, i dirty flashed on top of moars 2.1b sprint. Its running smooth thank for your help the only issue was 3m battery mod but think its because of the dirty Flash but it’s running smooth I was better thanks again man

  2. Schuks Man says:

    Thank You! Thank You!

  3. Gevo247 says:

    Is it normal to have the roaming indicator on ?

  4. Abideen Bakare says:

    The Dr Ketan M5 Rom is almost perfect. But the GPS is 98% always searching. That is a most have feature for me. I might just go back to stock.

  5. Cheryl says:

    Do you still keep the note 4 features (stylus )

  6. Ricardo Lewis says:

    The Camera resolution is not working correctly when taking pictures and sending them using messenger. If there’s a fix please let me know otherwise this is a almost perfect rom. Great job!

  7. Bobby3_4u says:

    Installed on Verizon note 4 everything’s working great but fingerprint scanner not working? Is there a fix or is that just broken in this rom?

    • Ricardo Lewis says:

      How’s the resolution when you take and send pictures on messenger? My resolution is really low even when someone sends me a picture.

    • Cody dixon says:

      Hey how did you get it to work. I tried using the kernel nothing I tried just flashing. Nothing. What do I have to do

  8. MARCOS TABATA says:

    fingerprint scanner not working in note 4 sprint?

  9. Cody dixon says:

    I’m on verizon note 4 I need help I tried flashing it with kernel and with out. And with data fix. What else do I gotta do yo

  10. Iggy says:

    Hey Obi,

    I flashed the ROM using TWRP followed by the vitamin and Data fix and i am stuck on the Samsung screen for the past 40 mins is that normal ?

    I am using the Canadian n910w8 variant

    Please help and thank you in advance

  11. Will it work on Sprint galaxy note 4 on Boost Mobile.

  12. Terminus31 says:

    good Max . I did this but unfortunately it did not work on notes 4 sm- n910f have a message ( Firmware upgrade encountered year issue . ) Please help . thank you

  13. Maxx says:

    No mms still. Any recommendations to fix it? Sms works fine. Flashed the sms-mms fix and still not working

  14. Nihas says:

    Thanks a lot…man.. followed the instructions.. and everything is working properly except for the finger print sensor…. any suggestions..??? thanks in advance..

  15. gionny says:

    Thanks many is working properly except for the finger print sensor. solution?

  16. Johnny R says:

    I like this ROM but it has a few annoying problems.
    – Two battery % symbols are stupid plus there’s no clock.
    – GPS in Google maps is really slow.
    – ‘Always On’ feature doesn’t work. I was looking forward to it.
    – Screen rotation jams too often.
    – Battery life ain’t so great.

  17. Eddie says:

    Can’t adjust the brightness level?? Also hooked to my GearVR to go on “AltspaceVR ” but was very dark. Any suggestions ?..

  18. Umair says:

    S7 setting gets stopped while clicking on software update and on easy mode also. Please fix the bug and uplaod on mega. Other wise the rom is perfectly nice

  19. Umair says:

    One thing more on sprint note 4 fingerprints are not working on lockscreen. Please also fix it. And
    Kindly s7 settings also

  20. ssr says:

    Thanks for the gr8 guide. I dumped cm 13 build and back to your ROM.
    Did you see any issues with connecting with ADB? I always get device unauthorised error

  21. Vizzaro says:

    I flashed the Rom everything was working except for data. So I did a backup before I installed the rom. I followed your video to a T. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910P. I wiped the rom in twrp recovery 3 times, even going into advance settings and wiping everything there except for Storage and Sd card. I did a restore and rebooted my phone. I get past the samsung galaxy note 4 screen and the samsung screen, but I get stuck on the yellow Sprint screen. Please help me.

  22. Bryan says:

    Sms won’t send but data and everything else works

  23. DaShocker says:

    No mms for me..wa!

  24. trashman says:

    Everything works good on Sprint Note 4. May hold off a while on the Note 7. Thanks again

  25. Brighton says:

    Please fix the fingerprint sensor issue on sprint

  26. tarek says:

    Mr , max , pleasee help my fingerprint sensor doesnt work on the rom

  27. Dan says:

    sd card doesnt work

  28. hola amigo nesesito ayuda sobre esta rom me gustaria usarla
    la instale pero no me funciona no pasa del logo de samsung realice todos los pasos que tu muestras en el video mi equipo es un n910P te agradeco

  29. Chris says:

    This does not work as intended with Verizon Note 4 latest MM.. I tried 3 times and all it does after optimize apps is go right back into a bootloop.

  30. Tim Hunt says:

    I have the same issue with GPS which is my most used app and is there a fix for the mms, fingerprint as well.

  31. senam says:

    can you please post another mirror link to download the Dr. Ketan ROM M5

  32. JASON CHAMBERS says:

    The download link for rom does not work, please add another link to rom.
    Thank you

  33. Juan says:

    If I want to install another rom should I search rom for s7 or note 4 ?
    Than you

  34. mark says:

    hello justdid all on my n910v but wifi not working

  35. George Medina says:

    Still wondering if anyone has had much success with this working on the n910v?

  36. Forson says:

    will it work on my verizon note 4 sm-n910v. want to know before i try installing please

  37. wan says:

    the battery drain fast

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